The Unavenged Outrage: White Race — Creators of Chinese, Mexican and Aztec Civilizations

The Unavenged Outrage: White Race — Creators of Chinese, Mexican and Aztec Civilizations

During the last century popular thought in Great Britain, cleverly nurtured by the unseen Jewish hand, reached a high pitch of insanity in regards to the racial facts of life. The abolitionists, philanthropists and the negrophiles conceived the colored races to be child races in the process of development. The colored problem was considered to be a problem solely of color and not one of mentality. The abolitionists taught that the nigger was, for all effects, like a White child. He, therefore, should be treated as such, they said, for before long he would reach maturity. The color problem would then vanish as a result of religious instruction, and training in the sciences and arts.

Since this same misguided thinking is still prevalent today and some of these perverted race-mixers point with pride to some of the other civilizations that have seemingly emerged from some of the colored races, we want to treat briefly here the vanished civilizations of China, Mexico and Peru. Whereas we do not have the space here to go into the full history of these erstwhile civilizations, we just need to touch briefly here to show that the history of higher cultures reveal that all those which are popularly called civilizations can be traced in origin to the White Race.

Early Chinese records refer to blonde tribes and there yet remain tall, fair skinned, blue-eyed individuals in Manchuria and Korea, which represent the racial outcroppings of the early White Caucasian. The presence of the early White Man in central and east central Asia is now well recognized by ethnologists. Early Chinese civilization so nearly resembled that of Babylon as to cause some scientists to even believe that the Chinese moved en masse from the regions adjacent to Babylon. This, of course, they did not do. But evidence is overwhelming that the Babylonians moved into China in a history similar to the White invasion of India but antedating it by a considerable period of time.

Some of these movements were probably of a prehistoric date. In any case, in a history similar to that of India we find the White Man conquering and taking over as the ruling class of China.

Again we find that the White conquerors interbred with the inferior yellow Chinese, producing a hybrid race. The rulers of China, however, constituted the upper class and it is from this class that Chinese higher culture issued. We find that the White element in China did for that people what it has done for other colored races and that is: impart unto them a culture which in its first stages was progressive and in its later stages was dwarfed as the White blood became submerged. This will account for the fact that Chinese civilization was more creative in its earlier stages. In fact, the Chinese were a more progressive people 20 centuries ago than when the modern Europeans first reached East Asia.

The important issue here is that it was the White element that imparted unto China its early civilization and the higher culture was imparted in the early period, as at present, through the influence of the White Race. Secondly, it is important to note that the blood of the White Man has not in China, as it has not in other instances, raised the mongrel to the level of progressive culture. The Chinese seem in some respects to be almost as incapable of progress as the niggers themselves, the only essential difference being that the arrest of mental development comes later in life for the yellow than for the black. Furthermore, it may be pointed out that Chinese culture has been stagnant since the early historic period, despite impulses from within and without to shake off the chronic state of lethargy in which the nation seems to vegetate.

And so we find another perished civilization, a civilization that was first created by the civilized White Akkads of Babylonia. These people, when they reached China, were already a somewhat cultured people, with a knowledge of letters, astronomy, and various industrial arts. In their new environment they continued the development up to a certain point, after which, when engulfed in mongrelization, they have mostly remained at a standstill and are to this day in a hopeless quagmire of stagnation. To this day this inert mass of semi-civilized savagery offers a dead resistance to all outward pressure. Their astronomy has scarcely advanced beyond the astrological state, while their medical art continues to be a hopeless mixture of superstitious practices, absurd nostrums, and a few grains of common sense.

* * * * *

Let us herewith leave the Chinese and now turn to the civilizations of Mexico and Peru, which the Europeans found in a slow state of decay when they explored these countries four centuries ago.

There are even today some ethnologists, mostly American, chiefly promoted by Jewish propaganda, who confidently assert that the cultures of Mexico and Peru were of independent origin. Let us, however, at this point again restate a basic truth: behind every culture there is race. The cultures of Mexico and Peru were Caucasian like.

Stone age migrations of the White Man had carried him across northern Asia to Japan and across southern Asia to Polynesia. All will admit that the American Indian is derived in whole, or in part, from Asia. There is an unquestioned Mongolian strain in the Indian. The question is, is the Indian only Mongolian or is he partly White?

Whereas the early movements of peoples is lost in antiquity, there is great probability that the more aggressive Whites of China could as easily have managed to cover the route to America as did the less capable Mongolians. The way before the White Race was easy and enticing. The path that lured him onward was peopled by inferiors that the White Race's long history had taught him he could subdue and enslave, and so the White Man followed the colored to America in prehistoric times as he did to central Africa and southern Asia, and everywhere eventually interbred with those with whom he had conquered.

The evidence is therefore weighted toward the supposition that cultures in the New World were indeed created by the leadership of the White Man who had followed the Mongoloid Indians. These civilizations stagnated and decayed as his numbers became fewer and his blood was finally submerged amongst his inferiors.

White Racial Teamwork

Racial Loyalty Issue 1 - June 1983
White Racial Teamwork

Resolving the Conflict between the idea of unbridled Liberty and Freedom on the one hand and Responsibility and Duty on the other.

The Jews sparked the French Revolution with the catchwords Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and threw that great White nation into a turmoil from which it never recovered. During the chaos the Jews themselves had engineered, they were quick to take advantage of the breakdown and massacre the finest of the White French leadership. As the guillotine was busily employed, as heads rolled and women counted stitches in their knitting in a synchronized debacle of horror, the Jews were exercising two of their most potent weapons. These were (a) always kill the best (of the White Race) and (b) divide and conquer.

The Jews themselves say in "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" that they have been the first to cry among the masses these same catchwords (or their equivalent) since ancient times, and any number of times since the French Revolution. They have used these ideas as bait repeatedly throughout history to stir the masses, to trap them into turmoil and anarchy and then to destroy, conquer and enslave their gullible victims.

In Protocol No. I they point out with wry sarcasm that these catchwords embodying the ideas of "Liberty", "Equality", "Fraternity", "Freedom" and "Individualism'' have always worked like a charm against those goyim they wish to destroy. They further point out that the goyim, who himself took up the cry, was always too stupid to realize that the ideas were in themselves contradictory and impossible of fulfillment.

We must remember, of course, that the Protocols were not written for the enlightenment of the Goyim (the derogatory Jewish term for Gentiles, meaning stupid cattle) but were written solely for the secret direction of Jewish insiders as a plan and program for the destruction of the Goyim, especially the White Race. They were never meant to become public knowledge to the Goyim and it is an accident of history that we have learned about them at all. Actually, despite the fact that the Protocols have been public knowledge (a copy was placed in the British Museum in 1906) since 1905, the Jews have been so successful in suppressing and/or discrediting this veritable powder-keg that very few White people know about them even today, more than three quarters of a century later. (For further information about the Protocols read Chapters 19 and

For centuries millions of White people have been enamored and misled by these Jewish ideas. Not only among the flaming liberals, but especially by staunch "conservatives" have these libertine ideas been enthusiastically embraced and trumpeted. As the Jews point out, the stupid Goyim did not note the contradiction of the meaning of these words, nor did they realize that in nature there is no equality, and that the very idea of "freedom" in a real world is a myth and a hoax.

Let us repeat and emphasize this point. Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters and capacities just as immutably as she has established subordination to her laws. Woe to the species that attempts to flout those laws. Nature punishes such misfits with the ultimate penalty ? extinction. Unfortunately, the White Race is now suicidially bent on flouting the most basic of all of Nature's Laws, namely, fighting for its own survival, and predictably, it is on its way to extinction.

Since the unflagging goal of Church of the Creator is the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White Race, and since it is our burden to stem the headlong rush to suicide with which the White Race seems to be imbued, we want to examine more closely the meaning of some of these Jewish catchwords. Among these words that the White Race has put on a sacred and unreal pedestal are the ideas of freedom, liberty, equality, brotherhood, independence, and individualism. To Americans in particular these ideas have been as unassailable and venerated as the Holy Sepulchre to the Christians, and for about as much reason. Strangely, it is especially among the "conservatives" that these ideas are misunderstood most of all. We have already examined the idea of equality as being a major Jewish hoax perpetrated on the White Race in order to destroy us. This we have done in both NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION (Chapters on "Racial Socialism", 'The Leadership Principle", and others) and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE (Creative Credos Nos. 17, 18, 29, 30,31 and several others). There is therefore no need to cover the same ground again. Instead, let us more closely examine the sacrosanct (in the minds of the naive) ideas of freedom and individualism of which we hear so much. Although they express two separate ideas they are closely related. One thing they have in common is that these ideas have been repeatedly and skillfully used by the Jews in their diabolical technique of divide and conquer.

Let us first examine the idea of freedom. The first thing I want to point out is that like the free lunch, the whole idea is unrealistic and illusory. It docs not exist, neither in Nature nor in society. It never has and never will. It is, in fact, as the Jews point out in the Protocols, a Jewish catchword that along with Fraternity and Equality they have repeatedly utilized to catch the unwary.

The only way a man could be FREE would be to live all by himself on a deserted island, like Robinson Crusoe did before his man Friday came along. However, as soon as even so much as a second person comes into the picture he is immediately restrained by that person's wants, actions, movements and exercise of HIS "freedoms". Their respective "freedoms" to do as they damn well please come into immediate conflict. Either a battle of extermination is joined, or they learn to negotiate a certain set of rules whereby they can agree to live peacefully in the same territory. They both learn that each has to respect these rules. Immediately their "freedom" is limited by these rules and since "freedom" by definition is unlimited choice of action, it no longer exists. When we multiply this factor by the crowded billions of people that inhabit this planet Earth, we can readily see that our actions must of necessity be governed by a multitude of "rules" or laws and that any other approach is unthinkable.

