Activist Tips

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight
in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live." -Adolf Hitler

Activist Tips

Bags (for doorknob distribution)

Plastic doorknob bags to put your flyers in they are available through Associated Bag Company. You must order them in lots of 2,000. Call 1-800-926-6100. Ask for item # 50-2-02 These bags measure 6&1/2" x 12" The cost per 1,000 bags is $11.40 So if you order 2,000 bags it comes to a total of $22.80. If you order 6,000 or more bags the cost per 1,000 is even lower. The company will get your bags to you in just a couple of days.


If you have a Unit or a proto-Unit with the means and opportunity, you might wish to rent a highway roadside billboard to display the Aryan Nations Standard and the Aryan Nations web address. Check into this before automatically dismissing it as unfeasible or impossible.


Some people place stickers just out of reach of anyone who might casually walk by and wish to remove them, to make them work for it. Other people carry a can of clear enamel to spray on stickers that they want to stay up for a long, long time. In areas where stickers are regularly torn down by anti-White thugs, some people have reportedly carried with them a small can of epoxy resin glue to which they have added a large quantity of finely ground glass. Slapping some of this on any surface to which a sticker or leaflet is to be applied creates problems for any ARA terrorist or Jew who reaches out to try and tear them off with its fingers.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers can be attached to magnetic strips that can be bought in most craft stores for a couple of bucks, if your vehicle still has a metallic bumper, so they can be easily removed and replaced at will. They can also be placed on velcro inside the back window.


1) Pay in cash.
2) Never do more than 1000 copies at one place.
3) Never make color copies. Some color copies are imprinted with a watermark that can be traced back to the shop where they are copied.

Leaflets and the Law

The crucial thing to remember is that the police must catch you in the act of applying a sticker or dropping a leaflet. It doesn't matter if you have twenty in your hand and a bundle of 1000 in your car, so long as you aren't actually witnessed putting them up and you don't admit to it, you're okay.

Most people want to take a constitutional stand and admit to it. Don't. Make them prove you did it. Don't cop a plea. Make them take it to trial. Most departments and courts won't be enthusiastic about generating the negative publicity and making race an issue for the papers, where they'll be seen by many as being pro-censorship and anti-White. If they're willing to go the expense of a trial to get a conviction against stickering or leafleting, then that in itself is a victory for us. Imagine the letters to the editor, protersts and demonstrations, and media chaos we could create. In such a case, you have the right to cross-examine the arresting officer yourself.

Some questions to ask him would be:

  • What made him want to investigate the stickering that you are alleged to have done?

  • Was he ever instructed by a superior officer to be on the lookout for certain types of stickers or leaflets?

  • Had he and other officers ever discussed the same kind of leaflets or stickers before?

  • Has he ever seen stickers or leaflets advertising merchandise, concerts, runaway teen help lines, or any other stickers of a non-racial nature stuck in similiar places?

  • If so, did he investigate them and attempt to make an arrest? If not, why not?

  • Would he have arrested you if he had suspected you of putting up stickers advertising the friends of state troopers' benevolent association?

  • If the stickers were put on private property, such as phone booths and bus stop benches, ask if he had received a complaint from the property owner. If not, ask him if he had asked the private property owner whether the person who put the stickers up had permission to do so. If not, why not?

  • It's also crucial to never, ever remove any stickers or leaflets, whether you've placed them there or not. Doing so is tantamount to an admission of guilt and a surrender of any and all rights you may have.

Summary of court cases on leafletting...

Here are some cases which involve the legality of distributing political/religious literature:

1) Jamison vs. Texas, 318 US 141 (1943) and Marsh vs. Alabama, 326 US 501 (1946): a state or municipality may NOT ban the distribution of leaflets on street, sidewalks, or public places.

2) Papish vs. University of Missouri, 410 US 667 (1973): the same rule applied to Universities, both public and private.

3) Flower vs. U.S., 407 US 197 (1972): leafleting can NOT be prohibited on a military base in areas of public access.

4) Martin vs. Struthers, 319 US 141 (1943): Door-to-door solicitation for the purpose of distributing information may NOT be banned regardless of the wishes of the householder to receive information in this manner.

5) Opelika vs Jones, 319 US 105 (1943): A state or municipality may NOT tax or license the distribution or sale of political or religious material door to door.

6) In shopping center cases, the Supreme Court has said that privately owned property may be treated as if it is publicly owned where it is held open to the public.

Knowledge Is Power

Here are a few more ideas to help awaken our people

Pass out Aryan Nations business cards. Every time you eat out, leave a card with the tip. Every time you buy something, get your change and hand the person a card. Leave them on store shelves, at pay phones, in books at the library, in magazines, and all over the place!

Pass out Aryan Nations leaflets. Distribute these in much the same way as the cards, except with leaflets, you can place them under windshield wipers at parking lots and get a lot of leaflets out in a little amount of time.

Every time you get postage paid envelopes in the mail, send them back with Aryan Nations literature inside. Also obtain an ink stamp reading "Honor Loyalty" and our website address. Use this to stamp all of the postage paid reply cards that are almost always in magazines and return these as well!

Call up people in the phone book and urge them to support the White Preservation and Aryan Nations. Be nice to everyone you talk to. If they are rude, simply say, "thank you for your time" and go to the next number. If you can tell that they are non-white, tell them that you must have the wrong number and go to the next number. You may wish to create a script for this, including the AN address and phone number, which you can use each time.

Call up businesses and ask them to support the Aryan Nations. Now, if these people are rude or hostile, tell them AN will be calling for an economic boycott of their business and that AN may very well picket in front of their business due to their anti-white attitude. Our enemies used picketing and "sit-ins" quite effectively in the past, We can and should use such techniques as necessary today on behalf of our Cause.

If you're really talented and gutsy, go to anti-white meetings and gatherings (such as "Holocaust" remembrances, "Black History" celebrations, etc.) and "steal the show" by disputing what they have to say. Be as moderate or radical as you feel the situation warrants. You will reach the many White people who attend these events out of naiveté--people who need their thinking straightened out. This will quickly strengthen your debating skills as well.

Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers. Moderate them as much as necessary in order to secure publication, but make sure that the essential point gets across-White people need to look out for their own interests.

Go to Internet message boards and spread the message of Aryan Nations.

Legal Advice

Remember the Five Words: "I have nothing to say!"

Good morning! My name is Investigator Holmes. Do you mind answering a few simple questions?" If you go to your door one day and are greeted with these words, Stop and think! Whether it is the local Police or the F.B.I. at your door, you have certain legal rights of which you ought to be aware before you proceed any further.

In the first place, when the law enforcement authorities come to see you, there are no "simple questions". Unless they are investigating a traffic accident, you can be sure that they want information about somebody. And that somebody may be you!

Rule number one to remember when confronted by the authorities is that there is no law requiring you to talk to the Police, the F.B.I., or a representative of any other investigative agency. Even the simplest questions may be loaded and the seemingly harmless bits of information which you volunteer may later become vital links in a chain of circumstantial evidence against you or a friend.

Do not invite the Investigator into your home!

Such an invitation not only gives him the opportunity to look around for clues to your lifestyle, friends, reading material, etc; but also tends to prolong the conversation. And the longer the conversation, the more chance there is for a skilled Investigator to find out what he wants to know. Never open your door to an Officer. They can shove their way in. Don't open your door with the chain-lock on, either. Police are known to kick in doors. I should add, that when you let a Police Officer into your house, then he is automatically authorized to do a weapons search (supposedly for his own protection) and this can lead to all kinds of problems!

Many times a Police Officer will ask you to accompany him to the Police Station to answer a few questions. Often, the authorities simply want to photograph a person for identification purposes, a procedure which is easily accomplished by placing him in a private room with a two-way mirror, asking him a few simple questions, and then releasing him. Never agree to go to the Police Station. Simply say, "I have nothing to say."

If the Investigator becomes angry at your failure to cooperate and threatens you with arrest. Stand firm! He can't legally place you under arrest or enter your home without a warrant signed by a Judge. (There are exceptions to this however, as in instances where he has witnessed you commit a crime, and there are times, too, where he can enter without showing a warrant up front, known as a 'no knock' entry.) However, if he indicates that he has such a warrant, ask to see it. We've heard of Cops waving a piece of paper around, claiming it was a warrant. A person under arrest or located on the premises to be searched, generally must be shown a warrant if he requests it, and must be given a chance to read it.

Without a warrant, an Officer depends solely upon your helpfulness to obtain the information he wants. So, unless you are quite sure of yourself, don't be helpful. (Note: Don't fool yourself into thinking you can talk or lie your way out of the situation. Don't be smug and think, "All Cops are stupid" and you can pull a 'fast one.' Most Police are smart individuals, they're good at what they do, and the only thing you will do is talk yourself into jail.)

Remember, talk is cheap! But when it involves law enforcement authorities, it may cost you, or someone close to you, dearly. Remember the 5 words -- "I have nothing to say!" It has worked for us many, many times. And it will work for you!



Mein Kampf
by Adolf Hitler - English Translation

The Turner Diaries - This is the book which the FBI and the controlled media have been claiming hysterically is the "blueprint" for everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to the takeover of the U.S. government by "White extremists." It is the "Bible" of the "racist right," they say. (Note: We have made this available for "Lone Wolves", people who are unable to buy this directly from the National Alliance or resellers such as Please support the movement financially if you can.)

The Rise of Adolf Hitler - from unknown to leader of Germany. 1889-1933 (part 1)

The Triumph of Adolf Hitler - Nazi Germany from 1933 - 1939 (part 2)

The International Jew
by Henry Ford

This Time the World
by Lincoln Rockwell. Donated by the American Nazi Party

White Power
by Lincoln Rockwell. Donated by The American Nazi Party

The Talmud - Jewish Teachings from the Synagogue of Satan

Asatru: The Way of Our Ancestors…

The Way of Our Ancestors…
Calling Us Home

Asatru is an expression of the native, pre-Christian spirituality of Europe. More specifically, it is the Way by which the Germanic peoples have traditionally related to the Divine and to the world around them.

From Iceland to Russia, from the frozen north of Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, the Germanic peoples wandered and settled over a span of thousands of years. Today, their descendants are spread around the world. We may refer to ourselves as Americans or English, Germans or Canadians, but behind these labels lurks an older, more essential identity. Our forefathers were Angles and Saxons, Lombards and Heruli, Goths and Vikings - and, as sons and daughters of these peoples, we are united by ties of blood and culture undimmed by the centuries.

Asatru is our native Way. Just as there is Native American religion and native African religion, so there is native European religion. Asatru is one of its expressions. It gave our ancestors comfort in millennia past, and it can give us strength and inspiration today.

