Our Fight for Freedom

This society we live in is not an Aryan society, as the Government which rules over us is not an Aryan government. Our freedom to live as Aryans, according to our own Aryan values and customs, and according to our own Aryan laws, has been taken away from us.

This anti-Aryan society we live in has - due to the political laws and social schemes of successive anti-Aryan governments - undermined and suppressed our Aryan identity and our Aryan culture.

The "politically correct", multi-racial laws of this society represent everything that we Aryans loathe and detest and find tyrannical. The laws of this society have taken away our honour, as they do not allow us to do our noble duty to our folk. We are not allowed in this society to express our Aryan identity, to live in an Aryan way, or to think, act and feel in an Aryan way. Our ancient rights, our very freedom, has been taken away.

It is a fundamental principle of our Aryan culture that we must live among our own kind. It is simply wrong for us to live among peoples of different cultures, different races, for such multi-racial living destroys our culture, our identity just as it takes away our freedom and our very honour. A multi-racial society does not allow us to live as we must live to be strong and healthy and fulfil our Destiny. To live as we should live means Blood and Soil: a homeland of our own; a free nation for our people, governed according to our own Aryan laws, based as these Aryan laws are upon honour, upon duty to the folk.

It is our right to have a homeland of our own, a nation of our own, where we can live in freedom according to our own laws and where our own culture can flourish: where we can live as Aryans, and where we can achieve our Destiny. It is our right to be free.

Our government has taken away this right of ours, as it is determined to destroy our culture, our identity. Nature has made us into a separate race, with a special, a unique, identity and culture, and with a special Destiny. It is our natural right, our duty, given to us by Nature, to seek a homeland, a nation, for ourselves, for only by living in our own homeland, our own nation, can we flourish and prosper, and live as Nature intends us to live.

It is against the will of Nature, against our natural rights, for this Government - for any government - to deny us the freedom to live among our own kind according to our own natural, Aryan, laws.

We must know, understand and act upon the truth that we are fighting for our freedom to live as Aryans: we are fighting for an Aryan society, for an Aryan homeland, an Aryan nation, whose laws are Aryan laws.

We must know, understand and cherish our Aryan identity, and be proud to be Aryan. We are not dreaming about some so-called idyllic nationalist past, as we do not want to try and revive our past, however glorious it might have been.

Instead, we dream of the future: of the homeland, the nation, we can create and which we, and our descendants - living as free, proud, Aryan men and women - can make glorious.

And if we do not take part in this struggle for freedom, this struggle to create an Aryan homeland, an Aryan nation, then our race, our people, our culture, our way of life, will die out. The society we now live in is a multi-racial society, with the Government determined to keep it that way through their anti-Aryan tyranny.

The Government will not allow, and does not tolerate, any opposition to the multi-racial society they have helped to create and which they wish to maintain at all costs. But we know that multi-racialism is the racial genocide of the Aryan race.

The stark truth is that in a country like England - as in every other country in the world - we Aryans will be in a minority in less than seventy years. To ensure our freedom, to give our race, our culture, a future, we must struggle to create a homeland, a nation, for ourselves.

We must rouse our people, awaken them to the danger, as we must make them aware of their Aryan heritage, their Aryan identity, their Aryan way of life.

Our situation is now so dire, so critical, that we must use whatever means we can to win back our freedom and to create a homeland, a nation, for ourselves and our people. We can fight for our freedom by supporting or belonging to some Aryan political organization or movement. We can fight for our freedom through covert action: through active rebellion and insurrection, either alone, or in some group. We can fight for our freedom by seeking to convert our people to our noble Cause on an individual basis. We can fight for our freedom by creating new communities from which a new and free nation can grow.

Each of us must choose which way to fight for freedom: for, given our circumstances, each and every way of fighting, of achieving our aim of a homeland where we can live in freedom among our own kind according to our own laws and customs, is both necessary and morally right.

The Aryan Way of Life and Aryan Laws

The basis of the Aryan way of life are the Aryan values of personal honour, of loyalty, and of duty to the folk. These values can create - and have created in the past - an Aryan society where people live in true freedom.

These values were the basis for the Aryan folk-communities of Ancient Greece and Rome; for the Aryan folk-communities that created the Roman Empire; and for the folk-communities of our own immediate ancestors in Viking Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, in Germania, in Anglo-Saxon England, and in ancient Wales.

These values were and are the basis for our own Aryan system of law: a system of law systematically destroyed by our modern multi-racial, anti-Aryan, governments.

The first, and fundamental, principle of Aryan law is that there are only honourable and dishonourable deeds, with dishonourable deeds being the
concern of Aryan laws. That is, there is no concept of "crime" as "crime" is now understood in modern societies. Aryans laws thus define what is

The second principle of Aryan law is that the penalties for committing dishonourable deeds are always compensatory, and never punitive, and
involve only: (1) exile of those found guilty of dishonourable conduct; (2) compensation by the guilty person, in goods, or money, of the victim of the
dishonourable deed, or of the family/relatives of the victim.

These, and the other seven principles of Aryan law, create a truely free society. Such a society is a society of strong men and women: a society of noble warriors who uphold honour, who are loyal, who do their honourable duty.

Such a warrior society is in contrast to the tyrannical society we are forced to live in and which has outlawed our warrior way of life. For example, this tyrannical society has made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment, for us to carry a weapon to defend ourselves and our honour. This tyrannical, ignoble, society has made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment for us to belong to or seek to belong to a para-military organization. This tyrannical, ignoble, society has also made it a crime, punishable by dishonourable, ignoble, imprisonment for us to speak our minds, openly and honestly about the destruction of our culture, our way of life, our very nation and race.

Any person who thinks like a warrior, who has the instincts, the soul, the nature, the character, of a warrior - of an Aryan - knows this society for the ignoble tyranny it is and is in rebellion against such tyranny.

It is our duty, as Aryans in rebellion against our tyrannical governments, to overthrow those governments by revolution, and create, through such a struggle, such a revolution, the homeland we need and which is our right.

No government is simply going to give us the independent homeland, the territory, we need; therefore we must create it ourselves using whatever means are necessary and practical.

The very future of our people, our race, depends on us creating such a homeland where we can live in freedom among fellow Aryans (and only fellow Aryans) according to our own Aryan laws and customs.