The unlimited "freedom" of a lone hermit on a deserted island is not really one of unlimited choice, nor is it very desirable. Whereas he could do as he damn well pleases with no one to restrain him or interfere, actually such a hermit's options are very, very limited. He would not have the choice of conversing with his peers; he would have no choice of mating or raising a family, and therefore would have any and all such natural urges suppressed; he would have no books to read, none of the enjoyable accoutrements of civilization; no baseball games, no opera, no concerts, no plays, no cars, no airplanes, no decent clothes, no fine housing, only a meager choice of food, and be excluded from a million other choices that we as members of a civilized White Race are able to exercise and enjoy.

So what is so great about such isolated freedom? Such a hermit would be free all right ? to live a lonely, bleak and primitive life like an animal and die by his lonesome self ? "free" as a breeze. This is neither the kind of life that we of Church of the Creator aspire to, nor for that matter would very many of our civilized White Racial Comrades (A few twisted deviates might.) We Creators accept the fact that we live in a populated world of our peers and it is not our objective to be the last individual on earth, nor to be a lone hermit on a deserted island. It is our objective to not only accept the fact that we are a social animal living in a civilized White society, but to construct and organize that society in such a way that it will serve the best interests of the White Race. This "best interests" clause includes enabling us to live a HAPPY life, a life of QUALITY, one of CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY and one that at the same time has contributed to the ADVANCEMENT of our precious race.

There are a few other drawbacks about the lonely hermit life I might enumerate while we are on the subject. (a) There are not enough "isolated territories" to go around for four billion people to choose from. (b) Such a life would be boring, meager, primitive and bleak, (c) it would, of course, be a one generation gambit, and be self-destructive of our race. So let us have done with this nonsense about "freedom", which, if it is not unlimited, is not freedom at all. There is one other factor that I want to point out that we as Creators are gravely concerned about at this stage in history. It is this: that we the White Race in the last quarter of the twentieth century are entrapped in a fierce struggle for the survival of the White Race itself. It is a struggle in which the war of ideas is at present the most virulent, but as we repeatedly are assaulted and pushed further to the wall, will become more and more physical and violent, culminating in the physical extermination of the White Race. It is of minor solace to me for us to be known as the most freedom loving people who suffered genocide at the hands of their enemies.

In order to win the deadly war in which we unwittingly find ourselves embroiled, we must organize all our resources, physical, spiritual, mental and economic. In order to have an effective organization (any organization) we must have a chain of command, as does an army, as does General Motors, or as does any other organization. Now let me ask you, do you know of any effective organization in existence which is not based on leadership, discipline and obedience? Would any general before a life and death battle expound and lecture his soldiers on the boundless virtues of freedom, liberty, license, independence of action and that every man may damn well do as he pleases in the pursuit of his own whim? No, I don't think so. No organization of any kind is possible if its members are obsessed with their own libertine independence, jealous of their own pompous individuality and over-preoccupied with the unbounded virtues of freedom. This does not make for organization, but for a disorderly and unruly mob.

Such mobs, obsessed with the Jew inspired ideals of freedom, soon destroy themselves. If they do not destroy themselves from within they are soon destroyed by the enemy from the outside who has a more realistic view of the world we live in, who does not cater to such idealistic nonsense, and is instead organized to the hilt. Like the irresponsible college students who spout all sorts of beautiful theories and idealistic claptrap, once out of the protective subsidization of their parents, these starry-eyed individuals soon change their tunes when forced to make their own way in the real world. Therefore let us also take a closer look at the virtues and weaknesses of that much admired quality called "rugged individualism", because it does have both its negative and positive aspects. Let me say at the outset that we Creators admire and promote such qualities as perseverance, initiative, courage in the face of great odds and similar strong traits of character. In fact, we have set forth many of these qualities In The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE In the Creative Credo No. 68, "Creators & Creativity? What we are and what we are not." Certainly the qualities we have just mentioned are in large part those of a rugged individualist. Many of our early settlers, pioneers, trailblazers, farmers and others had these unique qualities, all of which helped "Win the West" and build America. However, as our society becomes more crowded, and at this stage of history, more chaotic, super-individualism has been subverted and utilized by the Jews to turn White Man against White Man, to fragmentize, to create anarchy, to divide and conquer. The Jews have turned one of the White Man's finest characteristics into a weapon against himself, a weapon for his own destruction. They have turned the White Race into a leaderless mob of sheep, without unity, without direction, without goals, without a racial identity.

Instead of practicing teamwork, we have been tricked into fighting each other, destroying each other, all in the name of "Individualism". Not that most White people today ? men or women ? can be classified as rugged individualists ? far from it. They are much less so than were our rugged forefathers of a century ago, or even 50 years ago. However, the strange thing is that in catering to Jewish fashions, Jewish ideas, or fetishes or trends, the present day White Man acts like a simple sheep. At the same time, in those very areas where cooperation with his own White Racial Comrades would promote the survival and best interests of his own race, there, somehow, he has a thousand dissenting ideas. Whereas the Jews will fanatically rally to the defense of Israel by the millions, the Cubans will hold vast street parades if even so much as one criminal is threatened with deportation back to Cuba, it is hard to get a meeting of a few dozen White people together and united for the defense of the White Race.

All this must change. The White Race has by far the most to lose. The White Race is Nature's Elite. The White Race is the Creator of all civilization and the Creator of all the great and worthwhile values that have been produced in the last several thousand years. We must save ourselves. No one else will.

What is the answer to this strange dilemma? The answer is simple as hell. We must practice WHITE RACIAL TEAMWORK as set forth both in NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION and The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE. Let us again reiterate a basic Credo we have set forth in Creative Credo No. 2 of the latter: We must look at every issue through the eyes of the White Race, from the White Man's point of view. Not through the Jew's eyes, not from the nigger's point of view, not through the serpent's eyes ? but exclusively from the White Man's point of view. The White Race is the one and only yardstick in every major decision that affects us. WHITE RACIAL TEAMWORK is the order of the day.

In order to give this idea muscle we must organize ? organize ? organize. Organized, aroused, and united we will be ten times more powerful than all the Jews, niggers and mud races combined. In order to become organized we must have leaders and followers, all imbued with the racial idea. In order to be organized we must be united. In order to be united we must forsake such Jewish ideas as Liberty, Equality, Fraternity for the basic idea of Racial Loyalty, which requires dedication, sacrifice and responsibility. Yes, in order to become part of such an organization we must even give up some of our selfish individualism and funnel our own creative ideas into the goals and purposes that help serve our race as a whole.

I therefore suggest that we channel our natural urges for freedom to help obtain (a) freedom from the tyranny of our Jewish enemies, (b) freedom of our minds from much useless and stifling clutter such as the 'spooks in the sky' swindle, (c) freedom from fear of hell (which is part of this swindle), (d) freedom from financial slavery of the tyrannical Federal Reserve, which is nothing more than a gigantic counterfeiting ring, monopolized by the International Jewish bankers, (e) freedom from confiscatory taxation, (f) freedom from involuntary servitude of being forced to support and subsidize all the mud races of the world, (g) freedom from Jewish wars pitting White Man against White Man, (h) freedom from pointless and undeserved feelings of guilt, (i) freedom to raise a fine family of our own (j) at the same time enjoying freedom from want and poverty.

There are many other freedoms to strive for that I could enumerate. But now let us consider how we can channel our characteristic individualism into positive constructive activism instead of allowing it to be used as a Jewish tool to "divide and conquer" us. (a) One of the obvious areas we need individualism in is the LEADERSHIP field. Become a leader of your own group of White racist activists. In fact, become an ORDAINED MINISTER of Church of the Creator and form your own church group, (b) Use your talents to write copy, advertising, articles, letters to your local editor, etc., promoting the White Race and Creativity, (c) If you are not of leadership quality, help those that are ORGANIZE and RECRUIT, (d) Be a PROTESTER against every Jewish manifestation in our society ? against school busing, against tyrannical taxation, against Jewish violations of our racial, religious and constitutional rights. You can make your voice heard by writing letters to the Editor of your local paper, as I have said before. This costs nothing and gives you a large audience. There are any number of further channels we could list into which we can constructively channel our natural urges towards freedom and individualism, but let us now come to the crux of our message. That message is this: Instead of wantonly indulging in Jewish versions about freedom, liberty, fraternity and individualism we must face the realities of life. And some of the most stark realities of this last quarter of the twentieth century are these: (a) that the White Race is under vicious attack by the whole worldwide Jewish network; (b) the Jews are winning their war to destroy the White Race. (c) Few members of the White Race are aware that they are targeted for extermination, (d) Unless we soon change our stance we will be wiped out.

To counter this we must (a) Organize, (b) Practice White Racial Teamwork, (c) In order to do so we must have a creed and a program to polarize around. Church of the Creator has now furnished such a creed and program in its three basic books: NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING. We have thrown overboard once and for all the whole mess of Jewish-Christian gibberish that has confused, misled and paralyzed the White Race for the last 16 centuries. For the first time in its history the White Race now has a genuine racial religion of its own on which it can build and prosper for the next million years. In CREATIVITY, I believe, we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED.

We now come to our final point. If we are going to organize and unite, how with 10,000 or more "conservative", racial or religious organizations to confuse us ? how can we choose the one and only? This is a difficult question. One of the main obstacles in this we find is that many White leaders suffer from what is called HUBRIS ? overweening pride in their own production, even though it may be a miserable failure. Too many of them will not unite for the common good of the White Race even though they don't have the answer. They take the attitude ? "If I didn't think of it first, I don't want any part of it." This is, of course, a destructive and divisive attitude, and a luxury we can no longer afford. But to answer the question ? I believe we have already answered it in the proceeding paragraph, namely that Church of the Creator is far and above anything that has appeared in the White Man's history. It now has the total answer, the whole ball of wax.

