What Is National Socialism

David Myatt

National-Socialism is a way of living which affirms that the purpose of our lives is to contribute to evolution in a positive way. We contribute to evolution when we do our duty to our folk, since our folk (our race and culture) is our connection to Nature: how Nature is manifest in us as human beings.

This duty which we have comes before our own personal pleasure, our own personal desires and even before our own personal happiness, and it is this duty which expresses our humanity. That is, when we do our duty we are acting in a human way. When, for whatever reason, we do not do this duty we are at best not using those qualities which make us human, and at worst are reverting back to being speaking animals who walk upright.

To do this duty requires us to use our will; that is, to be or strive to become self-disciplined. That is, we strive to change our life, our behaviour, because we realize life is about much more than our own pleasure, our own desires, our own comfort, security and happiness. We realize this when we accept that we, as individuals, are a nexus: a living connection between our ancestors, with their heritage and culture, and the better future which can be created by us acting in accord with the laws, the principles, of Nature.

The most fundamental law of Nature is that we, as living beings, depend upon Nature; that is, that we are part of the living, evolving, being which is Nature. Our very life is an expression of this being, and what we do, or do not do, affects Nature, for good or bad.

To understand our dependence upon Nature - and the dependence of Nature upon us - is to respect Nature, and thus the creations, the living beings, of Nature.

In relation to our own human species (who are living beings dependent upon Nature), this respect for Nature is made manifest when we act with honour toward other human beings, because honour is this understanding of Nature and our own purpose made manifest: made conscious. Our consciousness - our ability to reason, to restrain ourselves by using our will - is the mark of our humanity.

To act in a dishonourable way toward other human beings is to commit hubris: to be insolent (to show a lack of respect) toward Nature. Dishonourable behaviour is thus a denial of our very humanity.

Culture, Folk and Race:

National-Socialism expresses the natural truth that the living being which is Nature works to produce diversity and difference: that the evolution of Nature is a bringing-into-being of more diversity and more difference.

For our own, human, species this diversity of Nature is evident in the different races which exist, and in the different cultures which these races develope over time.

National-Socialism values this diversity and difference, and states that we should not only strive to maintain and aid this diversity, but also encourage the peoples and cultures which express this diversity and difference to continue to develope and evolve, for by so developing and evolving race and culture we are aiding the evolution of Nature and thus fulfilling our potential, as human beings.

Correctly understood, culture is a combination of : (1) the unique customs, outlook, traditions and achievements of a particular folk: a community, group, people or society; and (2) having a certain civilized way of life - the way of manners, reason, fairness, honour, and excellence. Culture is essentially an expression of our humanity - of what makes us human, and different from animals. A cultured person is thus a person who is civilized, and who possesses a sense of identity - who belongs to a particular culture and who lives the way of life of that culture.

A culture is manifest in a folk community: in a homeland where that folk dwell and to which that folk have or feel a special attachment. National-Socialism believes that it is natural and necessary for individuals to have a real sense of belonging and identity: to have roots in a particular land which they value and respect as the home of their ancestors and thus of their own culture. National-Socialism is Aryan culture.

National-Socialism: The Aryan Way of Life