Racism For Dummies

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Hopefully it will help confused liberals and Marxists to see the hypocrisy of their inane rhetoric.

RACISM for Dummies

It�s OK for you to call me names like
"Cracker", "Honky", �Whitey�, �Gringo�,
�Peckerwood�, "Goyem" and "White Boy�.
If I call you "Nigger", �Spook�, "Kike",
"Spic", "Beaner", "Sand-Nigger", "Chink"
or "Gook", that makes me a racist.

Your musicians, actors, and comedians
constantly rant against my people. White
entertainers don�t dare mention race lest
their careers be ruined. You demand
respect and offer none in return.

You want us to call you "African-American"
although you've never been to Africa. True
Africans envy you for having been born
in the world's greatest country. African
immigrants learn to speak better English
than you do.

You never stop complaining about
"slavery" while casting accusing looks at
me. I have never owned a slave, nor have
any of my living relatives. You have never
been a slave, nor have any of your living
relatives. If your slave ancestors could
see you today, they'd surely wonder what
the hell you're whining about.

You condemn White activists who speak
of separation, but you have no problem
with your own activists who call for
domination and/or destruction of my
entire race.

You complain that Whites commit violence
against you, but your own ghettos are the
most dangerous places to be. You demand
the right to move into our neighborhoods.
If one of us is attacked while visiting your
neighborhood, nobody notices. If you are
attacked in ours, the world is instructed to
hate, judge and condemn us.

The Crusades, Bataan Death March, and
other historic events during which White
Christians were tortured and massacred
mean nothing to you; yet you require the
entire world�s population to mourn the
Jewish "Holocaust" for time eternal.

You�ve manipulated us into helping you
steal Palestinian land at great cost to our
own safety and welfare. Now, instead of
moving there, you stay to ridicule and
berate our elected leaders for fighting the
wars that were started against us because
of our misguided alliance with you.

You denounce us for saying "Merry
Christmas" in public while you make a
fortune selling us your Christmas

Your borders are heavily guarded against
illegal immigration, but if we speak of
protecting our own borders we are again
called racists. You come here illegally to
flee your corrupt, diseased, poverty-stricken
countries but refuse to adopt our language
and lifestyle.

You have the United Negro College Fund.
You have Martin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month.
You have the Black Caucus.
You have "Affirmative" Action.
You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Cinco de Mayo
You have Yom Hashoah.
You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi.
You have the NAACP.
You have Ramadan.
You have BET.

If there became such a thing as White
Entertainment Television it would be shut
down rapidly by the liberal Jewish media.

If we announced a White Pride Day we�d
be bashed worldwide for our arrogance.

If we created a White History Month, it
would be summarily denounced and
banned, just as our state flags and history
lessons are being censored and edited,
bit-by-bit, simply to avoid offending you.

If we maintained an organization for White
folks only, to "advance" our lives, we'd be
dismissed as the most incorrigible bigots.

If we had an Aryan Defense League, we�d
be cursed as Nazi scum.

What if our politicians formed a White
Caucus? How long would that last?

If we built a college fund that awarded
Scholarships only to White students, the
money would be confiscated and the
organizers would be publicly excoriated.

If we proposed legislation that required
business contracts to be offered first to
White entrepreneurs, we'd be soundly
ridiculed and punished for violating your
civil rights.

If we had a "Million Man March� for White
people, the world�s population would
angrily decry our insolence.

You rob, rape, carjack, beat and shoot us.
When a white policeman beats or shoots
a violent black or hispanic criminal you
call it a hate crime and demand justice.

Your exclusive special-interest groups
(Black Muslims, Black Panthers, Anti
Defamation League, NAACP, etc.) are all
perpetuated in the name of �pride and
safety� while ours are outlawed and
labeled as �hate groups�.

You consciously embrace racism and
preserve hatred while claiming to reject
them both. They have been your crutches
since birth, passed down to you from your
parents and grandparents. Without them
you are not special; therefore, you strive
to keep them alive and flourishing.

We don�t hate you for the color of your
skin or because you pray to a different
God. That is a myth of the confused
North American liberal. Most of us would
be happy to live in a world where all human
beings are given equal opportunity to
succeed or fail according to their own
personal merits and flaws; however, we
will not ultimately submit to your desire
to dominate, rule and exterminate us.

I am White and unashamed. I am, in fact,
proud of my White heritage, the values
of my White Family and the outstanding
achievements of my Aryan Ancestors.

If that makes me a racist, then so be it.

But just this once, take a break from
slandering me long enough to look at
yourself in the above light. If you have
any moral conviction at all, you are
bound to see how much uglier is your
hypocrisy compared to my racism.