Mein Kampf
by Adolf Hitler - English Translation

The Turner Diaries - This is the book which the FBI and the controlled media have been claiming hysterically is the "blueprint" for everything from the Oklahoma City bombing to the takeover of the U.S. government by "White extremists." It is the "Bible" of the "racist right," they say. (Note: We have made this available for "Lone Wolves", people who are unable to buy this directly from the National Alliance or resellers such as Please support the movement financially if you can.)

The Rise of Adolf Hitler - from unknown to leader of Germany. 1889-1933 (part 1)

The Triumph of Adolf Hitler - Nazi Germany from 1933 - 1939 (part 2)

The International Jew
by Henry Ford

This Time the World
by Lincoln Rockwell. Donated by the American Nazi Party

White Power
by Lincoln Rockwell. Donated by The American Nazi Party

The Talmud - Jewish Teachings from the Synagogue of Satan