The word "Asatru" comes to us from Old Norse, the tongue of ancient Scandinavia, where it means "those loyal to the Gods." Since the ancient Scandinavian version of our Way is the best documented, it has given us much of Asatru's terminology and imagery. The soul of Asatru, however, is not confined to the Scandinavian model, but encapsulates the belief of all the Germanic peoples. Indeed, Asatru reflects the deeper religiosity common to virtually all the nations of Europe.

As a part of the great European Folkway, Asatru has a number of characteristic beliefs. Some of these are:

The world is good. Prosperity is good. Life is good, and we should live it with joy and enthusiasm.

We are free to shape our lives to the extent allowed by our skill, courage, and might. There is no predestination, no fatalism, no limitations imposed by the will of any external deity.

We do not need salvation. All we need is the freedom to face our destiny with courage and honor.

We are connected to all our ancestors. They are a part of us. We in turn will be a part of our descendants.

We are also linked to all our living kin - to our families and to every man and woman rooted in the tribes of Europe. They are our "greater family."

We are connected to Nature and subject to its laws. The Holy Powers often express themselves in Nature's beauty and might.

We believe that morality does not depend on commandments, but rather arises from the dignity and honor of the noble-minded man and woman.

We do not fear the Holy Powers, or consider ourselves their slaves. On the contrary, we share community and fellowship with the Divine. The Holy Powers encourage us to grow and advance to higher levels.

We honor the Holy Powers under the names given them by our Germanic/Norse ancestors.

We practice Asatru by honoring the turning of the seasons…the ancestors…the Divine…and ourselves - in everyday life.

Asatru is about roots.

It's about connections.

It's about coming home.

The Nature of Folk Religion

In the modern Western countries, spirituality is thought of largely in individual terms. We meditate or pray to seek self-improvement, personal spiritual enlightenment, or individual salvation. Religion is nothing more than a set of beliefs and practices, which can be adopted as easily as we buy a new car, and changed for a new one even more easily.

This is a very new opinion, one which has risen in direct proportion to our separation from nature, and from our ancestors. To people in traditional cultures, this self-centered interpretation of religion is strange indeed.

Certainly all spiritual or religious paths have an individual component that is valid and worthy of pursuit. In America and the rest of the West, however, we often forget the group aspect of any system of belief. This doesn't mean that we don't yearn after community; many neighborhood churches provide this for their members, and this role has become even more vital as our families disintegrate under the pressures of modern living.

What we do not understand is that natural forms of religion - native religions, indigenous religions, whatever you want to call them - are linked to a particular cultural and biological group...a people. Religion is not something apart from the life of the group; indeed, it is one more manifestation of the group's existence. Religion springs from the very nature of the people and is an expression of the totality of their experience from the beginning of time.

Most, or maybe even all, indigenous religions are essentially ancestral. Those who have gone before, those forefathers and foremothers of times past, are still connected to the tribe or nation. The bonds of kinship transcend space and time. Indeed, many of us who follow Asatru believe that the ancestors are continually reborn into the family or clan. There is an interweaving of ancestry throughout lifetimes and across generations. We have been here, together in this world, before. Blood is not only thicker than water, it is stronger than death and distance!

From this perspective, it is unthinkable that religion should be seen as just a commodity, something to be shucked off like a coat or a hat. Rather, religion becomes a manifestation of our very essence, a part of us like our legs or our head. Asatru is not what we believe, it is what we are.

It is only natural that we seek out the spiritual path that our ancestors walked. On the most mundane level, we are more like those forebears than we are like anyone else. We carry their essence. One can try to rationalize this by pointing out that so many things about humans are influenced by heredity, and perhaps that is part of it, but ultimately the connection is spiritual. We are linked to those ancestors, and to our descendants, by special bonds that we do not share with others. When we find the ways of our own people, and come to understand those ways, and to follow them, we find things that we cannot find anywhere else.

It is these two things - the focus on the group nature of religion as a counterbalance to the sheerly individual aspect, and the importance of the ancestors, that sets natural religions or folk religions apart from modern, rootless, artificial constructs. Asatru is not just a belief, and not just a set of practices, it is an expression of who we are as men and women of European heritage.

Celts and Germans


The chieftain towered over his seated warriors in the smoky hall. Clatter and chatter faded and all eyes turned to this mustachioed, muscular figure who was their leader.

Raising the mead-filled horn high over the throng, he toasted the High God, the one who carries the spear and has ravens hovering about his shoulders. All shouted their approval, and another warrior rose to his feet, lofted his horn, and praised the name of the Thunderer. The others echoed him, and in the warmth of their camaraderie, they might have well been in the great hall where warriors go when they die, served by the maidens of battle from the meat of the ever-reborn swine.

A scene from Viking history? An evening in a typical Germanic mead hall? No - the word picture painted here is of a feast among their cousins, the Celts.

Like most of us, it wasn't news to me that the two main tribal groupings of ancient Europe had a lot in common. Both are part of the greater Indo-European family. Their mythology shares a common structure, the material aspects of their culture are much alike, and the general heroic worldview unites both Celt and German. But this, as it turns out, is only the beginning!

The distinction we make today between these two branches of our kin arise, in no small measure, from the observations of Julius Caesar. Essentially, he declared the tribes on one side of the Rhine to be Germans, and those on the other to be Celts. In actuality, it was not that simple. Scholars now think that some groups we once labeled German, were really Celtic. Other tribes might have belonged to either classification, because we don't know what language they spoke! The clear implication is that the physical artifacts they left behind were indistinguishable, and that language is the only definite marker between the two.

Physical appearance is no clue, because the Roman commentators describe the Germanic peoples and the Celts in exactly the same terms. Both were tall, tending toward the blond, and light skinned. The word "Teuton", by the way, is cognate with the Gaelic "tuath", meaning people or tribe, which certainly points to a fundamental kinship!

For me, the clincher came when I read Hilda Davidson's Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe (Syracuse University Press, 1988). Significantly, it's subtitled "Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions". Page after page and chapter after chapter, she documents the similarities between the mythology, folklore, and ritual of the Germanic and Celtic peoples. I began making a list as I read, and it wasn't long before I had a couple of sheets covered with scribbled notes. I won't get bogged down in the minutia of these, but some comparisons beg to be made. To make the bulk of this material more easily accessible, I've lumped my comments into some broad categories:


The Celtic Lugh and our own Odin are much the same. Odin is father of the Gods, keeps two ravens, carries a magic spear, and has one eye. Lugh is first in the Celtic family of Gods, is linked with ravens, carries the Spear of Victory, and closes one eye when he performs fantastic deeds on the battlefield.

The Nordic Thor, whose name means "Thunderer", prizes his mighty hammer. He rides about the heavens, laughing in his red beard, in a wagon pulled by supernatural goats. Taranis of the Celts, whose name also means "Thunderer", drives a chariot behind sacred bulls. He wields the thunderbolt, whose name in the old Gaelic tongue derives from the same Indo-European root as the name of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. Taranis, too, is pictured as having a flowing red mane.

Tyr, as our tales tell, lost his hand binding Fenris the wolf. He used to be the Sky God, scholars say, until Odin took his place. The Celtic Nuada lost his arm in battle against the Fomorians, and so Lugh - the Celtic equivalent of Odin - became leader of the Gods.

In the domain of fertility and plenty, our own Frey rules supreme among Asafolk. One of his favorite beasts is the horse, which just happens to also be sacred to Dagda, "the good God", who is Frey's Celtic equivalent.

other divine beings...

Giants? The Celts have them just as Asafolk do; they're called the Fomorians, and the Celtic Gods battle mightily against them. Moreover, the role they play is pretty much the same - representing the forces of inertia and entropy in the cosmos.

Valkyries find their reflection in the Morrigan, fierce Goddesses of the battlefield who grant victory, spin the fates of war, and serve the heroes in the afterlife. This twin aspect - fiends of blood and death on the one hand, enticing lovers on the other - is found in both cultures. Similarly, both Celtic and Germanic sagas tell of supernatural women warriors who instruct and initiate the chosen heroes. Brynhild teaches Sigurd hidden magical lore, and the female chieftain Scathach ("Shadow") takes the Irish Cu Chulain under her care and makes him the warrior he is destined to become. It is probably no accident that Sigurdand Cu Chulain are descended from Odin and Lugh, respectively.

Consider the "lesser" beings, the ones that seldom figure in myth and poetry, but who make the life of the common man and woman more bearable. The land spirits, for example, are alike in both cultures. Elf lore, and the connections of these wights to the ancestors, was recognizably the same to the ancient Teuton and his or her Celtic contemporaries


I referred to virtually identical warrior paradises in the scene which opened this article, but the overlap between Celtic and Germanic lore goes far beyond this.

Bogs throughout Northern Europe received sacrifices from Celt and German alike. Weapons and armor captured in battle, food and beakers, miscellaneous items - all were deposited in lakes and marshes in the same way, to the point that we can't even tell which finds are German and which are Celtic.

When the Druids sacrificed to the Gods, the blood from an animal was sprinkled with a sprig of greenery on the assembled people, so the divine energy inherent in blood could be directly transferred to them. In historical Asatru, our forebears did exactly the same thing in the course of a sacrifice or blot.. (Today, modern practitioners of both religions use mead or other fermented fluid in this role.)

Across the length and breadth of our European homeland, our ancestors honored the Gods in the open air, because we thought it inappropriate to shut them up into limiting, lessening structures like the Christian churches. Similarly, in the earliest days, our representations of the Gods and Goddesses were simple indeed - often carved from pieces of wood to which Nature had already given the basic shape, awaiting only a few refinements from human hands.

These customs accurately describe Celts as well as Germans.

Tribesmen of both groups used intoxicating drink in religious ritual. Often this was mead, but it could be ale as well. And, while we're considering altered states of consciousness, let's remember the fit or frenzy of the Odin-gripped warriors, the berserkers. In old Ireland, essentially the same warrior's madness bore the name of "{\i ferg} ".

Readers of the Norse stories will remember how Sigurd the Volsung killed the dragon Fafnir and roasted its heart. When he burned his finger, he stuck it in his mouth and found that he could understand the speech of birds. The Irish hero Fergus gained the same gift when he singed his finger while cooking a salmon over a fire.


When we look at the cosmology of the Teutons and that of the Celts, we can't help but see the likeness. Both have the giant tree, the center of the cosmos and indeed the framework in which all the worlds are found: to Asafolk, it's Yggdrasil; the Celts call it Bile .