Do we fall into this same category of being hubristic? I'm sure some will accuse us of such. So let us make our position clear. For twenty years I, too, wandered in the wasteland. Feeling that something had to be done I joined the Birch Society, I joined the Citizens Councils, I became a member of the Republican Party and ran for office. I organized a speakers group called Fact Finders Forum. I even started to attend (but did not join) a local Baptist church. I was quite willing to be an Indian and let someone else be the Chief. (I would love to do so even today). However, the more I learned about the comprehensive depth of the conspiracy, the more alarmed I became that there was not a single organization in the whole lot of all those 10,000 or more that was the answer to the Jewish conspiracy that engulfed us. Some were nothing but a cheap money making scheme. Some were so totally inadequate as to be laughable. Some had part of the answer, but were also part of the problem, such as those that preached Christianity and White racism at the same time. Some were against the Jews, but for Christianity. Some of them were against Christianity but for the Jews. Some of them, the majority in fact, I discovered were actually fronts running interference for the Jews (such as the Birch Society ).

It was in 1970 that I came to the agonizing re-appraisal that was a turning point in my life. It slowly began to dawn on me that one of the most powerful roadblocks to the salvation and resurrection of the White Race was Christianity itself. It was a momentous discovery and I believe as such, a turning point in history. I came to the conclusion that what the White Race really needed was a new religion ? a religion based on reality ? on the Laws of Nature, on the lessons of history, and on common sense. Since no such religion existed, I went to work on it. It was an awesome responsibility.

The rest you know about. We now have three fundamental books - NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION, The WHITE MAN'S BIBLE and SALUBRIOUS LIVING that lay down the foundations of our religious creed and program. In it, I repeat, we have achieved a fundamental job ? a job that had to be done ? to reconstruct our loyalties, our beliefs and our attitudes from top to bottom. In CREATIVITY we have the TOTAL PROGRAM, the FINAL SOLUTION, the ULTIMATE CREED.

So now we are ready to launch our second and most difficult phase ? to organize the total White Race. We must now unite and organize. To do so we have to make up our minds and we don't have forever to do it. We have to decide on that one creed and program that is capable of doing the job. We can no longer afford the luxury of dawdling off in 10,000 different directions. We are now under heavy siege and have very little time left to unite and organize. We have to polarize around one basic creed and program or else again suffer defeat from the Jewish program of divide and conquer.

As a footnote to underscore the urgency of what is facing us I might cite the Population Reference Bureau (1982) which tells us that whereas the human population has grown slowly throughout its long history, it will leap from two billion to ten billion in one century (1940-2040). What it does not tell us is that this increase is totally due to the explosion of the mud races, subsidized by the White Race, and that the White Race itself is rapidly shrinking into oblivion. We believe that Creativity is the answer, the total answer. It is head and shoulders above any creed and program the White Race has ever been offered before. We urge and implore you to join with us. In order to unite, we have to subordinate our unbridled ideas of freedom and individualism for the general good of the White Race. We have to utilize the leadership principle ? the only principle that has ever built a meaningful and competent organization. Instead of thinking in terms of rights and privileges we have to think in terms of responsibilities, in terms of duty. We have to think in terms of Racial Loyalty and contribution to our precious White Race, in short, Racial Teamwork. Only within this framework can we hope to survive at all, and then march forward towards building a better race, a finer society and a WHITER AND BRIGHTER WORLD.


It is important in the White Man's struggle to regain control of his own destiny that he own and gain control of as many businesses as possible. At present the Jew overwhelmingly dominates the business field, as he does so many other nerve centers of power. I believe the advantages of controlling your own business have not been clearly pointed out to the White Man before, since most of the propaganda that we read is written by Jews. They know the importance of owning businesses, and far be it from them to encourage the White Man to go into competition with them any more than they can help it. Using deception to the utmost in both education and in propaganda, they keep talking about jobs only.

One of the attributes of having your own business is the healthier mental attitude that you thereby achieve. Certainly having your own business generates more pride and confidence in yourself than being an employee under the direction of somebody else. There is the story of the little old man who had a newsstand in some big city and spent practically all his time at that store. When asked why he spent so much time there he replied, "It is all mine and I can do as I please. I get more pleasure out of running my own little store than I do anything else. That's why I spend so much time here." When you build your own business you are in a way a creator, you are doing a creative job of building and fashioning a living organization that is not only productive, but also profitable. As the business expands and gets larger, there is a definite satisfaction attached to it that you are a productive and creative segment of our society. As a pillar of the community, in owning a business you carry a great deal of prestige and respect, something that you have justifiably earned.

Certainly the income you can make from building and expanding your own business is, in most instances, far superior to what you could earn by putting in the same amount of time and effort working for somebody else. I have always said that certainly you are worth twice as much to yourself than to the company you may be working for. Statistics show that the self-employed businessman certainly makes a much better income that the average employee, and in thousands and hundreds of thousands of cases the sky is the limit. Without a doubt your chances of becoming a millionaire working for someone else are very slim, whereas most businessmen that did become millionaires did so through owning their own business.

We hear so much about the advantages of working for a big corporation and one of those most frequently cited is the retirement pension that you might get when you have faithfully and dutifully worked for the company for the last forty years, and when at sixty-five you are finally put out to pasture. Living as I did in south Florida on the Gold Coast and witnessing a large number of retirees, I would say that the prospects awaiting you when you are retired from a large company are not nearly as rosy as many have assumed over all these years. For one thing, a man, as he gets older, likes to taper off in his working activities, but he does not necessarily want to quit altogether. When you work for a big company and you are approaching sixty or sixty-five, you are presumably in a high salary bracket. Therefore the company does not want to, nor can it afford to, have you slow down and produce less than you used to. In fact, because of your higher salary, they expect you to produce more than you did before and assume more responsibilities than ever.

Then finally comes the day when you reach sixty-five and you retire. The cutoff is sudden and drastic. Frankly, many businessmen who have been with a large company over the most active forty years of their lives find the sudden change quite a shock. It is not the rosy enchantment they had expected. To many it is a hard adjustment to make. In many cases they feel lost and don't know what to do with their time. Too often, shortly thereafter, instead of enjoying what they thought would be their golden years, their health fails and they die. In many cases the biggest contribution towards the failure of their health was the psychological change.

It is different if you have your own business. Most men who went into business on their own when they were in their early twenties will have built a substantial business in forty years, often in less than ten years. By the time they reach sixty they are usually wealthy and independent. They have their chain of command and management pretty well established so that they can come and go as they please, they can work as little, or as much as they want to, and their business carries on. Invariably they prefer to stay in the management of it long past the age of sixty or sixty-five, in fact many of them stay in it in their seventies and eighties and enjoy every minute of it.

Another advantage that self-employment provides is family stability. When you work for a large company, they seem to have a nasty habit of moving you every few years to a different plant somewhere across the country, thus uprooting you from your established home, from your friends and from the many contacts that you have established. This includes a break from your clubs, from the schools your children go to, from your home and many other long established contacts you have made. In the case of the established business, not only does the family have an opportunity to sink down roots in their own area, an area usually of their choice, but these roots are many times perpetuated for two or three and more generations.

Such stability is further reinforced by peace of mind that you need have no fear of being laid off. You are in charge and you are in control of your fortunes and your destiny. You do not have to be afraid of your boss hiring one of his relatives to replace you. You have peace of mind that you need not be a victim of political maneuvering or, that you may lose your job because somebody else, who wanted it, buttered-up the boss in your absence. When you own your business you are the boss and your job is whatever you make it and it lasts as long as you want it to. You can work at your own pace and you can shape your job so that your talents can be utilized to the best of their ability.

When it comes to taking vacations you have several advantages.

1.You can choose the time according to when you want to go.

2.You can expand it to whatever length you want.

3.You can take as many as you want throughout the year, providing of course that you are still taking good care of your business.

4.You can plan your vacations in such a way that they can be written off as a business expense. For instance, you might want to go to Hawaii and set up a dealership there, or establish a business outlet, or negotiate a deal. In any case, the opportunity to mix business with the kind of vacation you want is almost unlimited. Not only can vacations be treated in this way, but in many cases you can also combine recreational activities with your business. For instance, you might want to join a yacht club or a country club and charge it off as a business expense. This you might be able to do because you might be utilizing such memberships as a valuable means of establishing business contacts.

Another gratifying advantage of having a business of your own is that you can very often train your own children to take over the management and thereby transfer to the next generation, namely your own children, the family business, while you yourself, nevertheless, still keep an active hand in the control of it. Thereby, it becomes a family enterprise that you can see growing and expanding, something that is perpetuated into future generations. This can be a most rewarding satisfaction indeed. By so doing, you establish closer family ties and a wider community identity. You have the assurance that upon your death your business will not be usurped by some grasping Jew, but will already be firmly in the hands of your children, who have, over the years, been trained in its management

By owning your own business you can make many contributions to your community. You can establish scholarships, you can sponsor a boy's "Little League" baseball team, you can pursue research in technology in certain lines that interest you, or you can pursue any other of a dozen different outlets.

Financially, you are flexible in so many different ways that you are not in a salaried job. Should we have a drastic inflationary rise, the value of your business, the real estate that it is on and buildings all increase accordingly. As your business progresses you are continually building up the equity of the business itself, something that is not necessarily subject to the confiscatory income tax that wages and salaries are plagued with.

In many other ways your position is much more flexible. You can sell your business if you want to, should that become desirable; you can borrow money on it; many times you can lease it and still keep it; or you can will it to your children, or anybody else, for that matter, if you should so desire.

