Active militant individuals are becoming rare these days.

Active militant individuals are becoming rare these days. Why so? Is it the fear? The lack of resources? The laziness? A feeling of insecurity or perhaps even worst; of complete security which would explain the reason why so many whites are simply crossing their arms in capitulation before the all mighty Jewish �comfort� that modern society brings them. Why bother with combat, struggle and hard efforts when you can just sit back in your leather covered lazy-boy and watch TV. Oblivious to the real problems that are raging outside of your secured and undisturbed little existence. That is the major problem these days, nobody wants to do anything because they believe someone else will do it instead, so why bother. But if everybody thinks the same, well in the end, NOBODY is doing ANYTHING at all. Before waiting on someone else, take action yourself, take arms and fight in your own backyard, your own neighborhood, your own city and your own nation. We are all invaded, so this problem is not just the isolated case of one country or the other, it is a world wide phenomenon. Aryan nations are under attack each day and the leaders wont do anything themselves, so it is up to the people to take action against this invasion. Whether individually, in groups or as an organized militia, there is always something that can be done. Buy some free land, get weapon�s permit, save money and buy weapons and ammunitions, whatever, but start planning something. Not all can fight, still, there are other tasks that one that is not a warrior can do: write propaganda, take care of the land, educate the youth themselves in a closed Aryan community, etc. There is a purpose for everyone in a folk that stands together. The key word here is ACTION, active daily duties that one can impose upon oneself even if it is just a simple thing. Little things do matter in the end.

The lack of motivation is overwhelming within he white man�s spirit. With time, the combative instincts have been buried beneath this thick layer of spiritual laziness that comes with capitulation. And that capitulation was all planned a long time ago by the very ones we fight against. One of them: the ZOG government, has worked hard to tame us so that we offer no more resistance. They feed us with junk food, fill our minds with soap opera TV, and we, like good obedient sheep, swallow everything and thus are conditioned to become passive, just like the sheep awaiting to be shaven. But the Jews are only one of the product of the true enemy, just like the Christians, the Muslims, the alien races etc. The true enemy in which all those plagues emanate from is the great decadence of the MODERN WORLD. The modern world is at the very source of all those problems, for all those afflictions upon the Aryan race are but the result of this greater disease. Now, many humanists would argue about that, claiming that the problems of the white people are not necessarily related to the immigration, or the multi-cultural society, but rather to the social inequalities, the lack of structure in our family lives or the defects in the learning establishments, but those are simply liberal rhetoric. These problems were not present in the Aryan societies of old because we didn't have to constantly fight for such things as -should we allow the veil for the Muslim women, or the right to wear the ritual dagger for the men in school for example. At a certain hour of the day, should they be allowed to stop working and go in the back to pray on their carpet, in the name of religious freedom, and so forth. The black people have their own "black history week" or the Jews have their Sabbaths which are not white traditional festivals, so we cannot have those days off, but they have all our holydays off as well. Do we have an "Aryan history week"?, or a "White pride parade"?, no. Because we would be considered racist, homophobic, or whatever the poor oppressed minorities call us �evil white tyrants�. So the liberals talk about �inequalities� in our society? They are the first to act in a complete unequal way toward all those who are proud and want to do something to protect their culture, heritage and folk.

The modern world is the great serpent that surrounds us all then tighten it�s grip until we are crushed. It is a vicious creature, venomous and treacherous, for it uses our own blood against us. It corrupts our youth�s spirits and brainwash them so they can turn them against their own. The hip-hop sub(human) culture is a perfect example of this nigger-influenced decadence. It is all over the cable, on MTV, in movies, in teen magazines, in coke commercials, everywhere, pro-multi racial couples are showing us the �future�, the idealistic formless, cultureless, without identity �human race�. It is the age of the �One race�, the united cultures into a single rootless being made of body parts, like some Frankenstein of the future. All the parts are dead for they are all cut from their respective original root. The spirit is a complete melting pot of all the possible traditions and beliefs imaginable which cannot work together in a single mind, for many are totally in opposition with each other. Still, this is the one Human race that is in preparation right now as you are reading this. No more will there be an ancestral call to beckon too, for to whom will the spirit turn too when all those voices starts screaming at the same time? Total chaos without the circle, anarchy from within that will, naturally, be exteriorized into the world thus creating a total breakdown of any bits of Order left. This as to be stopped now, or at least slowed down considerably, until we can organize ourselves in a more efficient way. This can start by stopping the abuse of TV influence on our youths. By explaining to the young the danger of racial mixing, the loss of identity it causes, etc. To inform is the key, and if need be, to enforce as well.

The times we are living in are very hard, and so must we be ourselves even harder. This world will have no pity for us so we must not give it any in return. They who are against us realize that we are still a great threat to them, to their system, to their peaceful way of life, for we are the shadow that darkens their bright blue sky. Ironically, to us, �they� are the dark shadow over our blue sky. As many would anticipate the coming of an Age of Darkness, too overthrow the reign of the light, to them I answer this: Wait not for the darkness to befall this �reign of light� for the great Darkness is already here and although it may sound �cool� and �evil� especially for certain people in the Black Metal movement, this great Darkness we must nonetheless eradicate at once and bring back the true Pagan light of our ancestral wisdom. This darkness is a Judeo-Christian spell that we must counterstrike with our iron will and incorruptibility, with our convictions and integrity. This is not even a choice - it is a duty of all true proud Aryan men and women.

It is too late to engage the enemy in battle, the war as already begun