The other key component of the universe in ancient Germania was the Well of Wyrd, containing the deeds that make up the past. Drinking from its waters gives wisdom, and Odin gave up one of his eyes for the privilege. As it turns out, the Celts have an almost identical well; hazel nuts fall into it where they are eaten by the Salmon of Wisdom.


The only real differences between Germanic and Celtic religion seem to be the names by which the Gods are called. A viking of the tenth century would likely have felt quite comfortable in a Celtic ritual among the Gauls a thousand years earlier. Celtic religion deviates from the "Asatru norm" no more than do, for example, a priestess of Freya in Iceland and a warrior pledged to Wotan in Germany in Herman's time. Indeed, one is inclined to say that there is only "European religion" - and that the Germanic and Celtic beliefs are two expressions of it.

So what are the implications of all this? Well, it means that the Irishman need not feel out-of-place calling on Gods more often associated with Norway's fjords than the Emerald Îsles hills and valleys. Ultimately all us Northfolk are spiritual as well as genetic kin.

Also Celtic-Germanic unity flies in the face of the sometimes-herard assertions that since Europeans often boast roots in different countries we're somehow mixed ancestry. How often have you heard someone say "I'm a Heinz 57 blend...part Irish, part Swedish, with some Englis h and German thrown in?" Clearly that's not mixed at all, because the Northern peoples are essentially one, in both their physical aspects and in their ancient relgiions. We mustn't let people divided us on the basis of superficialities!

Thirdly, the catalog of our similarities mean we can use the one to fill gaps in our knowledge of the other. l As we reconstitute the tapestry of our ancient Asatru beliefs, there will be holes where the moths of time and persecution have done their work. But if we know the common pattern and how it's woven in the Celtic material, we can patch the holes with greater confidence.

Enough! All this scholarship makes thirsty work! I'm going to pour a fine bottle of Guiness into my mead horn, and toast all things Celtic/Nordic...Skoal, and Slainte, to you!

Reinventing George W. Bush: From Cheerleader to President!

Reinventing George W. Bush: From Cheerleader to President!

Actual GW Bush head ...Bush Cheerleader Pho...Actual GW Bush head ...

Did you know that GW's only real claim to fame, is that he was head cheerleader at his all male private high school? No? Read the following news article that mentions this, plus some photos above of GW in action.

Editorial by Shane Cory September 15, 2004

Many Americans are comfortable with the managed, false persona they have of the current President of the United States. They view George W. Bush as a rough-riding Texan who, when not attending to the affairs of the most powerful nation in the world, is busy clearing brush on his West Texas ranch. In truth, George Bush is far from being a "common" man as he does not understand the trials of American life. He may not even be considered a true Texan.

President Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut. As his father made his first million in the oil industry, the Bush family spent George and Jeb's childhood in between Midland, Texas, Kennebunkport, Maine and Jupiter Island, Florida. As part of the Bush-Walker clan, the family had access to luxurious homes and compounds around the nation.

As a child, George pursued his interest in baseball but was known for inability to hit a ball. This probably didn't matter much to the young George Bush as he was probably the richest kid on his team, owning over a million shares of his father's company at the time.

Bush's high school of choice was the elite boarding school, Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. While in high school, Bush gave baseball another shot but found his calling in being the head cheerleader for the all-boy school (he should be thankful that he did not attend a Texas high school).

After graduating from the same high school that his privileged father attended, George Bush headed off to Yale University as yet another legacy admission (Bush now opposes legacy admissions despite his own reliance on them along with one of his daughters). Bush's first year at Yale concluded with his grades swirling to the bottom 20% of the student body just as kegs of beer swirled into emptiness. At the conclusion of his Yale experience, Bush left his mark on the prestigious school with a "C" average and no academic or athletic accomplishments.

Upon his graduation from Yale in 1968, George Bush, in order to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam, enlisted into the Texas Air National Guard with the supposed help of the then Texas Speaker of the House, Ben Barnes. After jumping the waiting list and joining the Guard, Bush applied for pilot training stating that "flying is a lifetime goal." Shortly after the announcement of drug testing in the military, Bush failed to show up for his annual physical examination and lost his flight status. Bush's stated lifetime goal of flying crashed and burned.

On month after the loss of his flight status, Bush requested a transfer to Alabama in order to work on the senate campaign of Winton Blount After a bit of back and forth, Bush eventually received orders to report to a unit within the Alabama Air National Guard where no one could recall his presence on the base. Subsequently, Winton Blount lost his bid for a senate seat with the help of the young Bush.

One year after being grounded from flight, George Bush requested a discharge from the Texas Air National Guard in order to return to Massachusetts and attend Harvard Business School (Bush should be able to relate to a "Senator from Massachusetts" as he spent many years there himself). The request was approved the next day by his commanding officer and Bush was released from the National Guard, six months shy of his obligation not including any time allegedly missed in Alabama.

While at Harvard, Bush frequently walked with pride, wearing an old flight jacket from the Air National Guard which showcased his former pilot status. To his credit, Bush survived the rigorous MBA program. Upon graduation, Bush loaded up his Oldsmobile with clothes and $20,000 in "trip money" and headed to Midland, Texas to settle in. After an extended detour to China via Hawaii, Bush finally made it to West Texas in order to make his mark on the oil industry just as his father had done.

Over the years in Midland, Bush managed to run several oil companies into the ground. While on the verge of collapse, his final company, Spectrum 7, was purchased by Harken Energy leaving Bush with several hundred thousand dollars and a seat on the board of directors. At the time, Harken was largely owned by billionaire George Soros and wealthy Saudis.

In between infrequent board meetings Bush stayed busy by pretending to play baseball as an owner of the Dallas Rangers. While only owning 2% of the organization (using money from a shady sell of Harken stock), Bush took the lead as the front man for the Texas baseball team. As his father was waging the first war in Iraq, Bush sat in the Ranger's dugout requesting sunflower seeds from bat boys.

Bush served on the board of Harken until 1992 and resigned after producing a SEC investigation that attracted unwanted attention onto Bush Sr. and his floundering reelection campaign.

After his father's defeat in 1992, George Bush decided to run for governor of Texas and in 1995 was sworn in after garnering just 53% of the vote. As governor of Texas, Bush managed to increase the high school drop out rate from 21% to 43% while changing the methodology so that the public thought that the number was actually 2%. Bush also managed to grasp the national record for executing more people than any other governor in history.

In 1999, Bush began his campaign for the presidency and the rest is, of course, history.

Clearly, the cowboy image that Bush's handlers convey to the public was created to distract from his life of privilege and under-achievement. Having been born into wealth and influence just as his father, George W. Bush rode his father's coattails into the halls of the White House.

George Bush never had to worry about not making an insurance payment, car payment or mortgage payment. Our "wartime" president has never lived the mundane life of waking up each weekday, commuting to work and putting in a set number of hours only to return home and do it all over again, day after day after day. Bush has never experienced the redundant yet challenging life required of many responsible Americans. Given the extreme amount of time Bush spends on holiday, he could never fathom only having two weeks of vacation per year.

America should be aware that despite the façade created by his public relations team, George W. Bush is yet another privileged child who has never truly experienced American life, American struggle, or sadly, even the satisfaction of overcoming extremely difficult times through hard work and self reliance. While George W. Bush seems to have done many things in his lifetime, where are the actual accomplishments that make him a fit and qualified leader of this great nation?

I recently was made aware of Bush's past including his time spent as a cheerleader and I wondered just how many others actually knew his true background. After reading this short history on ZOG's "Commander in Chief" his incompetence begins to make sense and it makes one wonder how any military man, or any man for that matter, can show him an ounce of respect. Just watch and listen to him on jewvision (tv) as he reads his script anytime he addresses John Q. Public and you can see how weak he truly is stammering most of the time...and, uh, and, uh, umm... Usually the result of outright lying and having to make things up. This is the individual we have leading our country? What a damn joke! No wonder Amerika has become so hated in the world with leadership such as this and the cronies he's brought into office with him.

What Jews Do

Jews don't miss a trick. If you think it's bad to oppose them, you've been tricked.

What Jews Do


A Jew Accuses

Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.
The Gospel of St. John 8:43-47

A Jew Confesses (1)

Jurgen Kuczinski, 1904-1997, Communist and player on the New York Stock Exchange

‘When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.’

Theodor Herzl, The Jewish State

‘What's bad for them is good for us’

A Jew Confesses (2)

‘You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it.’

'A Real Case Against the Jews,' Marcus Eli Ravage, The Century Magazine, January 1928, Vol. 115, No. 3 pp. 346-350. Part 2 appeared in the following issue, pp.476-483.

Gerry Cohen, London District Organiser of the Communist Party, leading an "anti-racialist" march in Hackney, North London, circa 1976. Locals pelted the march with eggs and vegetables

Some of the following appears in All About Women because as usual we refer not to females particularly but to female policies. Some procedures which are often employed by Jews, but detailed elsewhere, are Malign Encouragement, Creative Transduction and projecting their own unconscious or undesirable tendencies onto their opponents (Freudian Projection).

1. The Biological Analogy

Richard Dawkins provides several examples of how cunning parasites can be, and how easy it is to be fooled. The sophistication of some ant species makes the cuckoo look like a novice. He describes a parasitic ant which invades a neighbouring colony, seeks out its queen, climbs on top of it and methodically gnaws off its head. Having usurped the position at the top of this social hierarchy, the alien queen produces eggs which are tended by the invaded colonies' workers, and new queens then go off to invade other colonies.

Even this strategy has been improved upon by another ant species. To quote The Selfish Gene, p. 252 (Dawkins is here referring to the founder of sociobiology, Edward Wilson):

‘But sawing off heads is a bit of a chore. Parasites are not accustomed to exerting themselves if they can coerce a stand-in. My favourite character in Wilson's The Insect Societies is Monomorium santschii. This species, over evolutionary time, has lost its worker caste altogether. The host workers do everything for their parasites, even the most terrible task of all. At the behest of the invading parasite queen, they actually perform the deed of murdering their own mother. The usurper doesn't need to use her jaws. She uses mind-control. How she does it is a mystery; she probably employs a chemical, for ant nervous systems are generally highly attuned to them. If her weapon is indeed chemical, then it is as insidious a drug as any known to science. For think what it accomplishes. It floods the brain of the worker ant, grabs the reins of her muscles, woos her from deeply ingrained duties and turns her against her own mother. For ants, matricide is an act of special genetic madness and formidable indeed must be the drug that drives them to it. In the world of the extended phenotype, ask not how an animal's behaviour benefits its genes; ask instead whose genes it is benefiting.’

