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Adolf Brown
27th Jan 07
Chilling music accompanies this experimental clip in High Definition format. Be afraid - be very afraid, it's our (probable) next Prime Minister. You will need Windows Media Player version 10 or above to view this.

Running time (mins & secs): 0'45"

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Countering the lies in Bradford
15th Jan 07
How the liberal Establishment must hate the Internet! Until a decade ago the mass media bosses and the anti-British liberal editors they appointed had total control on dissemination of the news. The Internet has allowed the truth to be presented by all those they smear and lie about.

BNPtv filmed a recent interview with Bradford Councillor Paul Cromie allowing our hard working elected representative to counter the lies and smears being published about him. Here we find a rare political entity - a representative who gives back to the community he represents instead of lining his own nest;a thoroughly decent chap who is extremely popular with his ward constituents.

Running time (mins & secs): 17'22"

Broadband size: 43.14Mb --- Download here
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Battle of Hastings
11th Jan 07
A short promotional video clip set against the backdrop of the October 2006 commemoration of the 940th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. This is a high definition clip which demands a good graphics card and a high-specification computer processor to view it.

Running time (mins & secs): 3'34"

Broadband size: 12.62Mb --- Download here
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2006 Christmas message
20th Dec 06
This year's Christmas message from the BNP Chairman Nick Griffin comes from the Hebridean island of Iona; an important cultural location as the birthplace of Christianity in these islands.

Nick Griffin speaks with Simon Darby for BNPtv about the erosion of the Christian tradition at this special time of year.

Running time (mins & secs): 15'44"

Broadband size: 39.4Mb --- Download here
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Best ever BNP Christmas Party
12th Dec 06
BNP Leader Nick Griffin told the BNPtv team that this event held in Padiham Town Hall, yes, that's right - the local town hall(!), was the best Christmas event organised by the BNP he had ever attended in the six years he has been Chairman.

An all time first for the Party in securing a municipal owned venue this event was a highlight on the December calendar of many residents from Padiham and beyond. A great line up of entertainment, festive fayre and a visit from Santa made this a very memorable occasion for old and young alike.

Running time (mins & secs): 22'35"

Broadband size: 56.90Mb --- Download here
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Annual Conference snippet
1st Dec 06
Some newspapers picked up from the BBC, who sent a reporter to cover the Saturday training event that there were only 50-60 delegates at the BNP Annual Conference - a ludicrous suggestion.

This clip from Sunday morning's proceedings provides clear evidence that the numbers were at least three times this. The conference room itself was packed with many forced to stand. Over the course of the two day event in excess of 200 delegates attended with several other hotels providing accommodation as the principal venue only had rooms for 120 guests.No wonder Blackpool's small businesses want us back next year.

Running time (mins & secs): 1'26"

Broadband size: 3.39Mb --- Download here
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Your country needs you
22nd Nov 06
Richard Barnbrook, the BNP Group Leader on Barking and Dagenham Council makes a passionate appeal for Britons to say "enough is enough" and fightback against the tyranny of New Labour.

Running time (mins & secs): 6'07"

Broadband size: 23.70Mb --- Download here
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Dudley says no to mega mosque
19th Nov 06
Dudley BNP turned out in strength to protest against the planned mega mosque which, if given the go-ahead, would dominate the town's historic skyline.

BNPtv captured the scenes from the recent protest which received much approval from passing motorists and hauliers. Britons are now having to turn to direct protest to persuade local planners that the wicked vicious faith of Islam cannot be allowed to gain any further inroads into our daily lives.

Running time (mins & secs): 4'00"

Broadband size: 9.95Mb --- Download here
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Free Speech - Thursday 9th proceedings
15th Nov 06
Coverage from Thursday's proceedings at Leeds Crown Court. Here one of the Free Speech defendants Nick Griffin addresses the stalwarts outside the courthouse.

Running time (mins & secs): 5'37"

Broadband size: 14.41Mb --- Download here
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Free Speech - Thursday 9th Interview with Nick Griffin
15th Nov 06
BNP Chairman Nick Griffin talks to Sadie Graham about the Thursday proceedings at Leeds Crown Court.

Running time (mins & secs): 8'21"

Broadband size: 21.3Mb --- Download here
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