Many successful businessmen have sold their business to some huge corporation, for millions. They have then been given the management of it at a handsome salary. However, I don't particularly recommend this, since the buying company is probably in the hands of Jews, and the White Race loses again.

Many people are, of course, afraid to start a business because they feel that there is too much risk involved. This is not good thinking. After all, everything is a risk. To live at all is a risk. When you take a job with some big company you certainly are involved in the risk of losing that job. If you start in business when you are still in your early twenties or even under twenty, and start with very little, you cannot be hurt too much in the trials and errors that accompany the early founding of a business. Even if you go broke you haven't lost too much because you probably didn't have too much to start with, and you're still young. Many of the most successful businesses have been established after the founder learned from the experience of going broke in one or more unsuccessful enterprises. But in most cases, once you have the business established, the chances are that you will not only be able to keep it, but expand it, and perhaps become tremendously wealthy.

A common fallacy which persists even to this day is that most businesses were very vulnerable and went broke during the depression. This just isn't so. The First thing the businesses did was to lay off many of their employees. In some cases small businesses let all their employees go but they stayed and ran the business. When I look back to the small country town back in Saskatchewan during the depression (I was a teenager), I remember that practically none of the small businesses in that town went broke. There were two grocery stores there and they both stayed in business. They didn't keep any outside employees but they had the whole family working the store and continued in business as usual. I remember that a machinery dealer that was in business before the depression kept right on going. He didn't need any employees but he kept his business and ran it himself. I furthermore remember a small gas and oil business that was in existence before the depression and it kept right on going and never faltered.

And so it was with most of the other small businesses that were there. They all stayed in there and kept on going, although some of them with somewhat reduced profits. Nevertheless, since everything else that they had to buy also cost less, they were in many ways no worse off than they were before. However, men that had jobs before the depression and lost them were much worse off and had a miserable time finding work to keep their families in groceries.

My dad, who was a wheat farmer at that time, managed to keep his family in groceries during the depression. We had little or no money, but we had plenty to eat. Living off our own beef, hogs, chickens, vegetables, etc., we ate well. Somehow, he managed to hang on to the farm throughout the depression, and before he died, turned the farm over to my oldest brother.

Despite the fact that he had only come to Canada a short three years before the depression struck, he managed to build up a thriving farm, in fact was running three farms by 1929. When the depression did come, he managed to hang on, having a home for his family, employment for his family, and plenty to eat for his family. Being a farmer, he, too, had a business of his own to rely on.

In conclusion, it is my experience that those people that have had a business of their own were not only better off during the depression than were the employees, but when the post-war expansion came along they were in an excellent position to take advantage of it, to expand and become a large and thriving business. Many of those who before the war were only in shoestring operations expanded into huge multimillion dollar corporations after the war.

In any case, it is my observation and conclusion that we need a lot more White gentiles going into business for themselves, to acquire control of the businesses, to acquire land and real estate and drive the Jew from this field in which he has had a monopoly for too long. If we, furthermore, practice racial loyalty amongst ourselves, if we help promote business preferences amongst our White racial brothers to the exclusion of all Jews, we would, without a doubt, soon drive these parasites from the field.

It should be our determined objective to do just that as one of the many phases of the White Man's drive to throw the Jew from off our back, and again gain control of our own business, our own destiny, and our own government.

The Salvation: Racial Socialism

The Salvation: Racial Socialism

In his frantic, unending endeavor to blunt and stifle the healthy, natural instincts of the White Man, the Jew has worked feverishly to confuse us on those prime issues that are vital for our survival. In this category I have already mentioned the havoc he has wrought relative to our ideas about racial loyalty and also our religious orientation.

One other basic idea that the White Man is hopelessly confused about is socialism or collectivism, and I use these words interchangeably. Since this idea has been so terribly abused and confused by the Jews, the Communists and the Kosher Konservatives to the point where they could mean anything, I am going to set forth the position and meaning that the Church of the Creator gives to the term socialism: to us socialism means Organized Society, period. It does not at all imply state ownership of the means of production, nor does it, in our definition, imply confiscation of private property. On the contrary.

Let us make it crystal clear: we, of the Church of the Creator are opposed to state ownership of the basic means of production, such as farms, factories, stores, etc. We are for the ownership of private property by individuals. We believe that there is a category of functions that are best performed by organized society as a whole. In this category we place highways, airports, harbors, national defense, law enforcement and many others.

We are in fact not particularly interested in all the dogmatic political terms with which the White Race has been tearing itself apart in arguing the theoretical aspects of each. We are not interested in making a holy cow out of "private enterprise" or "capitalism." Nor are we dogmatically concerned about defending to our dying breath, the much-ballyhooed idea of a "republican" form of government that the Kosher Konservatives are so enchanted about.

All these terms are, at best, theoretical. What we are really concerned about is: what is the most practical and viable type of organized society for the White Man to live in? We come back to that foundation of our religious creed: What is best for the White Race?

In examining the hackneyed political ideas held so dear by the Kosher Konservatives, we find they do not hold up under this basic guide: What is best for the White Race? The idea of a "republic" has broken down before our very eyes in the last two centuries. It was already discarded by the Romans before the first century A.D. It has been an excellent vehicle which the Jews have used to fleece, rob and destroy the White Race. The Kosher Konservatives will argue that it has been converted to "democracy" and it is democracy that is our overwhelming problem. This is, at most, a half-truth. The difference between "democracy" and "republic" is only a matter of semantics. In practical application they both lead to mob rule, to a type of government where the scum elements govern the better elements of the people, with the parasites multiplying and destroying the productive elements.

The essence of democracy (or republicanism) is the two (or more) party system, parties which are always in opposition to each other. This is the Jewish tool of divide and conquer. In practice this means that no matter how clear and urgent the problems, the approach is: division and opposition. Then, after prolonged hassle, no matter what compromised decision is "voted" on, there is an opposing group, hampering, blocking and scuttling the course of action.

The average participant in a democracy has no more understanding of the thousands of complex problems of the affairs of state that the average passenger has in the intricacies of flying the huge jumbo jet which is being piloted by a trained professional. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the problems he is voting on his vote is less than useless, it is dangerous.

We of the Church of the Creator believe, not in democracy, but in Racial Socialism, which is teamwork elevated to its highest perfection for the welfare of the whole race, led by its ablest leaders. It combines the best elements of both teamwork and competition. If "team spirit" and rooting for the "home team" are such noble attributes (and they are) then, certainly, having a whole race united in a team effort for their common good is the highest goal we can strive for.

That is what we mean by Racial Socialism as the ultimate in organized society for the White Race.

Let us now also take a look at the term "individual enterprise." It, too, is a theoretical myth and a deceptive fraud. Anyone who has ever played the parlor game "Monopoly" knows what the end result of wide open free enterprise is: before the game is over, one party gains a powerful stranglehold over all the rest, and from then on out, no matter which way the dice roll, when the game is over, he owns everything ? houses, land, factories, banks.

This, too, happens in real life. It is easily discernable that, say Standard Oil, left free to play the rules of the game proudly known as "free enterprise" could from the beginning, have driven every other company out of the oil business and acquired the oil business in totality. It could easily have acquired a total monopoly in worldwide oil. It could have owned every service station and gas station in the world through squeeze play and financial strength. It could have then moved into the banking business until it acquired every bank in the country. Left unchecked, it then could have started acquiring manufacturing businesses such as the electrical industries, etc. As its financial powers snowballed, it could then easily have taken over the railroads, real estate, etc., until, in fact, one company owned everything and held every individual at their mercy.

This is "free enterprise" in clear essence, the same "free enterprise" that the Kosher Konservatives just love to prattle about.

Basically this is what has happened on a worldwide basis. Only instead of Standard Oil, it is the Jewish House of Rothschild and the worldwide Jewish banking conspiracy that has a stranglehold on the world. They not only own practically all the physical and financial wealth of the world, but they also own all the governments of the world.

Throughout this book we have referred to this clique as the Jewish conspiracy. Actually it encompasses the whole Jewish race, practicing their religious creed, the Talmud.

It is therefore our conclusion from the lessons of history that neither a "republican" form of government, nor "free enterprise" nor our much-vaunted Constitution is going to save the White Race from mongrelization and destruction.

In order to survive and expand, the White Race must (a) unite, (b) organize, (c) practice racial loyalty, (d) have a religious creed encompassing these same aspects.

Since I have already defined socialism as organized society, it is obvious that to be organized at all the White Man must have a socialist government, which every government has been from time immemorial, in any case. What the White Man must further have is Racial Socialism, that is a government organized with the prime goal of promoting the best interests of the White Race and the White Race alone. It must be based on a racial foundation.

In essence, we, of the Church of the Creator, believe in a harmonized blending of our Church and our State. We believe our White Society is best served by that combination whereby a race's government and religion blend together in perfect harmony to promote the best interests of our White Race. We believe that "separation of church and state," that much vaunted holy cow in our constitution, is a deceptive fraud and a hoax. One might well ask ? how can the same people that go to church and preach "resist not evil," and "turn the other cheek" support a government with huge tax contributions for national defense, and for an ever increasing police forces? It just doesn't make sense. Either you believe in defending yourself, or you don't. How can the same people that spend over a hundred billion dollars a year to presumably have the government defend them from their enemies then go to church and preach "love your enemies?" It is utterly ridiculous. It requires a split personality, a schizophrenic personality to ride on both sides of the fence.

Nor is there any great virtue in having the White people split up and fragmented into a thousand divergent religious camps, each in disagreement with each other, often culminating in religious wars and fratricide, as in Ireland today, and hundreds of religious wars in previous centuries.

We, of the Church of the Creator, are pursuing the goal of uniting the White Race on the obvious ground that is basic to all, namely ? what is best for the White Race ? as our cardinal dogma.