‘We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.’ Rabbi Reichorn in Le Contemporain, July 1, 1880

From Levi: 'Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic'

‘The Star of David’

The Magen Dawid (the Shield of David) is a hexagram formed by the combination of two equilateral triangles and is used as a symbol of Judaism. It is placed upon synagogues, sacred vessels and the like, and was adopted as a device by the American Jewish Publication Society in 1873.

This symbol does not date back to David and Solomon as a symbol of Israel, but is a symbol used for centuries for magic amulets and cabalistic sorcery. In reality, it is the Star of Rephaim, but many Christians, Jews and others believe it to be the "Star of David."

Satanism and its Allies, Final Conflict, 1999

‘Confusion to our enemies’

2. Loss of Jewish Worker Caste

Note that the Jews lost their peasantry (worker caste) around 1,000 AD. This is documented by Shahak in Jewish History, Jewish Religion, pp. 52-53 and is clearly evident today. Shahak is unable to explain how this change in Jewish social structure came about, but it is hypothesized that the evolution of the following traits is involved:

  1. Love of being above someone (e.g. gloating);
  2. Abhorrence of being looked down upon.

Jews appear to be capable of getting themselves appointed to government positions, elected onto academic editorial committees etc., without any formal role or qualifications.

Example: The Jews in Germany

After the Great War (1914-18) had come to an end, the distress prevalent in Eastern Europe induced large numbers of those of Jewish race to cross the German frontiers where a Herr Badt – himself a Jew – managed to obtain an official position authorising him to control all matters relative to immigration and naturalisation. He saw to it that those sharing his race secured easy access to Germany. A few statistics may be helpful to show the extent to which these non-Germans through mutual assistance gradually succeeded in spreading their influence upon important professions and in various allied domains. In reading these statistics it is important to remember that those of Jewish race formed just 1% of the population.

Jewish University Teachers: Berlin: Medicine 45%; Breslau: Arts 25%, Medicine 45%, Law 48%; Gottingen: Mathematics 34%, Medicine 34%, Arts 40%, Law 47%; Konigsberg: Arts 7%, Law 14%, Medicine 25%.

Lawyers (1928): Dortmund 29%; Hamburg 25%, Stuttgart 26%, Dusseldorf 33%, Karlsruhe 36%, Beuthen 60%, Frankfurt 64%, Stettin 36%.

Lawyers (1933): Berlin 55%, Berlin Chamber of Attorneys 66%, Breslau 67%.

Medical Practitioners (1928): Wiesbaden 20%, Karlsruhe 26%, Cologne 27%, Mainz 30%, Gotha 31%, Beuthen 36% Berlin 52%. Berlin Hospitals: Moabit 56%, Friedrichshain 63%, Neukolln 67%.

The Stock Exchange. Committees on the Berlin Stock Exchange: Stocks and Shares 69%, Metal Exchange 83%, Produce Exchange 75%, Futures 83%, Administration 80%. Official List 87%. In 1928 it was revealed that just 15 Jews between them had occupied 718 board positions and of leading positions in industry there were ten Jews to every five non-Jews.

Leading Positions in Commerce: Berlin 49.4%, Frankfurt 48.9%, Cologne 49.6%, Breslau 57.1%.

Employed as Workers: Berlin 2.4%, Frankfurt 1.9%, Cologne 2.9%, Breslau 1.8%.

From Michael Walsh, Witness to History, Historical Review Press 1996

‘The Jew alone regards his race as superior to humanity, and looks forward not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them all and to its final ascendancy under the leadership of a tribal Messiah.’ Goldwin Smith, Professor of Modern History, Oxford University, in Nineteenth Century, October 1881

Now listen here! If you Christian patriots don't quit telling the truth about us poor, kind, humane, loving, persecuted, harmless, helpless, defenseless Jews, we'll use our thousands of newspapers, our magazines, our news services, our big TV networks and our movies and cartoons to tell everyone how you are persecuting us poor, kind, humane, loving, persecuted, harmless, helpless, defenseless people!!

3. Control of the Media. Examples. Use of Women

Jews employ the same strategy as Monomorium santchii by their control of the media. For the facts about the enormous Jewish influence in television, films, newspaper publishing etc. in America see the National Vanguard publication Who Rules America?, in Britain the BNP publication The Mind-Benders.

Using this control they define fashions and promote mores which derogate those who seek to preserve Occidental culture. The policy, specifically, is to stigmatize potential or actual leaders (of thought or action) and manipulate others to attack them.

As one example of that influence the present writer, Simon Sheppard has, merely for expressing opinions, been beaten up, prosecuted under the Public Order Act, endured numerous other forms of harassment, been banned from every public library in his home town of Hull and also banned from:

  • RIOD Library, Amsterdam;
  • Hull University;
  • Hull College;
  • University of Lincolnshire and Humberside Library;
  • All branches of 'IT in the Community' (including a church);
  • Brown's Bookshop;
  • York University Library.

Although publishers in the Hull area can be counted on one hand, in the several years the Heretical Press has been in existence there has been no review of any HP publication in any local newspaper. The Heretical Press was excluded from a list of Hull websites maintained by the local telephone company. Thus the vast majority of people simply do not know that the Heretical Press exists, just as they do not know that another side exists to the Holocaust story. If any pages on this website tend to forthrightness, it is a completely natural reaction to the dishonest and underhand methods which are being used to suppress the truth.

It hardly needs stating that most people, when faced with such determined opposition, would choose to "bend with the wind" for an easy life. This is, perhaps, why leaders are such a threat. Other Nationalists, Revisionists etc. have had similar experiences:

Armed Trotskyite Communists preparing to launch an 'anti-racist' attack
  • Robert Faurisson and John Tyndall are two of many who have suffered serious physical assaults merely for expounding Nationalist or Revisionist views;

  • In July 1998 David Irving was banned from Auschwitz because he was about to provide a commentary for a BBC television crew on the buildings built there immediately after the war;

  • Udo Walendy and others have been imprisoned for refusing to compromise their beliefs.

Thousands of men are imprisoned unjustly because their instinct to rebel is valid but they are denied the information they need to direct their rebellion constructively. Consistently 97% of the prison population is male.

Note that Jews promote feminism via the media, particularly by the use of artificial media role models (AMRM's: empowering females to further act against males by giving them dishonest stereotypes to emulate is another form of Malign Encouragement). Like supports like; females conspire (act together); ‘the gene is selfish.’ Because of their emotional and impressionable natures women are a complete pushover for Jews to manipulate, so it is in the Jewish interest to deliver as much power to them as possible. Jews support women and women support Jews; but while females' optimal policy is Disguised Defection, the most advantageous policy for Jews is Disguised Invasion.

Due to the Jewish promotion of women we have the situation (in Britain at least) in which women incapable of repairing a bicycle puncture are driving around in fashion wagons chatting on mobile telephones while millions of their menfolk are unemployed. Big Sister's policy is to derogate, assault, stigmatize, reduce to poverty, drive to suicide, deprive of medical treatment, refuse compensation for criminal attacks, silence and, if possible, imprison any Occidental male who threatens to expose their cosy parasitic scams.


‘I declare that the "Holocaust" cult is a vulgar form of the Jewish religion itself and that by means of the US Holocaust Museum, Judaism, contrary to the US Constitution, is emerging as our de facto state religion.’ Michael A. Hoffman II, August 1998


Main Directory

–– The Heretical Press ––

Our Fight for Freedom

This society we live in is not an Aryan society, as the Government which rules over us is not an Aryan government. Our freedom to live as Aryans, according to our own Aryan values and customs, and according to our own Aryan laws, has been taken away from us.

This anti-Aryan society we live in has - due to the political laws and social schemes of successive anti-Aryan governments - undermined and suppressed our Aryan identity and our Aryan culture.

The "politically correct", multi-racial laws of this society represent everything that we Aryans loathe and detest and find tyrannical. The laws of this society have taken away our honour, as they do not allow us to do our noble duty to our folk. We are not allowed in this society to express our Aryan identity, to live in an Aryan way, or to think, act and feel in an Aryan way. Our ancient rights, our very freedom, has been taken away.

It is a fundamental principle of our Aryan culture that we must live among our own kind. It is simply wrong for us to live among peoples of different cultures, different races, for such multi-racial living destroys our culture, our identity just as it takes away our freedom and our very honour. A multi-racial society does not allow us to live as we must live to be strong and healthy and fulfil our Destiny. To live as we should live means Blood and Soil: a homeland of our own; a free nation for our people, governed according to our own Aryan laws, based as these Aryan laws are upon honour, upon duty to the folk.

It is our right to have a homeland of our own, a nation of our own, where we can live in freedom according to our own laws and where our own culture can flourish: where we can live as Aryans, and where we can achieve our Destiny. It is our right to be free.

Our government has taken away this right of ours, as it is determined to destroy our culture, our identity. Nature has made us into a separate race, with a special, a unique, identity and culture, and with a special Destiny. It is our natural right, our duty, given to us by Nature, to seek a homeland, a nation, for ourselves, for only by living in our own homeland, our own nation, can we flourish and prosper, and live as Nature intends us to live.

It is against the will of Nature, against our natural rights, for this Government - for any government - to deny us the freedom to live among our own kind according to our own natural, Aryan, laws.

We must know, understand and act upon the truth that we are fighting for our freedom to live as Aryans: we are fighting for an Aryan society, for an Aryan homeland, an Aryan nation, whose laws are Aryan laws.

We must know, understand and cherish our Aryan identity, and be proud to be Aryan. We are not dreaming about some so-called idyllic nationalist past, as we do not want to try and revive our past, however glorious it might have been.

Instead, we dream of the future: of the homeland, the nation, we can create and which we, and our descendants - living as free, proud, Aryan men and women - can make glorious.

And if we do not take part in this struggle for freedom, this struggle to create an Aryan homeland, an Aryan nation, then our race, our people, our culture, our way of life, will die out. The society we now live in is a multi-racial society, with the Government determined to keep it that way through their anti-Aryan tyranny.

The Government will not allow, and does not tolerate, any opposition to the multi-racial society they have helped to create and which they wish to maintain at all costs. But we know that multi-racialism is the racial genocide of the Aryan race.

The stark truth is that in a country like England - as in every other country in the world - we Aryans will be in a minority in less than seventy years. To ensure our freedom, to give our race, our culture, a future, we must struggle to create a homeland, a nation, for ourselves.

We must rouse our people, awaken them to the danger, as we must make them aware of their Aryan heritage, their Aryan identity, their Aryan way of life.

