Reinventing George W. Bush: From Cheerleader to President!

Reinventing George W. Bush: From Cheerleader to President!

Actual GW Bush head ...Bush Cheerleader Pho...Actual GW Bush head ...

Did you know that GW's only real claim to fame, is that he was head cheerleader at his all male private high school? No? Read the following news article that mentions this, plus some photos above of GW in action.

Editorial by Shane Cory September 15, 2004

Many Americans are comfortable with the managed, false persona they have of the current President of the United States. They view George W. Bush as a rough-riding Texan who, when not attending to the affairs of the most powerful nation in the world, is busy clearing brush on his West Texas ranch. In truth, George Bush is far from being a "common" man as he does not understand the trials of American life. He may not even be considered a true Texan.

President Bush was born in New Haven, Connecticut. As his father made his first million in the oil industry, the Bush family spent George and Jeb's childhood in between Midland, Texas, Kennebunkport, Maine and Jupiter Island, Florida. As part of the Bush-Walker clan, the family had access to luxurious homes and compounds around the nation.

As a child, George pursued his interest in baseball but was known for inability to hit a ball. This probably didn't matter much to the young George Bush as he was probably the richest kid on his team, owning over a million shares of his father's company at the time.

Bush's high school of choice was the elite boarding school, Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. While in high school, Bush gave baseball another shot but found his calling in being the head cheerleader for the all-boy school (he should be thankful that he did not attend a Texas high school).

After graduating from the same high school that his privileged father attended, George Bush headed off to Yale University as yet another legacy admission (Bush now opposes legacy admissions despite his own reliance on them along with one of his daughters). Bush's first year at Yale concluded with his grades swirling to the bottom 20% of the student body just as kegs of beer swirled into emptiness. At the conclusion of his Yale experience, Bush left his mark on the prestigious school with a "C" average and no academic or athletic accomplishments.

Upon his graduation from Yale in 1968, George Bush, in order to avoid being drafted and sent to Vietnam, enlisted into the Texas Air National Guard with the supposed help of the then Texas Speaker of the House, Ben Barnes. After jumping the waiting list and joining the Guard, Bush applied for pilot training stating that "flying is a lifetime goal." Shortly after the announcement of drug testing in the military, Bush failed to show up for his annual physical examination and lost his flight status. Bush's stated lifetime goal of flying crashed and burned.

On month after the loss of his flight status, Bush requested a transfer to Alabama in order to work on the senate campaign of Winton Blount After a bit of back and forth, Bush eventually received orders to report to a unit within the Alabama Air National Guard where no one could recall his presence on the base. Subsequently, Winton Blount lost his bid for a senate seat with the help of the young Bush.

One year after being grounded from flight, George Bush requested a discharge from the Texas Air National Guard in order to return to Massachusetts and attend Harvard Business School (Bush should be able to relate to a "Senator from Massachusetts" as he spent many years there himself). The request was approved the next day by his commanding officer and Bush was released from the National Guard, six months shy of his obligation not including any time allegedly missed in Alabama.

While at Harvard, Bush frequently walked with pride, wearing an old flight jacket from the Air National Guard which showcased his former pilot status. To his credit, Bush survived the rigorous MBA program. Upon graduation, Bush loaded up his Oldsmobile with clothes and $20,000 in "trip money" and headed to Midland, Texas to settle in. After an extended detour to China via Hawaii, Bush finally made it to West Texas in order to make his mark on the oil industry just as his father had done.

Over the years in Midland, Bush managed to run several oil companies into the ground. While on the verge of collapse, his final company, Spectrum 7, was purchased by Harken Energy leaving Bush with several hundred thousand dollars and a seat on the board of directors. At the time, Harken was largely owned by billionaire George Soros and wealthy Saudis.

In between infrequent board meetings Bush stayed busy by pretending to play baseball as an owner of the Dallas Rangers. While only owning 2% of the organization (using money from a shady sell of Harken stock), Bush took the lead as the front man for the Texas baseball team. As his father was waging the first war in Iraq, Bush sat in the Ranger's dugout requesting sunflower seeds from bat boys.

Bush served on the board of Harken until 1992 and resigned after producing a SEC investigation that attracted unwanted attention onto Bush Sr. and his floundering reelection campaign.

After his father's defeat in 1992, George Bush decided to run for governor of Texas and in 1995 was sworn in after garnering just 53% of the vote. As governor of Texas, Bush managed to increase the high school drop out rate from 21% to 43% while changing the methodology so that the public thought that the number was actually 2%. Bush also managed to grasp the national record for executing more people than any other governor in history.

In 1999, Bush began his campaign for the presidency and the rest is, of course, history.

Clearly, the cowboy image that Bush's handlers convey to the public was created to distract from his life of privilege and under-achievement. Having been born into wealth and influence just as his father, George W. Bush rode his father's coattails into the halls of the White House.

George Bush never had to worry about not making an insurance payment, car payment or mortgage payment. Our "wartime" president has never lived the mundane life of waking up each weekday, commuting to work and putting in a set number of hours only to return home and do it all over again, day after day after day. Bush has never experienced the redundant yet challenging life required of many responsible Americans. Given the extreme amount of time Bush spends on holiday, he could never fathom only having two weeks of vacation per year.

America should be aware that despite the fa├žade created by his public relations team, George W. Bush is yet another privileged child who has never truly experienced American life, American struggle, or sadly, even the satisfaction of overcoming extremely difficult times through hard work and self reliance. While George W. Bush seems to have done many things in his lifetime, where are the actual accomplishments that make him a fit and qualified leader of this great nation?

I recently was made aware of Bush's past including his time spent as a cheerleader and I wondered just how many others actually knew his true background. After reading this short history on ZOG's "Commander in Chief" his incompetence begins to make sense and it makes one wonder how any military man, or any man for that matter, can show him an ounce of respect. Just watch and listen to him on jewvision (tv) as he reads his script anytime he addresses John Q. Public and you can see how weak he truly is stammering most of the time...and, uh, and, uh, umm... Usually the result of outright lying and having to make things up. This is the individual we have leading our country? What a damn joke! No wonder Amerika has become so hated in the world with leadership such as this and the cronies he's brought into office with him.


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