We are further bent on harmonizing the goals, objectives and the philosophy of our government with that of our religious thinking. To have these two major forces of our society pulling in opposite directions is sheer idiocy.

We believe in an organized social structure; we believe in a religion that has as its basic foundation the best interests of the White Race; we believe in the total White Race being united in such a religion, rather than fragmented into a thousand conflicting and suicidal Christian creeds; we believe that the government should harmonize with our religious creed and also be based on the same racial foundation. We furthermore believe that such government and such organized society functions best if it is further based on the Leadership Principle.

We call this Racial Socialism.

In order to understand the term socialism we must first of all brush away all the deceptive ideas about this word that have been flooded upon us by the Jews, the Communists and the Kosher Konservatives.

Socialism is not an evil concept as the Kosher Konservatives would have us believe. In essence it means organized society, striving to promote its own best interests collectively. Not only is there nothing wrong with this, but it is the only way civilized man has been able to survive and advance.

Outside of an organized socialist framework, we would not be able to own or protect our property, have highways, form a government, have schools, churches, defense organizations and a hundred other basic requirements. We are all dependent on each other's contributions towards the social structure. We are dependent on thousands of different industries for our existence ? railroads, power companies, manufacturing plants, farming, etc. We need the accumulative help of millions of other people to live in today's highly specialized society. This is what has produced our great civilization, and let me emphasize that we, of the Church of the Creator are not anti-civilization. We are for civilization, the White Man's civilization.

The fact of the matter is that man is a social creature and like many other species in Nature, he owes his very existence, and in fact his tremendous progress, to the fact that he has been able to organize collectively, that he has been able to so effectively organize a workable society. Socialism is organized society. He has been doing this for so long that it has become deeply ingrained in his instinct by now and he does it intuitively. If it were not for this characteristic of man, he would still be back in the caveman stage of a million years ago where each individual would hump and scrounge for food on his own and live like the present aborigines of central Australia. Even these lowly people have some semblance of social organization.

It was as man began to form and organize a social structure, and organize, divide and specialize in the work and labor that had to be done, that he began his long climb upwards into the higher civilized levels. It was when one man became a shoemaker, another man a tailor, another a farmer, another a schoolteacher, etc., that man began to pull himself up by the bootstraps and become part of the tremendously productive "socialized" society that he is today. Without this division of labor and specialization he would be back at the level of the aborigines we mentioned earlier.

Not only that, but man has a definite spiritual need to belong to his tribe or his group or to identify with his own kind of people, which for the White Man is his own White Race. When the na?e conservatives tell you that Collectivism or Socialism is a terrible evil, and that Russia is in the grip of Socialism, they are lying through their teeth. Russia is not at all a Collectivist nation as such. Russia is a vast super slave state under the heel of a tyrannical Jewish dictatorship, the most cruel and hideous that the world has ever seen. A collectivist society is a natural society whereby the natural leaders of the people are just that ? natural leaders, leading their people in an organized fashion for their own constructive improvement, not alien slave-masters who have subjugated another race in order to disintegrate and destroy them.

A true and outstanding example of natural leadership and a natural order was the wonderful society in Nazi Germany during the 30's under their natural leader, namely Adolf Hitler. There we had an example of a true German leading his own people, the Germans, and being admired and obeyed by millions of devoted followers. This was one of the finest examples of a people operating under the natural order that Nature has instinctively imbedded in their innermost being, and thereby achieving their full potential in productivity, creativity and racial unity. It is this natural order that brings out the best in a race, and promotes its well-being and eternal urge to advance towards a higher level of existence. It was a fine and wonderful renaissance of the White Race at its best. It is one of the great tragedies of history that the Jew in control of the overwhelming majority of the rest of the White world was able to smash this outburst of its own realization by the White Race.

In Hitler's Nazi Germany, the individual German owned more private property than he ever did under the democracy of the Weimar Republic. He had more hope, more individual freedom, more opportunities, a higher standard of living. He lived a much happier and a much more constructive life than he did under the Jewish "democracy" of the 1920's, or any other period.

We have already noted earlier in this book particularly in the first chapter, that many species in Nature are social creatures, that is, they live in an organized society. We have observed especially how the bees have a tightly knit and highly organized social structure within which they live. Every bee knows exactly what his function is, they do their job instinctively and their every act helps the colony as a whole. By building the colony and living within it, the bee is able to survive and perpetuate his species. The same honeybee that lives in this type of social structure is by Nature committed to that kind of existence. He cannot do otherwise. If he tried to live as an individual he would die and his species would perish with him.

At this stage of the White Man's evolution, he is in the same position as the organized social-living honeybee. The White Man's natural mode of living is as a member of the tribe, as a member of his larger social group. Were he to live outside of it and live as an individual, again, his society would break down and undoubtedly his race would perish. I repeat, the White Race, having reached the height of excellence that it has, is a highly complex socialized creature whose very inner soul is intertwined in his social structure, in community with the other members of his race. Like the honeybee, Nature has programmed into his very instinct a certain type of society that he fits into and that he must naturally have in order to survive.

Basically this developed from the earlier tribes and grew from there towards higher levels of society which perhaps reached its highest point and culmination in Hitler's National Socialist Germany. It is our purpose to advance further from this high point in the White Man's development.

This natural order has certain inherent characteristics. The first characteristic is racial loyalty ? loyalty towards your own people. Nature has endowed each of us with this characteristic instinctively ? the urge to keep our race pure. This means that we have a love for our own kind and we have a fierce hostility towards those that would intrude amongst us and endanger our race. Instinctively built into such a social structure, is a high respect for womanhood and the protection of its women. The natural instinct for keeping the race pure incites a fighting hatred in the male to prevent his women from being polluted by males of another race. Not too long ago, if a black nigger raped a White woman, justice was swift and final. He was usually hanged from the nearest tree.

* * * * *

We, of the Church of the Creator, firmly believe in the concept of private property and believe that the finest example of a Socialistic White society up to this time was demonstrated by Hitler's National Socialist Germany (which protected private property). Nevertheless, we can demonstrate that even in a society where all property is communally owned, if free from Jewish pollution, it not only can survive very nicely, but can do very well in terms of taking care of its own people and expanding the White Race. We have an example of such in our very own continent as is dramatically demonstrated by a people called the Hutterites.

The Hutterites live in "colonies" of about 70 to 130 souls. There is no private property. All their property is communally owned.

These people have a rather interesting and colorful history. Originating in Moravia in 1528, its members took their name from Jacob Hutter, an early leader, who was burned at the stake by the kind and loving Christian church in 1536. By the end of the 16th century the Hutterites numbered about 20,000 souls. They had certain weaknesses which they still have to this day and it was their weakness of pacifism and disinterest in politics that soon threatened their existence. As pacifists and non-combatants, the Hutterites were victimized by the armies of both sides in the war between Austria and Turkey in 1593. They were plundered, taken captive and many were executed. By 1622 all Hutterites had been driven from Moravia. After several other wanderings they received an invitation from the government of Russia in 1770. This was accepted by 123 members, who then moved to that undeveloped area to pioneer the farmlands of the Ukraine. This group prospered beautifully for 100 years, until in 1874 they were deprived of military exemption. Once again they felt forced to pack up and leave. This time the entire population, about 800 souls, decided to try again. This time they left for America.

They moved to South Dakota. There, due to the difficulties in obtaining the large tracts of land that they needed, and the easy availability of homesteading for individuals, about half of them abandoned colony life and took up homesteads. The remaining faithful founded three colonies between 1874 and 1877. These three colonies carved civilization from out of the frontier lands, spawned the some 200 colonies that exist today in some of the Western states and western provinces of Canada.

Today these 200 colonies constitute approximately 20,000 members of the Hutterite people. It is most remarkable to note that the original three colonies, numbering only 400 souls, has now expanded and multiplied to over 20,000 members. This despite the fact that the Hutterites practically never recruit new members from the outside. This 20,000 figure is completely due to natural reproduction of their own kind. This means that this fine group of White people have multiplied 50 times their own number within one century.

In studying the life of the Hutterites we find that they live in communal colonies. Each colony grows to a number of about 130 before they divide and form a new colony, a process not dissimilar to the swarming beehive colonies.

Since they do not believe in private property as such, all property is owned by the colony itself. They solely engage in agriculture. This usually comprises a large tract of land which might be either farming or ranching property. They have communal buildings and they all eat together in one large dining room. They are quite religious and each colony has their own preacher.

Each colony also has their own natural leader who supervises and directs the labor and the business of the group as a whole. Each man is assigned his special job and he performs it quite well. Regardless of what kind of job he has, his job is regarded with equal respect and of equal importance to any other. Nobody is paid any wages, but everyone is properly taken care of in all respects.

Anyone is free to leave and divest himself from the colony at any time, but hardly anyone ever does. The members seem happy, healthy and prosperous. Undoubtedly they are as happy, and probably better adjusted to their group and fellow members, and have a better sense of belonging, than does the average American.

Although I would personally not like to live in such a colony, probably because I wasn't brought up that way, and also because I believe in private property, nevertheless, here we have overwhelming evidence that not only can a society that practices communal property ownership survive, but it can flourish and prosper, provided it is not contaminated by Jewish control or interference. This should refute the claim of Kosher Konservatives, once and for all, that it is "socialism" that is the culprit.

The other most interesting aspect of the Hutterite way of living is the observation that in less than a century they have multiplied to 50 times their original numbers. This is most remarkable indeed and it is due, of course, to the fact that they are prolific and raise large families. It is also most noteworthy that despite the fact that they often raise families of twelve, they are quite capable of feeding, clothing and maintaining this prolific rate of expansion from one generation to the next without having lowered their living standards or the quality of their fine race.