Our situation is now so dire, so critical, that we must use whatever means we can to win back our freedom and to create a homeland, a nation, for ourselves and our people. We can fight for our freedom by supporting or belonging to some Aryan political organization or movement. We can fight for our freedom through covert action: through active rebellion and insurrection, either alone, or in some group. We can fight for our freedom by seeking to convert our people to our noble Cause on an individual basis. We can fight for our freedom by creating new communities from which a new and free nation can grow.

Each of us must choose which way to fight for freedom: for, given our circumstances, each and every way of fighting, of achieving our aim of a homeland where we can live in freedom among our own kind according to our own laws and customs, is both necessary and morally right.

The Aryan Way of Life and Aryan Laws

The basis of the Aryan way of life are the Aryan values of personal honour, of loyalty, and of duty to the folk. These values can create - and have created in the past - an Aryan society where people live in true freedom.

These values were the basis for the Aryan folk-communities of Ancient Greece and Rome; for the Aryan folk-communities that created the Roman Empire; and for the folk-communities of our own immediate ancestors in Viking Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, in Germania, in Anglo-Saxon England, and in ancient Wales.

These values were and are the basis for our own Aryan system of law: a system of law systematically destroyed by our modern multi-racial, anti-Aryan, governments.

The first, and fundamental, principle of Aryan law is that there are only honourable and dishonourable deeds, with dishonourable deeds being the
concern of Aryan laws. That is, there is no concept of "crime" as "crime" is now understood in modern societies. Aryans laws thus define what is

The second principle of Aryan law is that the penalties for committing dishonourable deeds are always compensatory, and never punitive, and
involve only: (1) exile of those found guilty of dishonourable conduct; (2) compensation by the guilty person, in goods, or money, of the victim of the
dishonourable deed, or of the family/relatives of the victim.

These, and the other seven principles of Aryan law, create a truely free society. Such a society is a society of strong men and women: a society of noble warriors who uphold honour, who are loyal, who do their honourable duty.

Such a warrior society is in contrast to the tyrannical society we are forced to live in and which has outlawed our warrior way of life. For example, this tyrannical society has made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment, for us to carry a weapon to defend ourselves and our honour. This tyrannical, ignoble, society has made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment for us to belong to or seek to belong to a para-military organization. This tyrannical, ignoble, society has also made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment for us to speak our minds, openly and honestly about the destruction of our culture, our way of life, our very nation and race.

Any person who thinks like a warrior, who has the instincts, the soul, the nature, the character, of a warrior - of an Aryan - knows this society for the ignoble tyranny it is and is in rebellion against such tyranny.

It is our duty, as Aryans in rebellion against our tyrannical governments, to overthrow those governments by revolution, and create, through such a struggle, such a revolution, the homeland we need and which is our right.

No government is simply going to give us the independent homeland, the territory, we need; therefore we must create it ourselves using whatever means are necessary and practical.

The very future of our people, our race, depends on us creating such a homeland where we can live in freedom among fellow Aryans (and only fellow Aryans) according to our own Aryan laws and customs.

Fear, Hatred, Anti-Nazis, and Love of our Folk

Fear, Hatred, Anti-Nazis, and Love of our Folk

One of main accusations made against National-Socialism is that it spreads, and encourages, hatred and causes violence, suffering and death, with its followers being hate-filled, thugs and bullies. Quite often, they simply say that National-Socialism is "hate speech" and that National-Socialism is "evil".

Recently, this accusation has been used - by the political enemies of National-Socialism - to justify their campaign to outlaw National-Socialist organizations, and to introduce legislation which makes it illegal to promote National-Socialism.

The truth is that it is the enemies of National-Socialism who are filled with hatred and who are irrational and opposed to open debate and true democracy. The truth is that it is the enemies of National-Socialism who are prejudiced and who cannot act in a reasonable and civilized way. Everything they say or do is motivated by rabid hatred and by a willingness to use intimidation, thuggery and violence to achieve their aims.

Thus, no so-called "anti-nazi" can ever engage in rational debate with a National-Socialist (I know because I have tried for over thirty years). They are intolerant of, and hate with a fierce passion, any and every person who is a National-Socialist or whom they believe or suspect is a National-Socialist or whom they believe or suspect is propagating National-Socialist views.

The fact is that it is impossible to try and rationally talk with these hate-filled "anti-nazis" because they are so full of hatred, and so sure that they are right - so full of a fanatical, religious, zeal - that they no longer think or behave like rational human beings.

Thus, they go around saying things like "no free speech for nazis!" and using, or trying to use, physical force and intimidation, to stop any National-Socialist meeting or demonstration, or stop any attempt by National-Socialists to present their views to the public.

Thus, they conduct campaigns to have "nazis" sacked from their jobs, and thrown out of Colleges and Universities, such is their tolerance, their adherence to reason, and such there belief in free speech, and democracy. They bleat on and on about "democracy" and "tolerance" and then seek in their hate-filled hypocrisy to deny National-Socialists the freedom to present their views in a rational and democratic way, as they even try to deny National-Socialists, or anyone they believe or suspect is propagating National-Socialist views, a job, a University education, a business. So it is that they campaign against and intimidate - as they did in Canada not long ago - a person whose Communications business hosted a National-Socialist web-site, forcing that business to close.

These anti-nazis just cannot tolerate any opposition, just as they demonize any and every person who is a National-Socialist or whom they believe or suspect is a National-Socialist. So it is that they conduct a campaign of political terror against their enemies, saying things like "National-Socialism kills - and causes killing, suffering, hatred, destruction..." while they themselves set about killing and attacking National-Socialists, and spreading their hate-filled and intolerant views, and while they conveniently forget that every political view, even every religion, can be accused of "causing killing, suffering, hatred, destruction. Why do they not have slogans like "Islam kills", or "Christianity kills" or, more to the point, "Marxism kills", "Zionism kills"?

To try and justify their hatred, their violence, their intimidation, their thuggery, their uncivilized and irrational behaviour, they make mention of the so-called "mass extermination of Jews" by National-Socialist Germany, failing to mention that the main method alleged to have been used in these "mass exterminations" - Zyklon B in ordinary buildings - is scientifically impossible, just as the other alleged method (killing by diesel fumes in motor wagons) is also scientifically impossible.

They make mention of what they describe as the "thuggery" of Hitler's Stormtroops, failing to mention that over 250 members of the SA were killed in the struggle for power by their Marxist opponents, that ten of thousands of SA men were injured - many seriously. And how many Marxists, how many Communists, were killed during this period by National-Socialists? How many meetings did the Marxists, the Communists, try to break-up or prevent, by force?

What we thus have is propaganda. And more than that: hate-filled, vitriolic, and untruthful propaganda. In the case of the alleged "holocaust" of the Jews, the hate-filled enemies of National-Socialism go further and demand that any criticism of this so-called "holocaust" be made illegal. That is, that only their own views, their own interpretation of history, be allowed, with any dissent outlawed.

And, in the past twenty years, these un-democratic, hate-filled, irrational, anti-nazi thugs have succeeded in getting Governments to introduce tyrannical legislation.

Thus we have Court case after Court case - from Germany to Canada - in which some Judge states that "truth is not the issue here" as they find National-Socialists guilty of "denying the holocaust".

What we have is one politically-motivated group of people demanding that only their side of the story - that only their version of what National-Socialism is - be heard, be told, be taught. And if anyone does not agree with this demand, then they use intimidation, violence, and thuggery - and of course the moral blackmail of their "holocaust" propaganda - to get their way.

This is unjust; this is hateful; this is un-democratic: it is tyrannical.

National-Socialism: The Truth

The truth about National-Socialism is quite simple. National-Socialism is all about our love for our own folk, our own people, our own culture, our own homeland.

The fundamental aim of National-Socialism is to create a free and independent homeland where we can live among our own kind according to our own customs and laws, and where our culture can flourish.

The truth is that National-Socialism is based upon the noble ideals of personal honour, of loyalty, of duty to the folk, and that it upholds and values fairness, tolerance and reason.

The truth is that National-Socialism desires to create a folk-democracy: a society where people willingly strive to create a better way of life for themselves and their descendants. The truth is that National-Socialism desires each and every ethnic group to have their own free homeland where they and their culture can flourish.

The truth is that National-Socialism believes that such an ethnic society is an expression of the will of Nature: a means whereby we as human beings can live in harmony with Nature and continue the work of Nature.

There is no hatred in these aims and beliefs; no denial of freedom; no persecution of other peoples. Instead, there is a pride in one's own culture, one's own homeland, one's own people, and a desire to live by the ethical values of honour, loyalty and duty to the folk.

The truth is that National-Socialists have always had to fight against prejudice and hatred, as they have always had to be ready and willing to physically defend themselves and their meetings against the thuggery, the intimidation, the violence, of their hate-filled opponents.

Why is it that the hate-filled, irrational, hypocritical enemies of National-Socialism do not want the public to hear these truths about National-Socialism?

Is it because these hate-filled, irrational, hypocritical enemies fear that people would freely and willingly accept National-Socialism, as they did in Germany?

Part One

The Organic Nature of National-Socialism

Nature and National-Socialism

Today, many people are aware that Nature - our natural environment - is under threat from constant and unchecked development, and from continued and unchecked industrialization. One obvious consequence of such development, urbanization and increased industrialization has been the steady decline in people's "quality of life" - there has been, and is, a concentration on material concerns.

The whole process of unchecked development, change and growth has been, and is being, fed by material greed - by a desire to acquire, maintain and increase the "standard of living" through the possession of material goods and material luxuries.

In the developed nations of the "Western world", the unchecked growth which has occurred, and which is still occurring, has led to the construction of more and more roads, more and more suburbs, more and more housing developments, and more and more industrial and commercial developments. Isolated, wild places has been destroyed or despoiled, with the countryside invaded by more and more houses and more and more noisy vehicles going ever faster. Everywhere, the activities of human beings has taken precedence over Nature, with profits and material growth coming before Nature. For example, in Europe, trees and woodland are cut-down, and the countryside destroyed, just so that more and more roads can be built so that more and more people can transport themselves around faster and faster in the pursuit of either self-indulgence or more and better material comfort.

What has happened is that the natural balance with Nature, which previous societies generally maintained, has been lost. Previous societies understood and valued Nature, with Nature, with wild places, often being given preference over human beings because such places were regarded as "sacred to the gods" - as where the gods themselves dwelt and where they could be experienced and known. Today, this natural spiritual awareness has been almost lost in the crass pursuit of wealth and personal self-indulgence.

