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The New Fascism
7th May 2006
The trend in politics over the last thirty years has been towards The New Fascism. This is simply the death of democracy and the end of the democratic political process itself. Whoever you vote for out of the establishment parties, the government always stays in power. Nothing changes and The System merely carries on perpetuating its own existence and increasing the power and privileges of the Liberal Elite that perpetually run the country.

The indigenous White community have been systematically and ruthlessly excluded from the political process itself. Along with being ethnically cleansed from their communities by immigrants imported into the country as cheap labour and cheap votes for the establishment parties, they have had to watch as the political process has ethnically cleansed them from itself.

The basis of democracy itself is that all power derives from the people – Demos ( people ) and Kratos ( Power ) yet the whole basis of modern politics is that the majority vote in to power a government who then use their powers to promote only the interests of minority groups at the expense of the majority themselves. The majority can vote for the party they want in power, but each of them are bound by the exact same laws of political correctness to follow the exact same political programmes. The majority are then expected to accept that they pay their taxes which are then diverted to fund ethnic groups e.g. community centres, cultural festivals, housing programmes and positive discrimination schemes. We are expected to fund the destruction of our own British way of life and culture out of own taxes.

In the name of some politicised ideal of imposing ‘ ethnic minority equality ‘ the white majority are systematically victimised by institutional racism and affirmative actions plans in favour of minorities that are explicitly racist against the entire white community.

Housing lists

This whole process of pernicious social change began under the 1966 Housing Act, brought in by the Labour Party MP Roy Jenkins, which changed the nature of the Welfare State from entitlement by merit to entitlement by need. As a result indigenous white working class families living in sub standard accommodation, but on the housing waiting lists, were sent to the bottom of the housing lists in places such as Tower Hamlets so that homeless immigrants that just entered the country were prioritised for any vacant housing in the area. Where before a white working class family started at the bottom of the housing list and earned a move up the list to better accommodation, this changed and they were forced to stay where they were whilst immigrants were given all the new homes and best houses in their areas. This was the start of Politically Correct racism against the indigenous people of Britain.

This is a subversion of democracy and is the antithesis of the democratic political principle.

Tyranny of the majority

In his book On Liberty by the 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill use is made of the phrase taken from Alexis de Tocqueville of the “Tyranny of the Majority “. Mill feared that the democratic elected government of the majority of the people may wish to criminalise a section of society that happens to be a minority — whether a race, gender, faith, or the like — this may easily be done despite any wishes of the minority to the contrary. This was in his terms the "tyranny of the majority". In other words Mill stated a form of proto-fascism that subverted democracy based on giving this fascism a veneer of dubious morality through protecting the interests of minorities.

Mill never explained just how the ‘ interests ‘ of minorities was to be ascertained, assessed or limited in a democracy, so that in practise this has led to the situation where both minorities and governments that say they are protecting minorities such as through embracing political correctness for example both have an interest in the endless extension of their powers that such a political philosophy posits.

In other words Mill argued that the interests of the majority must always be subservient to the interests of a minority. Mill never foresaw that a government that subverted democracy in the name of defending minorities, but that disguised its tyranny beneath a mask of moral cant, could end up murdering millions upon millions of people and still say they were defending liberty and protecting the minority from the power of the majority. Such a government taken to its extreme was Russian Communism under Lenin and Stalin, where the class interests of a social minority this being the ‘Workers‘, but in reality the interests of the Communist Party itself, were used as an excuse to unleash the Tyranny of the Minorities on the whole country and the rest of the social classes. Whilst millions were being slaughtered in the Gulags, the Soviets were preaching the language of liberty and the protection of minorities to those they were murdering.

In Mill's view tyranny of the majority was worse than tyranny of government because it is not limited to a political function. Where one can be protected from a tyrant, it is much harder to be protected "against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and feeling". As such, people will be subject to what society thinks is suitable — and people will be fashioned as such. The prevailing opinions within society will be the basis of all rules of conduct within society so Mill thought, and as such there can be no safeguard in law against the tyranny of the majority. Once again Mill never foresaw that the Tyranny of the Minorities as regards the subversion of prevailing majority opinion and feeling was far worse that that of the right of majority to express their own opinionsin a functional democracy.