The Hutterites do remarkably well that which Nature has ordained us all to do?to raise a beautiful family of children. They have been most successful in expanding the White Race and populating the land with their own kind. I might add that "their own kind" exemplifies some of the best characteristics of the White Race, intellectually, morally, physically and aesthetically. They prove that the White Race, too, can be as fruitful and prolific as any other.

* * * * *

Our conclusions on Racial Socialism are summed up with the following observations:

1. The White Race thrives best in an organized society which is socialism.

2. The White Race cannot survive otherwise.

3. The White Man has an inborn natural order that he fits into.

4. The key to such a society is the Leadership Principle.

5. Private property rights are not in conflict with Racial Socialism but an integral part of it.

6. Only through an organized society can an individual adequately protect his property.

7. The White Man thrives ideally under a socialist government, provided he maintains control of his own destiny and protects himself from the destructive intrusion of the Jew.

8. The ideal situation is that combination whereby the religion and the government of a race blend together in perfect harmony to promote the best interests of the race.

9. Keeping the Jew out and keeping the race pure can best be accomplished by having a social structure whose foundation is race.

The White Race - Nature's Greatest Miracle

The Unavenged Outrage: The White Race - Nature's Greatest Miracle

If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Race. Nature looked fondly upon the White Race and lavished special loving care in its growth. Of all the millions of creatures who have inhabited the face of this planet over the eons of time, none has ever quite equaled that of the White Race. Nature endowed her Elite with a greater abundance of intelligence and creativity, of energy and productivity than she endowed unto any other creature, now or in the millenniums past.

It has been the White Race who has been the world builder, the makers of cities and commerce and continents. It is the White Man who is the sole builder of civilizations. It was he who built the Egyptian civilization, the great unsurpassed Roman civilization, the Greek civilization of beauty and culture, and who, after having been dealt a serious blow by a new Semitic religion, wallowed through the Dark Ages, finally extricated himself, and then built the great European civilization.

These European White Men, then, with civilization in their blood and in their destiny, crossed the Atlantic and set up a new civilization on a bleak and rock bound coast. It was the White Men who drove north to Alaska and west to California; the men who opened up the tropics and subdued the Arctics; the men who mastered the African Veldts; the men who peopled Australia and seized the gates of the world at Suez, Gibraltar and Panama.

It was the White Race who produced men like Columbus who crossed the unknown Atlantic; men like Magellan who first circumnavigated the globe; men like Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Bernini, Rubens, Raphael and thousands of other geniuses who created beautiful and exquisite productions in the fields of sculpture and painting; geniuses like Beethoven, Bach, Wagner and Verdi who created beautiful music; men like James Watt who invented the steam engine; men like Daimler who invented and built the reciprocating internal combustion engine; production geniuses like Henry Ford, inventors like Thomas Edison; such a prodigal genius as Nikola Tesla in the field of physics and electricity; literary geniuses like Shakespeare, Goethe and thousands of others, untold geniuses in the fields of mathematics, in the fields of chemistry and physics.

It was the White Man who spanned the continents of the world with railroads and super highways and electrical power lines. It was the White Man who created the miraculous world of electronics, ushering in the telephone, the radio and television. It was the White Race, who in a combined burst of energy and genius sent rockets to the moon and planted the feet of the White Man on extra-terrestrial territory in the last decade.

The brilliant accomplishments of the White Race are endless and rapidly expanding even as this is being written. All one has to do is leaf through the pages of an encyclopedia to appreciate the magnificent legacy of achievements wrought by the White Race through the centuries.

What other race can even come close to this remarkable record of creativity, achievement and productivity? The answer is none. None whatsoever. None can even come close. In contrast, the black man of Africa never so much as even invented the wheel.

Yes, it is the White Man, with his inborn and inbred genius, that has given form to every government and a livelihood to every other people, and above all, great ideals to every century. Yes, we are the ones, racial comrades, who were especially endowed by Nature and chosen to be the ruling Elite of the world. Indeed, we were chosen by Nature to be masters of the world by building it ever better and better. We were destined to be fruitful and to multiply and to inhabit the entire hospitable face of this planet. This is our Manifest Destiny as ordained by Nature herself.

We, the White Race, have such a glorious heritage and such an illustrious history that every member of the White Race should be bursting with pride to be part of it. Each and every one of us must dedicate ourselves to the great mission that Nature has set for us, but have not yet fulfilled, namely: to rule and to populate all the good earth of this planet.

It is not my objective here to retrace the history of the White Race in these few pages, nor is it my purpose to make a scientific study of the races of mankind. I want to show and remind my White Racial Comrades of something that at this time in history they are sadly unaware of: the greatness of our history in the past; the noble mission that Nature has set for us in the future. Also I want to set forth in stark profile the danger that we are now in and the enemies that are determined to engulf and destroy us.

When we reflect on the source of all our knowledge, we find that the only real truths are in Nature and in Nature's laws. All that we know is rooted in the natural laws that surround us. It is the White Man's uncanny ability to observe, to reason and to organize his knowledge of that small part of Nature's secrets from which he has lifted the veil.

One of the first major observations man has made is that Nature is governed by law. The laws of Nature are unchanging, unbending and unyielding. They are eternal. One of the inexorable laws of Nature is the survival of the fittest. We have seen from the previous chapter that Nature is continually striving to upgrade each of the species by dividing them into sub-species and having each one of the sub-species compete against each other. Those who cannot compete fall by the wayside and forever fade into oblivion. Those that are superior prosper and multiply. Nowhere in Nature do we see the superior fleeing before the inferior, nor do we observe where a superior charitably tries to help sustain or uplift an inferior species.

Nature evidently wishes the inner segregation of the species. For instance, if we look at the bird kingdom we find that hummingbirds have been segregated into some 320 different species, sparrows have been segregated into some 263 species, wrens into over 60 species, and so on. In the animal kingdom we find the same phenomenon being revealed before our eyes. Whether we look at the species of mice or rabbits or cats in their natural habitat, we find that they have been segregated into dozens of different species, each following its own pattern for its survival, propagation and multiplication in competition with its own sub-species and the other creatures of the earth. Each has its peculiar means of protection, of mating, of propagation. Each has its natural enemies.

Man, too, is a creation of, and a creature of Nature. He, too, has been endowed by Nature with a special program for survival and propagation. He, too, has his natural enemies and it is a cold hard fact of Nature that the White Man's most deadly enemies are other species of mankind, namely the Jews and the other colored races.

We further observe about Nature that she abhors mongrelization and bastardization. Nowhere in Nature's natural kingdom do we find a fraternization or mongrelization of the different species, nor do we find them inter-breeding and mixing their genes. Not only do we find that the different species of birds, for instance, do not inter-breed, but we find that the sub-species do not inter-breed, although they may live in the same forest or in the same environment.

For instance, we do not find crows, who are birds, mating with white egrets who are also birds. We do not even find that any of the 60 species of wren mix or inter-breed with each other. Nor do we find any inter-breeding among the different sub-species of the jay. For instance, a blue jay will not mate with a grey jay or a Mexican jay, or a Stellar's jay, or a scrap jay, or a green jay.

If this were not one of the prime objectives and laws of Nature we would soon find that not only would all the sub-species be mongrelized into one species, but all the birds would be mongrelized into one type of bird only and all the fish with all their thousands and thousands of species would be mongrelized into one type of fish. There would soon be no such a thing as a beautiful blue jay or a beautiful cardinal or a wonderful little hummingbird or a delightful meadow lark. No, the black bear and the grizzly bear may live in the same forest, but they do not commune with each other, nor do they socialize with each other, nor do they mongrelize or mate with each other. This is one of the inexorable laws of Nature. Nature frowns upon bastards, and usually punishes them by extinction.

The species of mankind, too, have been endowed with a natural instinct to segregate, mate and socialize only within its own narrow sub-species. Each has a natural instinct to preserve its own kind by protecting it, fighting for it, and defending it against all other races which it deems hostile to its own. Despite all the Jewish propaganda we have been inoculated with, this instinct is still there. All this false, unnatural propaganda may heap such derogatory terms as racist, bigot, etc., upon its victims, but the fact still remains that the White Race prefers to live, socialize with, and marry within its own kind, the Chinese among their own kind, the blacks among theirs, and so on. The fact that the color line is being broken down, mongrelization is taking place and has taken place, is an abomination against Nature. It is unnatural and Nature does not wait long to heap retribution upon those who violate her laws.

Unfortunately, the White Race, which has the most to lose, has in its past history been most criminally careless in safeguarding that most precious gift endowed by Nature in its genes. Where it has been so marvelously illustrious in learning the laws of physics, botany, zoology and technology, it has for some strange reason been most criminally blind and careless in applying those laws of genetics in its own propagation for its own preservation. Whereas the White Man nurtures proudly the thoroughbred breeding of horses, dogs and cats, he is strangely blind about his own breeding. He still does not seem to have fully grasped that Nature always extinguishes those forms of life which fail to abide by her laws.

In the twentieth century, the race issue is becoming overwhelmingly clear and ominous. It will soon become impossible to confuse it with semantics, or economic theories, or Marxist jargon, or humanitarian garbage, or "religious" double talk. The issue will soon be so sharp that the final choice will be overwhelmingly obvious. However, as this is being written, most of the white people of America, and elsewhere, are still most tragically confused and sadly deluded. They seem to be stricken with a strange blindness about the race issue, a blindness that is almost criminally insane. It is the purpose of the following pages to briefly look into the White Man's history and throw a glaring spotlight upon the crimes and errors he has committed in not safe-guarding the purity of his blood.