The Denizen Of The Future

Many people understand that what is occurring cannot go on without some great catastrophe occurring. It such growth does continue, unchecked, we will be left with only a few unspoilt places where Nature can be felt and known, with these few places being almost over-run with people escaping from the urban and industrial wastelands. If such growth does continue, the social problems which are developing will increase. If such growth and such a pursuit of self-indulgence and materialism does continue, then our Western world - and probably the rest of the world as well - will become an inhuman place to live, with increasing and constant social turmoil, and with a loss of everything human and valuable. What is human - and valuable for us - is an awareness of our own place in the natural "scheme of things"; that is, a perspective, a depth of vision, an understanding of how we as individuals are balanced between the past and the future, and of how important Nature is for us - the creator, and mother of us all, on whom we all ultimately depend for food and our well-being, and whom we should respect, if not revere.

If change and growth continue on unchecked, with Nature despoiled, then a new type of human being will be created - the urbanized denizen who knows nothing of the wild profundity of Nature, and who therefore does not respect Nature, and who has no real perspective on life. This denizen will therefore be vainly arrogant and weakly self-indulgent, addicted to personal pleasures. All this denizen will know of Nature is the artificial, almost life-less and totally god-less "nature" encountered in "countryside parks", in the barren, chemically-polluted fields of agri-business farms, and in well-kept, well-trodden "nature trials". The wakening hours of this denizen will be filled with music of one sort or another, and entertainment, and possibly some work in some enclosed building or house, and he/she will feel at home in cities, in motor vehicles, in buildings and houses, and uncomfortable in what is left of the "real world". This denizen will have plenty of "spare-time" to indulge themselves in an unreal way through organized and controlled "games" and "sports" and "thrill-seeking pastimes". This denizen would not know what to do if he/she found themselves alone for any length of time, in a quiet place, with no "entertainment systems", and they would do almost anything to avoid prolonged and uncomfortable exposure to the "natural elements". They would exercise and exert themselves - but just a little, and probably in some indoor "gym" or "sports club".

The concerns of this urbanized denizen would be either personal ones, or abstract ones manufactured for such denizens by the international commercial and political concerns which would control, in an almost tyrannical way, all if not most of the nations of the world. Without knowing it, this denizen would be controlled - and looked after - by such concerns from the cradle to the grave. Gradually, the world itself would become a gigantic multi-national "theme park" for the enjoyment of such denizens, whom the international commercial and political concerns would want to keep well-entertained, well-fed and reasonably docile, since such denizens would be the workers who would keep the whole unnatural System going.

Nature, The Environmental Movement and Race

Many people understand such things as these, as many have some awareness of the problems and the nightmares which await in the future if nothing is done. Indeed, a whole new "environmental" movement has arisen, rooted in such concerns. Many of what has come to be called "ecological" solutions to be such environmental problems have been proposed over the past few decades, most of them well-meaning.

This environmental movement, however, has failed for the most part to really understand Nature because it has ignored one of the most important aspects of Nature. Accordingly, lacking an understanding and appreciation of this aspect, the solutions proposed will not fundamentally work: they will be "against Nature" itself, and will create more problems than they will ultimately solve. The first problem we must understand, and solve, is our own - the nature of our own species, of our own relation to Nature. Having understood this, and solved it, we can seek to work in harmony, in balance, with Nature, and hopefully create a balanced, natural world where Nature is restored to her rightful place, with other species respected and protected and allowed to evolve in their own way.

What has been ignored hitherto is the human racial perspective: the fact that we, as a species, have evolved because of Nature, can evolve still further because of Nature, and must depend upon Nature - must act in accord with the processes or laws of Nature - if we are to survive and evolve further. The concern of most environmentalists and conservationists has been and is, to preserve or conserve as many of the varieties of living things as possible, but they have neglected to consider that we, as a species, are of many varieties, of many races, and that these many races, and their many cultures, deserve to be preserved and allowed to continue to evolve in their own unique way.

Nature - and thus evolution - works to bring about diversity and difference. Our own distinct and unique races, and the diverse cultures and societies such races have produced, are the product of evolution. These things have evolved over long periods of time, and they are what make us, as individuals, unique and special. We are part of our own race, and the culture our race has produced. If we act to preserve and extend our own unique race, and culture, then we are acting in accord with Nature - we are respecting Nature. If, however, we act to undermine or destroy our own unique race and culture, we are acting against Nature - we are being disrespectful to Nature. When we seek to undermine or destroy racial difference and diversity - when we seek to mix-up races and racial cultures - we are ignoring Nature and being arrogant, vainly believing that we know better than Nature. When we do such unnatural things, we are being just as bad, just as thoughtless, as someone who out of ignorance, greed or selfishness, seeks to, or does, destroy some species which Nature has laboured to create. When we do such unnatural things as undermining racial difference - through, for example, condoning race-mixing or accepting such an unnatural creation as the "multi-racial society" - we are no better than some ignorant, greedy developer who destroys some natural habitat, and wipes out a species or two, in order to build some unnecessary road.

The mistake made by the environmental movement has been to assume or believe that we, as a species, are somehow not subject to the laws of Nature - that what applies for all other species does not, or should not, apply to us. This is just sheer willful ignorance, and is inexcusable. Rather than accepting the destruction of our own unique diversity and difference, we should celebrate this diversity and difference of culture and race. We should nurture it, and hope to advance it further. To do this we should seek to create the right social, political and environmental conditions to preserve and extend each unique race and each unique culture. Our own unique races, and our own unique cultures, are under threat and need saving just as much as those animals, those plants and those other species which are threatened by global change, global greed and global ignorance.

We must come to a complete and rational understanding of our own place in the natural "scheme of things", and seek to create a balanced, harmonious way of life where all the many creations of Nature are respected, and where they can continue to evolve. Our planet - so far as we know - is special because it contains life, and this life is special, and should be valued, because of its great diversity, abundance and difference.

The complete and rational understanding we need is contained in the natural philosophy of National-Socialism. National-Socialism explains the importance of the wonderful natural creations - race and individual character - as it explains how a balanced, or harmonious, society can be built to preserve and extend still further these natural creations. National-Socialism further explains how this new type of society can lead individuals to an understanding of Nature herself.

National-Socialism, simply explained, is an example of the laws of Nature in action, and a National-Socialist society is simply an organic society where Nature is respected and revered, and where the natural balance, the natural harmony and beauty of Nature, is displayed in a human and social way(1). In contrast to the organic, Nature-revering, society or Reich of National-Socialism, all other types of society, presently existing, or existing as a political idea, are lifeless, abstract, and disrespectful of Nature(2).

The Organic Society of National-Socialism

The fundamental difference between the folk-society created by National-Socialist ideals and all other modern societies - be such societies the product of Marxism, capitalism, multi-racial socialism, liberalism or parliamentary "democracy" - is that a National-Socialist society, or Reich, is an organic society, and as such reflects, or represents, the laws of Nature. Such an organic society is natural, healthy and evolutionary. All other modern societies are either: (1) based upon, or derive from artificial abstractions, or ideas, and as such they are all non-organic societies, or (2) the abstract ideas created to create such an unnatural society have infected a healthy organic society, and have reduced that healthy organic society to sickness as they will ultimately cause its death. That is, all other modern societies either are, or will inevitably produce, what is lifeless, soul-less and de-evolutionary.

One of the two fundamental aims of National-Socialism is to create an entirely new type of modern society through a National-Socialist revolution - that is, by implementing the ideals of National-Socialism in a practical way. This new type of society - this Reich - is a society which makes possible and which aids the development of the individuals within it. It is a means to further the evolution of those individuals and their communities. Indeed, the very reason for the existence of such a society is to do this - to continue our upward development as individuals and so create a new, higher, type of human being. To create this new type is the second fundamental aim of National-Socialism.

The Folk Organism

To be living, or organic, a society has to reflect, to represent the natural living organism which is a folk-community bound by ties of blood and a common culture or heritage. This is so because only such a racial, or ethnic, community is living as a natural healthy organism. Only such a unique racial organism is distinct, and the product of evolution. All other types of "community" - such as the multi-racial ones of modern States - are unnatural, artificial constructions which are or which become non-organic. Furthermore, the abstract ideas underlying such societies can infect a healthy organic society and destroy it. Such unnatural societies - or an infected, diseased, once healthy society - do not reflect the natural biological, organic, imperatives found in Nature, as they are not distinct in the racial sense.

A living society has a biological imperative - that is, its has a Destiny and an ethos. It is subject to the laws of Nature - to the pattern of birth-life-death-renewal which is found in Nature. Because it is living it seeks to grow, to prosper, to live-on by re-producing itself. Because it is living, and has evolved, it is distinct; it has its own nature, character, or ethos. The truth is that race and folk are Nature made manifest. Race is Nature working to produce diversity and difference - it is evolution in action.

The fundamental truth of our own nature, as human beings, is that we are not isolated beings. We are part of our own unique race just as we possess within ourselves the organic ethos and the organic Destiny of our race - of our folk-organism. We are part of a supra-personal organism which has lived for thousands of years before us and which can life for thousands of years after us - provided we aid its unique organic Destiny. This Destiny is to prosper, to grow, evolve, to develope.

We undermine this organic Destiny - and contribute to the death of this supra-personal organism - when we do not mate among our own kind, our own folk, and when we do not aid the development, or contribute to the prosperity, of this supra-personal organism.

This supra-personal organism which is our folk, and thus our race, is the meaning of our lives. Our purpose is to aid and assist its growth, its evolutionary change, its prosperity. We live-on after death in this organism - in our descendants, in our deeds, in the soil, in the Nature and in the "fatherland" where this organism dwells. There is no meaning to "life-after-death" other than this. There is no meaning to life other than this - everything else is, in reality, either an illusion or a waste of the opportunities that human life offers. Someone who understands these things, and acts upon this understanding, is someone who is enlightened.

The reality of our nature is that our awareness of ourselves, as separate individuals, is both good and bad. It is bad because it can lead us into selfishness - into the pursuit of selfish goals, pleasures and happiness to the detriment of the larger family which is our natural clan, tribe or folk. It is good because it means that we possess the ability to consciously change ourselves by an act of will. This means we can actively aid evolution.

Fundamentally our evolution toward consciousness has presented us with a choice. We can either choose to be remain ignorant, unenlightened and selfish, and so ignore our own folk and its future; or we can choose to aid our folk, and thus aid our own individual development. We can either choose to live selfishly, and squander our chance to live on after death; or we can choose to be idealistic and enlightened, and live on after death in our folk. We either accept our organic Destiny, or we have no Destiny. We either accept our responsibilities, our duties, as evolving human beings, or we do not.