Thought control

The moral cant of Political Correctness is used every day to subvert democracy, empower minorities, to disenfranchise the majority, to subdue and suffocate the opinions of the majority, to silence the majority themselves through the Marxist-Leninst technique of the ‘ Terrorism of the Word ‘ being used against them and to impose a form of thought control on the majority as dictated solely by the minorities themselves. Mill never understood that in the age of mass communication the power of the prevailing opinion may not be linked to the majority within society. The prevailing opinions in our society are not generated from the people but by the media and the self appointed masters of political correctness themselves and then imposed upon the majority. In modern societies social rules of conduct and behaviour are not self emanating but are controlled and directed primarily through the media. In effect the Media now control our perceptions and how society sees iself, and the minority proponents of political correctness define for everyone the extent of legitimate political opinions for the whole of society itself.

In our modern societies the power to control society itself lies with the Gang of Four – this being the Media, the Government, the proponents of Political Correctness and the Judges.

The Media promote the political parties that they want in power in their papers (who once elected then use the law to reward those media coproprations with tax breaks), the Governments once in power are restricted as to how they use their power by the proponents of Political Correctness and the Judges are able to undermine and strike down any new laws that conflict with the demands of the proponents of Political Correctness.

In fact the power of the Judges is frequently more powerful than that of the Government. The Judges are able to rule on the extent of a new law and to adapt new laws for the benefits of ethnic groups and minority pressure groups.


The most pernicuous forms of The New Fascism are listed below ;

A) Cultural Oppression – Whilst St.Georges Day Festivals are banned and the flying of Union Jacks and the English Flag defined as ‘ racist ‘ , our taxes and council taxes are used to fund ethnic and homosexual festivals in order to promote those groups in society.
B) Free Speech is destroyed – in order to stabilise multi-cultural societies free speech must be destroyed therefore affirming that free speech and multi-culturalism are incompatible. The right to Free Speech is the central core of our national and ethnic identity and its restriction and removal in order to create the multi-cultural state is an act of pernicious racism and cultural fascism.
C) Political Correctness is imposed and controlled through a cabal of self appointed race relations profiteers that destroys free speech and free debate in our society.
D) Minority Rule is imposed – the New Labour party only got the support of 23 % of the population of Britain, yet they are able to rule the other 77 % of the country through the government.
E) Institutional Racism – institutional racism against the indigenous white people of Britain has become enshrined in law through the Race Relations Acts. Positive discrimination schemes are racist schemes to disenfranchise the majority indigenous white community in favour of minorities.
F) Judges enshrine in common law and through statutory interpretation racism against the indigenous people and rule in favour of ethnic pressure groups.
G) Opposition parties are attacked – the leaders of opposition political parties are arrested by the politicised police force and charged with ‘ thought crimes ‘ and prosecuted by a politicised prosecuting authority before politicised courts. Members of opposition political parties are attacked by government thugs in the security services and state sponsored organisations such as Searchlight distribute state propaganda in elections to support the government.
H) The False Media broadcast lies and political propaganda disguised as news to the population and deny opposition parties a voice.
I) Political dissidents are persecuted by the police for thought crimes. Their phones are tapped and secret files kept on them.
J) Vote rigging and electoral scandals are widespread
K) The government enters illegal wars without the consent of the public
L) Political police prioritise crimes as demanded by their political masters – eg race attacks on ethnics are investigated whilst racist attacks against indigenous whites are ignored and not prosecuted.
M) A Corporate Fascist State is created where big business is rewarded contract on the basis of funding the political parties
N) Racist policies preventing white English football fans from travelling abroad on the basis of ‘police intelligence‘ are imposed, but an open door policy for illegal immigrants is imposed
O) The Church of England has become a political organisation for the PC Government not a religious organisation with its Clerical PC code more important than the teachings of the scriptures
P) Whites are being ethnically cleansed from their ancestral lands and being forced to abandon their own communities so that immigrants can take over their homes.
Q) Governments fund and assist illegal immigrants with housing and health care, but deny housing and health care to the indigenus population ( eg in cities homes are made available to illegal immigrants but in the countryside the white indigenous people are forced into homelessness by a lack of social housing and planning restrictions and whilst illegal immigrants get free hospital treatment , poor and overweight indigenous people are denied free health care)
R) Race attacks on whites are under recorded and under prosecuted whilst ace attacks on ethnics are used to enact political agendas that further damage the indigenous white people and our communities

Mental illness

Political correctness is directly responsible for the rising number of mental health cases in the West. If someone bothered to do the research they would find that those of the far left who are proponents of political correctness and anti-racist activists are more likely to be alcoholics, sexually promiscuous, take more anti depressants, attempt suicide , self harm, self medicate with drugs and suffer more mental illness. This is because they live a life based on the lies they are taught to believe in rather than what they actually feel. They are half human, living on the ever cracking ice of their own submerged selves that threatens to drown them in a sudden psychosis.