Whereas at any time in history it is dangerous to make an accurate prediction of the future, it is especially so regarding anything that pertains to the White Race. Contradicting all the obnoxious and erroneous ideas about race that have been implanted into the minds of the mob, and despite all the delusions now prevalent, I will nevertheless make the following prediction: the White Race will either rally and unite in the very near future and possess for its very own the strategic idea of winning the world for its own peoples, or it will be miserably and savagely destroyed by the colored peoples of the world. We must now either make this planet forever secure for our race, or miserably perish. We must either populate all the continents with our own, or be over-run by the inferior coloreds.

One of the truisms of contemporary history is the fact that those Whites who know least about the niggers and have the least amount of contact with them, always seem to bear against those Whites who are thrown in contact with the niggers, an unreasonable hatred. Such insanity against their own White brothers is unnatural, contrary to their inner-most natural instincts, and artificially planted by the diabolically cunning propaganda of the perfidious Jew. Without a doubt the most difficult obstacle in the White Man's struggle to save himself from destruction and mongrelization by the colored races is the strange and perverted attitude of the White Man towards himself. The main problem now is not overcoming the Jews or the blacks, but strictly a matter of straightening out the White Man's thinking.

* * * * *

Throughout this book I am going to use the non-scientific term, the "White Race" and for good reasons. I am well aware of the fact that various anthropologists have divided, sub-divided, classified and reclassified the White Race into many branches, and sub-branches. I am well aware of some arbitrary major sub-divisions as Aryan or Nordic, Mediterranean and Alpine. These are then reclassified into a multitude of further branches and mixtures.

Purposely I am avoiding this whole hassle like the plague. To here argue anthropological divisions and sub-divisions is to fall into a vicious Jewish trap. To even use the word Nordic or Aryan in this book is highly divisive. This book was not designed to start the White people arguing among themselves but to unite the whole White Race in the battle against the Jews in particular, and all the colored races in general.

Therefore, the term, White Race, is broad enough to encompass all good members of our race without nit-picking as to which branches are best, or who belongs where. I am well aware that the White Race has some mongrelized fringes. It has many mixtures in its own inner groups, such as Nordic mixed with Alpine, Alpine with Mediterranean, etc. However, it serves no purpose whatsoever to differentiate and create caste systems within the White Race itself. On the contrary, it would be highly destructive and divisive.

Even to use the term Aryan would be harmful to our creed, since this term, too, is widely misunderstood by most members of the White Race itself. To most Americans this term would relate (although incorrectly) to Germans only and something that belonged to Hitler's movement. Although Hitler was undoubtedly a great White leader, this term, nevertheless, would be an obstacle, rather than an aid, in uniting the White Race and promoting our new religion.

Our first objective in this battle is, and must be, to unite the White Man, and straighten out his thinking. United and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as the rest of the world combined.

Once we have done this, the Jew and the nigger problem is as good as solved. Once we are again in control of our own destiny, then we can proceed with more meaningful programs in advancing and upgrading our own race. This can easily be done without coercive methods. We can accomplish this by promoting and encouraging the reproduction of the better elements amongst the White Race and discouraging the lesser elements. As explained in more detail in Commandment No. 12, this can easily be done through education, financial encouragement, religious creed and several other methods, without the necessity of using coercion.

In any case, to unite the White Race and win the coming battle against the Jews and the colored, we must rally the White Race. We must unite and we must organize. For this reason the term "White Race" will be used throughout this book and in our religion. On this broad base we can unite all the good members of our race, rather than divide and fragment them with divisive and confusing technical terms.

Having laid these ground rules, we are going to take a brief look at the history of our race and see what we can learn from it. We hope to do this so that we may prevent in the future those disastrous mistakes we have made in the past.

* * * * *

In reviewing the long history of the White Race and white civilizations in contact with the colored races, especially the negroid races, we see over and over again these lessons being hammered home to us: First, that the racial destruction of the White Race is inescapable in time whenever there is substantial presence of a colored race amongst it, and secondly, that civilization itself never survives the destruction of the White Race, even where its civilization has been implanted for thousands of years.

This, in essence, puts in a nutshell the greatest problem that the White Race has ever faced, and faces today.

Today, more than ever before, with ever increasing rapidity the choice is being presented to us in cold and stark outline, namely, the continuation of our present human level and also the possibility of further evolution to even higher planes, or, on the other hand, devolution, retrogression, mongrelization, and finally, utter decay.

The fact is that for the White Man it is not even going to be a slow or gradual retrogression, but one that will flare into a horrible massacre that will make the slaughter of the 20 million White Russians by the Jews pale into insignificance.

One thing is certain, the White Race will either unite and fight for its survival soon, or it will be exterminated. This is a certainty from which the White Man cannot flee — the Jew has done too thorough a job of inflaming the colored races of the world with hatred for the White Race, just waiting for the time and opportunity to make the big kill.

Madison Grant, in his classic, The Passing of the Great Race, put it this way in regards to the race situation in America, "If the purity of the two races is to be maintained, they cannot continue to live side by side, and this is a problem from which there can be no escape." Alexis de Tocqueville phrased it this way: "There are two alternatives for the future of the negroes and the Whites. They must either wholly part or wholly mingle." The Jews have misquoted Thomas Jefferson most criminally in his famous passage by quoting only half of it and leaving off the rest of it, even on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. Here is what Jefferson said: "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free: nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." The last part the Jewish press suppresses.

The history of the world is a never ending history of racial movement and migration. Great people wanderings are the warp and woof of history. The fact is historic and prehistoric. However, we are not particularly interested at this point about the wanderings of the Turks, or the Magyars, or how the Indians crossed The Bering Strait and came to inhabit America. We are here primarily interested in the history of the White Race, the civilizations it has created throughout the world, and how the White Man failed miserably in preserving the purity of his blood; how he was submerged and diluted amongst the inferior races which he had conquered and partially civilized; how he lost his identity, lost his culture and, indeed, lost the hard won civilization which he had created.

The White Race conquered and civilized India, Persia and Greece. This is well known. Not so well known is the fact that he also invaded the islands of Japan and created a civilization there and also entered into, conquered, and created a great civilization in China approximately 4000 years ago.

* * * * *

Let us now look at the first great White civilization in that cradle of civilization in the Delta of the Nile. Here, due to unusual climatic conditions and the sands of the Nile, have been preserved so many artifacts, monuments and creative archaeological treasures that the history of Egypt can be read like an open book, stretching back as far as 6000 years of their exciting history. Furthermore, Egypt offers a classical lesson in history for us to study the contacts between a culture-creating, energetic White Race, and the negroid masses immediately to the south of it with whom the Egyptians were continually intermingling.

From the time of the consolidation of the kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt by Menes (3400 B.C.) to the final decay and overthrow of the kingdom of the Pharaohs, is a period of approximately 3000 years, and this period is divided into possibly 30 dynasties. Between the ascent of Menes to the throne of Egypt as the first Pharaoh at approximately 3400 B.C. and the ascent of Teharka, a mulatto to that same throne in 688 B.C., we see the span of Egyptian history unravelled from the first great heights it achieved, to its mongrelization and slow decay and final stagnation from which it never recovered. We can regard the ascent of Teharka as the death and the end of Egyptian civilization.

However, this White civilization did last for almost 3000 years, and that is a long time. We can learn from this span a great deal about the genius of the White Man and the results of blood poisoning that occur when he is in contact with the negroid race. The one thing we see in the survey of this ancient civilization is that its great achievements were in the earlier centuries, that is, when the White Race was still pure. There was a prolonged period of decline. The inhabitants lost initiative and ingenuity. When the Assyrians came, the Egyptians could offer but feeble resistance. We can best understand this situation if we grasp the fact that Egyptian civilization was not overthrown. It was mongrelized and it decayed like a rotten apple. The trouble was internal. It was in the poisoning of its blood by intermingling with the blacks.

Already in the forty-third century B.C. the men of the Delta, who were White, had discovered the year of 365 days and they introduced a calendar of this length. It was the civilization of the Delta, therefore, that furnished us with the earliest fixed dates in the history of the world. It was the northern kingdom of the Delta region, farthest removed from the Nubians to the south, and in close contact with the other White peoples of north Africa and Asia Minor, that was the most advanced. At the time of the consolidation of the upper and lower kingdoms under Menes in 3400 B.C. the kingdoms of the north and the south were expanded. Of this time Breasted in his History of Egypt says, that Menes, the first Pharaoh "carried his arms southward against northern Nubia, which then extended below the first cataract as far northward as the Nome of Edfu and built a dam above the city of Memphis to divert the waters of the Nile to gain more room for that city. The swamp lands of the Delta were being reclaimed as before the consolidation of the two kingdoms, and the rich lands obtained drew to the Delta a rapidly increasing population."

So we see that the first Pharaoh reigned over a people already able to divert the waters of the Nile, reclaim the swamp land of the Delta, and important for our consideration, to wage warfare against the negroid peoples of Nubia. In addition to these attainments the people under the first Pharaoh are known to have used not only the hieroglyphic, but a cursive hand as well, and thus have to its credit the invention and use of alphabetic signs at least 2500 years earlier than any other people.

The second dynasty erected stone temples. Namar, an early king, took 120,000 Libyans captive and of their herds "1,420,000 small and 4000 large cattle." There is evidence that the kings of this time maintained foreign relations with far remote peoples, and that they were in commercial relations with the peoples of the northern Mediterranean in the fourth millennium B.C.

The third to the sixth dynasties inclusive have formed the period known as the Old Kingdom and encompassed the time span from 2928 to 2475 B.C. In religion, government, society, industry, and art, the Old Kingdom is revealed as a well constituted state, exhibiting rapidly developing culture, physical and spiritual, superior to the culture of the dynasties to follow.

The Egyptians were a religious people, who at this remote date devoutly believed in the resurrection of the body after death and in the immortality of the soul. Osiris was their God of the dead, "King of the Glorified." Of a just man they said, "As Osiris lives, so shall he live; as Osiris died not, so shall he also not die; as Osiris perished not, so shall he also not perish." They believed that a praying man would roll the departed to the land of the glorified, but that this praying man would receive only those of whom it was said, "There is no evil which he has done."