A higher type of living results when individuals of the same folk or tribe cooperate together for their own benefit. That is, when they place the welfare of their folk before their own self-interest. All that is good and noble about human life derives from such idealism

In the past, honourable individuals who have chosen to cooperate together, for the good of their tribe or folk, have sometimes produced civilization - that is, they have created an even higher way of living than that produced by a tribal society. For civilizations have resulted when noble and creative individuals have cooperated together for the benefit of their folk and when they have displayed a collective, or organized, will - when they have, as a community, been ordered and disciplined. This collective will is basically Destiny. The natural organic imperative of their folk developed, through order, to become the Destiny of their civilization, just as the ethos of their folk became the ethos of their civilization. In an important sense, civilization is the highest type of society so far created on this planet of ours. It was, and is, an evolutionary leap - Nature changing and evolving and aiding the creation of higher forms(3). But hitherto, the creation and the maintenance of civilization has been instinctive.

What National-Socialism does is to make the imperative of civilization conscious. That is, National-Socialism gives us the means to understand civilization, and the higher living which results, as well as gives us the ability to continue with and expand - to evolve further - this higher living, and so produce a new race of higher beings. In the simple sense, National-Socialism is the organized, the living, will of the race or folk, consciously understood and willingly accepted.

The new even higher form of living, the higher civilization, which it is now possible to produce by using our collective will is the healthy, expanding and organic society of National-Socialism - with its own consciously understood imperative, or Destiny. Since an organic society, or Reich, can only be created by the practical implementation of National-Socialist principles and ideals, it is necessary to consider what these principles and ideals are(4).

The Principles and Ideals of National-Socialism

The fundamental ideals of National-Socialism are honour, loyalty and duty. An individual striving to live by these ideals is a better person than someone who does not strive to live by them. That is, these ideals produce, or can produce, personal excellence. They represent what is human and civilized, and they produce individuals of real character, or personality. Fundamentally, these ideals enshrine the noble idealism of National-Socialism itself - the pursuit of supra-personal goals and the setting of high and noble standards for individuals(5).

The most fundamental principle of National-Socialism is that individuals can change themselves, and the world, for the better through an act of will. That is, individuals possess the ability to change themselves, and others - all it requires is an act, or acts, of will, and idealism, the pursuit of a noble goal(6). This is being idealistic and self-disciplined, and it is the way for individuals, their communities, and their civilization, to be healthy, and to prosper and evolve. In practical terms, this principle means individuals placing the interests of their folk before their own self-interest and before their own pleasure and happiness. If a person does not strive to act and change themselves by using their will, then they are being weak and decadent. According to this principle, there can be no excuses for bad conduct, for decadence, for weak character - the individual can, and should, change, once they are aware of such things as the noble ideals of National-Socialism, for such change is what it means to be human.

Thus, a National-Socialist revolution fundamentally means a change in people's outlook and behaviour - it means individuals striving to change themselves through an act of will by them applying the ideals of honour, loyalty and duty in their own personal lives. From this personal, inner, change, a new society can be built - with the structures and Institutions of such a society reflecting or representing these noble ideals and the principles of National-Socialism. Without this personal change, there can be no National-Socialist revolution and thus no National-Socialist society.

The second principle of National-Socialism is that of respecting and revering Nature herself. Race - and thus folk-communities united by ties of blood - reflect the reality of Nature, and accordingly an ethnic, or organic, society is the best, most natural and most healthy type of society for individuals to live in. Such a society represents the organized will of a particular folk - it expresses the unique biological imperative, the unique Destiny, of that folk. Such a society strives for a harmonious balance with Nature, balancing Blood and Soil - Folk and Fatherland - with Conquest and Exploration.(7)

The third principle of National-Socialism is that such an organic society should be the beginning of a quest to continue the work of Nature by striving to advance, to continue, our own evolution, thus creating a new race of higher human beings and a new Golden Age.

The fourth principle of National-Socialism is that this quest to continue our own evolution depends on us understanding, expressing and representing in our own lives and in our society, what is supremely idealistic or numinous - that is, what is beautiful, excellent, inspiring and divine. For only by understanding, expressing and representing or trying to represent what is supremely idealistic or numinous can we as individuals and a folk be inspired to change, to explore, to conquer, to fulfil the purpose of our lives(8).


We who are Aryans need to re-discover our unique biological imperative - our unique ethos and Destiny. It is this which should inspire us and guide our lives, not the quest for an unnatural and decadent "personal happiness" and certainly not the striving for material comfort and personal wealth. To survive and prosper, a folk or race must possess a Destiny - it must value itself, and be proud of itself. It must be united and strong. If a race or folk does not value itself, is not proud of its achievements and has no sense of or feeling for its racial identity and its Destiny, then that race is ill, and dying.

It is one of the principle aims of National-Socialism to provide us with a sense of racial identity - and to re-unite us with our unique civilizing Destiny - thus enabling us as a race to survive, prosper and create the organic society which is necessary if our evolution is to continue.

The enemy of the noble, evolutionary, idealism of National-Socialism is the selfishness inherent in weak individual character. The enemy of the evolutionary, organic and numinous society which it is the aim of National-Socialism to create is the diseased society of the present with its lack of personal honour, its abandonment of excellence and its unnatural, diseased and abstract ideas such as racial equality, pacifism, decadent self-indulgence, personal happiness, and disdain for self-discipline.

Part Two

Folk and Fatherland

Our Relation to Nature

In our modern world, with its technology, materialism and its consumer-society, the individual has for the most past lost or forgotten the link, bond or nexus, which exists between them, Nature and the cosmos beyond.

This bond exists because the individual is a living organism, with an organic past, and because this organism for its health and its very life, depends on Nature. It is a modern fallacy that we, as individuals, as human beings, are somehow different from or superior to Nature. We belong to, are part of Nature - to the creative, vital and biological processes of Nature - just as much as trees or a wild animal belong to Nature. Our very life is an expression of this bond between us and Nature herself.

There have, however, been several recent attempts to try and understand, and to re-establish, this living nexus between us, as living human beings, and between Nature. These recent "environmental" and "ecological" attempts mostly focus on the individual, in isolation, and on the "life-style" of the individual, aiming to show that there is or could be a personal "life-style" for the individual which is more "in harmony with Nature" and thus which aids Nature, or helps to protect Nature from exploitation by human beings. Some of these recent attempts go further, and suggest various types of human society which could be constructed to do these and similar things.

However, all these recent attempts are based upon a fundamental mis-understanding of the bond between ourselves and Nature. These recent attempts all ignore how we came to be as we are - how and why we have evolved. What has not been understood is the fact that we ourselves are still subject to the law or processes of Nature - we have arisen because we have evolved from Nature, and because of the biological imperative, the organic Destiny, of our ancestors.

To understand the bond which exists between us and Nature we must understand our own biological imperative - our Destiny as living organisms. This Destiny not only explains the bond between us and Nature, it also enables us to understand what the meaning of our life is - what is the purpose of our existence, here on this planet we call Earth. All living things on this planet, all organisms, are subject to the laws of Nature, to the biological imperative implicit in life itself. Thus, all organisms are born; they all have the potential to grow; they all, if healthy, seek to reproduce themselves, or have descendants; and they all, as individual organisms, must die. All organisms also have the potential to change - to adapt to the conditions they encounter or find themselves in, although for most organisms this adaptation, this evolution, to be noticeable or significant, occurs over many generations.

The biological Destiny which a living organism has depends on its type - on its species, and is thus determined by evolution. A particular biological species is different from other species because of evolution - it has adapted itself over a period of time to do certain things, and has acquired certain characteristics, a certain nature. This nature is inherent in a particular organism because that organism is what it is - a distinct biological type - and because of the ancestors of that organism.

Thus, a bee has evolved to have wings and fly, while a spider is confined to where it can go on its legs - both belong to the type we call "insects", but they are separate species, distinguished by what they can do or cannot do. A spider has the "nature", the character, of a spider, while a bee has the "nature" of a bee. Spiders have evolved to build webs of various kinds in order to catch their food, while bees have evolved to fly in search of their food.

In the same way, we as individuals are who we are - we have the nature we have - because of our ancestors, because of our folk or race. Our own human species has evolved, over vast periods of time, into separate races or folk, each of which has their own unique nature, and each of which because of that nature has its own unique organic Destiny - its own biological imperative.

Contrary to what most people have been led to believe, these different races of ours are of fundamental importance because they express how Nature is manifest to us - they express how we are connected to Nature. What is of vital importance about folk, or race, is this bond - this expression of our own nature, as individuals, this expression of our identity and this expression of our organic Destiny. Race is an expression of the organic Destiny of our own human species. Race expresses, or represents, how we came to be who we are. In the simple sense, race or folk is an expression of the law or processes of Nature - of how Nature works, and is made manifest to us. Race is evolution in action - Nature labouring to produce more diversity and more difference. What is only of secondary importance about race is the actual physical or mental differences between races.

What must be understood is that our folk is our connection to Nature and thus to the cosmos itself. Just as we are Nature made manifest in an individual organism, so our folk is an organism which manifests Nature. In the simple sense, our folk is a living thing, a supra-personal organism which we are part of. The organism of our folk has lived for thousands of years before us, and it can live for thousands of years after us if those who are part of it aid it by seeking to preserve and extend it and keep it vital and heathy. The biological imperative - the organic Destiny - of a folk is to live, to extend itself, and to evolve further.

What we have lost in modern times is an appreciation, an understanding, of the supra-personal organism which is our folk. The folk gives the individual their organic Destiny, just as the folk itself is the meaning of the life of the individual. What most people today assume is "the meaning of life" - personal happiness, pleasure, material comfort and so on - is an illusion; such artificial things are barren, devoid of organic Destiny. Destiny, for an individual, is the organic Destiny inherent in them because of their folk.

The real purpose and meaning of life is to strive to aid or advance or to keep healthy one's living folk - that is, to aid the organic Destiny of one's folk. An individual has been born to do this, and if this is not done, than that individual life has no ultimate meaning or purpose. Their life has been a waste, and the Destiny which is inherent in them by virtue of being alive and born into their folk, is unfulfilled. In the past, most individuals fulfilled some of this Destiny by marrying among their own folk and producing children - descendants to carry on the folk itself. These descendants contained the potential of the folk - a means to aid or to fulfil the Destiny of the folk. Destiny, for the individual, is vital; it is numinous; it is inspiring and life-giving. Destiny produces health. In contrast, the material and selfish illusions which today pass for "meaning" and for "living" are lifeless and devoid of substance. In the same way, modern societies which are based upon these material and selfish illusions are lifeless and devoid of substance.