This self hatred manifests itself in many ways – it may be that the individual seeks to submerge himself and his self identity into an ethnic culture, religious cult or to campaign for the political or social rights of ethnics whilst ignoring their own people living in doorways in their own streets. The sight of young white people in our high streets trying to get us to sign up and subscribe to charities that seek to fund and support foreigners and aliens is the surest sign that they have inherited the sickness of their masters. As they campaign for Africans they ignore the white beggars dying mere feet from them.

It may be that the white self hater wishes to marry into ethnic groups and destroy their self and their racial identity through miscegenation or it may manifest itself as a refusal to have children or devoting their lives to caring for adopted ethnic children or building hospitals in Gambia for example.

Either way the repressed true and natural self creates for itself an artificial reality in which the emotional content of the soul is affixed onto an ethnic group that is different from itself.

Need for roots

Without roots nothing can grow. Without acceptance of our own biological and psychological inheritance we can never attain to the level of a human being, instead we become mere vessels into which others decant their ideas and opinions. Slaves struggle for freedom, only the living dead accept their incarceration in self ignorance. In Modern Western Societies there are no more individuals, no more human beings – instead our cities are haunted by ghosts that exist in self delusion and illusions. They cast shadows but have no substance.

In the poisoned West we are forced to deny the contents of the inherited self unconscious and the collective and racial unconscious (from which 99 % of our existence is spent within - the ego is about 1 % of the mental life of a human) and constantly repress the eternal and sacred truth’s the unconscious screams at us every day - e.g. that racial differences are real and that we prefer living with our own kind.

Instead we are forced to exist in a world based on false ideological ‘ truths ‘ which then force us to become schizoid and never fully complete as individuals. What we repress always come back to haunt us.

Repressing the normal unconscious recognition of racial differences manifests itself as a mania for anti-racism - the more one suppresses the contents of the natural unconscious the more the conscious mind over compensates.

For example let’s look at those far left white liberal teachers who attack the BNP.

They have to both simultaneously consciously recognise and unconsciously repress the reality of racial differences as they promote ethnic positive discrimination schemes in their schools, but must also promote a political and social agenda based on the ideology that ' no racial differences exist '. This is of course logically impossible to do so.

Inner demons

But in order to escape degenerating into psychosis and a schizoid break with reality, they then over compensate by becoming manic in relation to denying racial problems in their schools and attacking those that dare to reveal racial problems that are specific to racial groups. They then blame the BNP, and other self created monstrous phantoms of their own minds, for their confusion and imagined racial problems in society. Like all psychotics they are unable to realise that it is THEMSELVES who are the source of their confusion and problems – not the BNP. The BNP represents acceptable hatred, a states sanctioned scapegoat for their own psychic ills upon which they can project their hatred and fear and confusion. Just as in Orwell’s ‘ 1984 ‘ the Group Hate allows the repressed drones of the political system to avoid self exploration – for as long as monsters exist then they have to fight them. Attacking the BNP ensures they never have to confront their own internal demons and projected shadows.

This schizoid split also explains the visceral hatred of the anti-racist activists against those that care for and campaign for their own white people and culture. As Jung stated they are projecting their own repressed self hatred and their own self loathing in the form of The Shadow, onto those who are concerned with saving white people and white cultures.

Whilst the white liberal anti-racist celebrates those from ethnic groups who campaign for black / Asian/ Mexican rights etc they hate those who are white who also do the same. This once again is an example of illogical hatred as a fair and equal society would allow all groups the same rights as all others.

Shameful episode

The rise of Political correctness in Western Societies is directly linked to the numbers of people on anti-depressants for behavioural disorders. People are no longer happy, instead they seek satisfaction in drugs, alcohol, sex, violence and the slow death of the self and the planet and global environment through Consumerism.

A world on Prozac where capitalist industries supply drugs to subdue the masses is the price we pay for socialist politically correct societies.

The New Fascism has created the most divided, unhappy and dysfunctional British society in British history.

The creation of the modern multi-cultural state is the most shameful episode in the history of this nation, and its architects the greatest of criminals.

• “You’re obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn and know lack all foundation. It is that permanent contradiction between your ideas and desires and all the dead formalities and vain pretenses of your civilization which makes you sad, troubled and unbalanced. In that intolerable conflict you lose all joy of life and all feeling of personality, because at every moment they suppress and restrain and check the free play of your powers. That’s the poisoned and mortal wound of the civilized world.”

Octave Mirbeau – The Torture Garden

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