This is the earliest record of an ethical test at the close of life making the life after dependent upon the moral quality of the life lived in this world. The animal worship which is usually associated with ancient Egypt, as a cult, is a later product brought forward in the decline of that nation as it became more intermingled and mongrelized with the blacks, bringing about a decline of its religion at the tragic closing of its history.

Not only were the ancient Egyptians highly advanced in their spiritual conception, but they had also achieved a surprisingly high level in their social and material culture as well. Within the home, the wife was in every respect the equal of the husband, and was treated as such. Affection among the immediate brothers and sisters and obedience to their parents was religiously taught to all youths. A favorite inscription upon a tomb was "I was one beloved of his Father, praised of his Mother, whom his brothers and sisters loved."

Probably the most outstanding achievement of the early Egyptians was their use of metal tools, which date back to such early times that some authorities claim that the Egyptians initiated the age of metals.

We can hardly overestimate the importance of this step in the history of man. Prior to the invention of metal implements, the tools used in the industries and arts were those made from stone, reeds and bones. This placed a tremendous limitation upon the advancement of any people or nation so handicapped. With the use of metals, however, industry could take a rapid course in war as well as in the arts of peace. We owe, therefore, to Egypt a great debt for the contributions to the progress of mankind, and not the least of these was their invention of the use of metal tools.

With their creative genius awakened and conscious of their constructive talent, the Egyptians sought yet greater triumphs. As the dynasties followed each other, and the Pharaohs reigned and died, these hardy individuals wished to build for themselves imperishable monuments to their power. This desire to live in the eyes of posterity gradually found expression in the pyramid tomb. Each succeeding Pharaoh, viewing the tombs of his predecessors, would wish for a yet greater expression of his power and his glory in the building of an ever larger pyramid. And so the age of mighty pyramids was ushered in. These are undoubtedly the most conspicuous evidence of Egyptian greatness; and in the ability of the engineers in planning and overseeing, and the organized power of the Pharaohs in bringing them to perfection, we catch a glimpse of the White civilizers of Egypt which must further impress us with the magnitude of their power.

Zoser, the first Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom (2980 to 2475 B.C.) made his capital at Memphis. It was the Old Kingdom in which art and mechanics reached a level of unprecedented excellence never later surpassed. With Zoser, as with Menes (3400 B.C.) we have a record of the extension of the Egyptian influence over the mulatto tribes of Nubia. During the reign of Zoser, Egyptian conquest had quelled the turbulent mongrel tribes of northern Nubia and peaceful navigation of the Nile was possible for a distance of 75 miles south of the first cataract. From Menes to Zoser intervened more than 400 years. Within these four centuries the southern frontier had been extended but little. Sesostris III of the 12th dynasty, who came to the throne in 1887 B.C., completed the conquest of Nubia.

Between Menes and Sesostris III there is a period of 1500 years. This evidence of the slow conquest and absorption of the negroids to the south of Egypt is worthy of our attention. These centuries cover the period of Egypt's greatness. Egypt was still White.

Before the time of Zoser the royal tombs were constructed of sun-dried brick. However, with the arrival of Zoser, who, desiring a more permanent memorial for himself, built a terraced pyramid of stone 195 feet in height. He became the first pyramid builder. Later kings of this dynasty erected the great pyramids of Dashur and Sneferu, and the last king constructed vessels 170 feet long for traffic on the Nile.

Across the Nile from modern Cairo, which was ancient Gizeh, the tourists who visit Egypt today will get their first glimpse of the might and power of the civilization that has perished. There they can see among others the great pyramid build by Khufu (Cheops). To properly appreciate how strong and effective must have been the organization of Khufu's government, we must realize that this pyramid contains some 2,300,000 blocks, each weighing on the average two and a half tons.

Furthermore, the sculpture of the Old Kingdom exhibits the highest technical skill and compares favorably with the work of modem artists. Egypt at the close of the fourth millennium B.C. had solved the fundamental problems of great architecture, developing with the most refined artistic sense and the greatest mechanical skill the treatment of voids. The art of weaving was also highly developed. So much so that their fabrics are a source of wonder to the modern beholder, while the goldsmiths were capable of producing the most exquisite ornaments, many of which have survived to the present day.

Toward the close of the Old Kingdom, that is around 2475 B.C., there is evidence of the weakening of the central power, but Egyptian culture did not suffer. Race is more than politics, religion or art. These are but the expressions of race. The sixth dynasty, the last of the Old Kingdom, marks a foreign policy of increasing vigor. The negro tribes of the south were compelled to contribute quotas to the Egyptian army; and the use of these levies against the White neighbors with whom the Egyptians were at war marks an unsavory epoch in the history of the contact of races. The non-creative black races, compelled to rely upon their own resources in war or peace are insignificant competitors with the White Man. But armed with the White Man's inventions they are transformed into formidable competitors, immediately attaining rank which evolutionary forces have not conferred upon them, and assuming an influence which they are incapable of maintaining. The Pharaoh's use of multitudes of negro troops against the enemies of Egypt had much to do with the final decay of Egyptian civilization. In it we see the seed leading to its final decay.

Let us now proceed approximately another thousand years in the history of Egypt in the search for light upon the Egyptian-negro problem. This will bring us approximately to the year 1500 B.C.

Astonishingly, we find the negro policy of the Egyptian Empire of this time not to be radically different from that of the White nations now ruling Africa. Egyptian temples had now sprung up at every large town and the Egyptian Gods were worshipped therein. The Egyptian's arts were learned by Nubian craftsmen and everywhere the rude barbarism of the upper Nile, which was black territory, was receiving the stamp of Egyptian culture. Nevertheless, the native chieftains, under the surveillance of the Viceroys, were still permitted to retain their titles and honors, and doubtless continued to enjoy at least a nominal share in the government. The annual landing of the Viceroy of Thebes, who was black, and the bringing of the yearly tribute from all the Nubian lands, was now a long established custom in Egypt.

The gradual diffusion of White culture and the utilization of native chiefs, under the direction of White colonial governors was characteristic of the first attempt to implant civilization in negroid Africa, as it is of the present effort on the part of modern White nations.

The earliest period of Egyptian history reveals only a very slight negroid mixture in the population of southern Egypt, and Egyptian art, civilization and culture flourished. At the period we are now considering, namely 1500 B.C., there is no way in which we can possibly tell the exact extension of negro blood, but as Egyptians were constantly going into the south and peoples from the south constantly coming into Egypt proper, it is not likely that more than half of the population of the southern half of Egypt was still White. Blood admixture has without exception been the inevitable result of long continued race contact.

From pre-historic times, the negro had sifted into the country. Many thousands came as soldiers for the Pharaohs of old. Countless numbers had come as slaves — many included in the yearly tribute of the southern dependencies — others as captives taken in war; while the large levies for purposes of labor, even though they were not necessarily kept by Egyptian authorities, would find that the Egyptian environment was better than their own squalid settlements, and decided to remain in Egypt.

The Egyptians were not entirely unaware of the degenerating influence of the blacks among their civilization. Certain of the Pharaohs tried to prevent the mongrelization of Egypt by restricting negro immigration, even to the extent of inflicting the death penalty upon the immigrant. But the negro was a docile subservient workman and soldier, and these characteristics created a demand to the influence of which less enlightened Pharaohs succumbed. So they came for centuries; not by force of arms and battle array, but as subjugated and enslaved people. With the result of all this mongrelization we now arrive at the end of the line. In the 25th dynasty in the year 688 B.C. the ascent of Teharka, a mulatto, to the throne of once proud Egypt, marked for all practical purposes, the end of Egyptian civilization. Teharka was the son of a Nubian woman and his features as preserved in contemporary sculpture show unmistakenably negroid characteristics. As the mulatto inherited the throne of the once powerful Pharaohs, his sister became the divine head of Egyptian religion, which in these centuries had become so grossly debased that the mulatto king's Nubian mother became a Queen Mother before whom all bowed down. For a period prior to the ascent of the mulatto Pharaoh, Teharka, the civilization of Egypt had become stagnant, while those dynasties succeeding Teharka's reign were imposed by foreigners, who were now easy conquerors of Egypt.

And so ends tragically a once proud and beautiful civilization. We have many lessons to learn from the degradation and decay of Egypt — lessons that evidently have not penetrated our minds even to this day. Yet the lessons are clear and they are plain. One of the lessons that we can learn is that a civilization can live for thousands of years. In fact there is no reason why it cannot live forever if the blood of its creators remains pure and uncontaminated.

Secondly, we learn that no matter what civil or religious laws are inaugurated, the very presence of the black race in contact with the White Race will produce mongrelization, and mongrelization will inevitably result in the destruction and decay of that civilization. We also see that the nigger, who makes a docile and pliable slave, is a temptation that the aggressive but short-sighted White overlords have found impossible to resist for use as cheap labor.

It is this very characteristic of the nigger — the face that he makes a docile and easily manageable slave — that has made him the deadly conqueror of the White Race wherever this poison was so conveniently, but short-sightedly, put to use.

We must also learn that no enforcement of civil laws, of social taboos, of religious practices, or any other practice yet conceived in the history of mankind, has been able to prevent the mongrelization of the White Race when it had the black non-creative race in its midst.

We can quite succinctly sum up the whole moral of Egyptian history in saying that there is no way in the world that we can save ourselves from the destruction of the black racial plague other than by expelling them far from our shores as quickly as we possibly can.

For the White people of America the lesson is overwhelmingly plain — in fact it screams to high heaven: we must ship the niggers from out of our midst, back to Africa, as soon as possible.