It is a sad fact that an individual who is a racial mixture, a cross-breed, has lost their Destiny because they have lost that which connects them to Nature - their unique identity, and their unique purpose. They have no soul, no special identity - or at best, they have a confusion of identity, and a confusion of purpose. Those responsible for creating such a mixture have acted against Nature herself - against the racial diversity and racial difference which Nature seeks to produce through evolution and her laws. Such race-mixers, instead of breeding among their own kind, and so seeking to aid their own Destiny and thus the Destiny of Nature, have undermined the Destiny of their own folk. Like those who arrogantly exploit and despoil Nature for commercial profit, those who encourage race-mixing and thus who produce racially-mixed offspring have damaged Nature.

Racially-mixed offspring are for the most part "rootless", and all they can do to try and repair some of the damage their parents have done to Nature, is to strive to aid in a practical way the Destiny of one of the races from which they are descended. That is, they can strive to encourage the racial identity, the racial survival and expansion - and thus the Destiny - of one of the races from which they are descended. If they do anything than this, then their lives are a waste, as they themselves cannot live on in any meaningful way after their own individual death.

Life After Death and The Illusion of Self

Our belief in our own self-contained uniqueness is an illusion. The belief that we have a wide-ranging "freedom" to choose or determine our own destiny is also an illusion. The reality is that we are part of, and dependant upon our folk, and Nature, and the only freedom we have, as part of this larger organism which is our folk, is a freedom to evolve or not to evolve - that is, to aid or not to aid the Destiny of our folk. If we aid this Destiny, we ourselves fulfil the purpose of our lives and so can evolve to what is beyond.

Our individuality, our consciousness, is an evolutionary adaptation. This adaptation has enabled us to evolve further by cooperating together in pursuit of noble aims. It has enabled the creation of a higher, more evolved way of living - the communal living of societies, and later on, of civilization. That is, our individuality, our personality, was and is fundamentally a means to aid our folk - this was, and can be, done through a triumph of individual will, through individuals consciously placing the welfare of their folk, their community, before their own self-interest and their own individual survival. Societies and civilization are created, and flourish, only so long as this is done. That is, only so long as idealism, as nobility, flourishes. In the past, a society or civilization was a society or civilization of a particular folk - an expression of a particular folk in a particular time and place cooperating together and so producing a higher, more evolved, way of living for themselves. As such, such societies and civilizations reflected the Destiny, or part of the Destiny, of a particular folk.

The truth of our individual lives is that we possess a folk-awareness: an awareness beyond the short span of our own individual lives. The reality of the present is that this folk-awareness, this wider perspective, is increasingly being lost in the artificial, lifeless societies of our times. In the past, this awareness was mostly instinctive - a product of our heritage, of our awareness of our communal, or folk, identity. It is this awareness which gives meaning to our lives, and it is this awareness which shatters, or which can shatter, the illusion of our independent self.

This folk-awareness is an awareness of how we are connected to Nature through our folk. It is an understanding, instinctive or conscious, of our folk heritage and Destiny - it is an awareness that our folk has existed for thousands of years before us, and can exist for thousands of years after us. It is an awareness that we are our folk made manifest in a particular time and place.

Yet this folk-awareness is only part of what exists - it only expresses part of what we, as human beings are. There is an awareness beyond this - the awareness of Nature herself, and of the cosmos beyond Nature. Each folk is Nature herself made manifest - Nature incarnated in human form, in the individuals of a particular folk. Similarly, Nature is the cosmos made manifest - an incarnation, on this planet we call Earth, of the biological, or organic, imperative of the cosmos. Life itself is the cosmos striving to evolve - the manifestation, in a particular time and space, of the cosmic order which is life. When there is a conscious awareness of this relationship between the cosmos, Nature, folk and individuals, then there is an understanding of life itself.

This supra-personal understanding, this perspective which takes us beyond the individual, not only gives meaning and significance to our own lives, it expresses what the meaning of our lives actually is, and what is beyond our own individual lives when we as individuals die.

What is beyond us, is a whole cosmos of connections and Destinies - a living, or organic, matrix full of living organisms, ranging from the cosmos itself down to planetary-sized organisms such as Nature here on Earth, with its own intricate matrix of living, evolving individual races composed of living, changing individual members.

In a sense, our aim as conscious beings, is to discover, to come to know, to understand this cosmic organic matrix, and to aid its living, its organic manifestations and its evolution as best we can. This knowing and this aiding of the organic Destinies of the various organisms, and particularly of our own folk, is for us, as individuals, a further evolution - it is we ourselves contributing to evolution. It is us as individuals going beyond what we are, in a particular time and space, and so fulfilling the purpose of our existence, as living beings possessed of will and possessed of consciousness. Because of this, it is us becoming or seeking to become divine - seeking to participate in the great drama of cosmic evolution. It is us aiding Nature and the cosmos itself.

If we so aid these organic Destinies, we ourselves become these Destinies, and become incarnate in the future, in a developed form. That is, if we aid the Destiny of our folk, we become our folk, its very future and its possible future manifestations. We also become Nature, in evolution, and thus the cosmos itself - the very life of the cosmos. That is, we live-on after our own individual death in these things. This living-on, however, is not given, not certain, not fated - it has to be achieved, by the individual in this life, through a triumph of individual will and through an aiding of Destiny. If it is not achieved, then the promise of life in the individuals not achieving it has remained unfulfilled.

Beyond our individual death, there is no "heaven", no "hell", no "nirvana", no "paradise", no "Valhalla" where we live-on as individuals with the feelings, the awareness of ourselves as individual beings. There is also no "re-birth" as another individual. These are all illusions built upon the illusion of an independent self. All there is or can be is a supra-personal awareness - a transcending, or development, to become a new type of being. This new type of being is part of or lives in the supra-personal organism which is our folk, which is Nature and which is the cosmos itself - all manifestations or incarnations of the very essence of life itself, and all parts of the same thing, the same type of living being. There is no division of this essence, as there is no space dividing world from world, and no slow passing of causal time. In the simple sense, if we transcend, through our achievements and our aiding of Destiny, to what is beyond our individual existence, we become like immortal gods. The cosmos itself, and all life within it, is our home, and we can travel the cosmos and dwell anywhere within it. This is so, because we become the very essence of these things, which exists beyond our normal time and beyond our normal causal space.

There is an understanding, and insight, here which is profound, awesome and important for our future. Unfortunately, it is an understanding which many people in these times will not or cannot understand or appreciate, since it is contrary to the illusive beliefs, the illusive dogmas, and the materialism, which dominate and determine the societies of our time. As such, it is the insight, the understanding of the next thousand years, and one which will aid, or create, a more highly evolved human being.

Folk and Fatherland:
Creating an Organic Folk-Society

The Destiny of a particular folk can be made manifest in a fatherland. A fatherland is an ethnic or folk society which dwells in a particular place or homeland. To aid Nature, and to further evolution, folk societies must be created on a world-wide basis to preserve and aid each unique folk or race which Nature has evolved. To do otherwise is to undermine and destroy what Nature has striven to create - it is to arrogantly damage Nature herself. Only a folk society - an ethnic society, State or nation - is a living, or organic, society, and only such a healthy living society can aid Nature and further the evolution of our own species. All other types of society, however well-meaning, are contrary to Nature and anti-evolutionary as they all will damage Nature, probably irretrievably so.

For a particular folk to survive, prosper and evolve - and thus for Nature herself to be aided - it must have a home, a place to dwell, as it must establish a harmonious balance with Nature. Most importantly of all, it must have or establish its own identity - and possess a sense or an understanding of its unique Destiny, a sense of perspective and a sense of pride. The folk must value its own traditions, heritage and culture, as they must seek to keep their folk itself alive. This means them keeping blood pure by marrying among their own racial kind. The individuals of that folk must be nourished by good food, as they must be or become physically healthy. The land itself must be cared for, for the folk depend on its well-being. Thus there is, or there must be developed, an awareness of Blood and Soil, of Folk and Fatherland.

There is also, or there must be developed, an awareness of the Destiny of that unique folk. In the past, the Destiny of a particular folk has been expressed by means of a myth or legend, mostly involving gods or deities. Such myths and legends are no longer necessary, since we now possess the ability to consciously know and understand the Destiny of our folk, based as this unique Destiny is on the unique ethos, the unique character, of a particular folk.

A living society has a supra-personal purpose - a striving to make its Destiny real. The individuals of such a society thus posses a supra-personal purpose. Basically, a folk society is the organized will of the folk. It is an ordered society full of self-disciplined individuals who willingly cooperate together for their own greater good because they know or feel that such an ordered, self-disciplined society makes them better more healthy individuals, and gives them an opportunity to fulfil the real purpose of their lives. Thus can they, and their folk, evolve, and a new higher race of human beings come into existence. The values of an organic society are the values of idealism and nobility - the quest or striving for personal and supra-personal excellence by the setting of high personal standards.

In contrast, modern non-organic societies aim to satisfy the selfish material desires of the individuals within that society. There is no supra-personal purpose which individuals can aspire to and which inspires them, and indeed no united purpose which such societies strive for - except for vague and illusive and abstract ideas like "happiness" and "security". Thus, such societies are dis-organized, de-evolutionary and do not work particularly well.

We have now reached the stage of our evolution when we possess the understanding - and have developed the self-centred arrogance, the illusion of self - to either aid Nature, or to severely damage Nature. An ethnic, organic or folk society - based upon Folk and Fatherland - is a step toward aiding Nature and our own evolution, both as a species and as individuals. Any and every type of multi-racial society is a ruthless destruction of Nature.

To create an organic society requires us to act with understanding, to be self-disciplined, to achieve our own unique triumph of the will. We either recognize, and strive to restore, our connection with Nature evident in race, or we selfishly and arrogantly ignore this connection, and damage Nature, and the future of our own species, here on this planet we call Earth.

The suppressed and feared truth of our times is that the National-Socialism of Adolf Hitler was a modern and conscious expression of the wisdom of Folk and Fatherland. He himself was an incarnation of the Destiny of the Aryan folk and his mission was to reveal this wisdom and restore the connection between our species and Nature, thus enabling us to aid Nature and continue with our evolution. The noble folk society he started to create in Germany was to be a practical means to achieve a new Golden Age, here on this planet of ours.

That his work was unfinished, and ruthlessly destroyed by his enemies, and that National-Socialism and Adolf Hitler have been the subject of the most hateful, the most intense lying and dishonourable propaganda campaign the world has ever seen, expresses an awful lot about the forces and influences which now hold sway over this planet which is our home.

Further Reading

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First Published 1996 [107 yf ]

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8. What is numinous, and thus inspiring, for us at present is the ideal of creating a Galactic Empire through the exploration and conquest of Outer Space.