John Law, "The Iranian Question" AUDIO Transcript
The White Hot Radio Archive


By John Law

First Webcast on White Hot Radio 1/26/07

Good evening folks this is Stormfront moderator John Law. Tonight I'm going to talk about the very noticeable influx of Iranians to the board lately. This is probably a direct result of the recent Holocaust Conference that was held in Tehran and hosted by the Iranian government with the outspoken backing of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I personally thought it was a brilliant maneuver. With internationally known figures such as Ernst Zundel, and Germar Rudolf on trial in Mannheim Germany for the unspeakable crime of questioning the veracity of some of the details of the Holocaust Dogma and, at the time, historian David Irving sitting in an Austrian prison for the same reason the Iranian Conference made a mockery of the West's hollow and empty claims of protecting free speech and allowing legitimate scientific or scholarly inquiry into any subject.

Predictably, the Holocaust Conference had the always outspoken International Jewish Community practically foaming at the mouth in a rabid response and there was a noticeable intensifying of the pressure on the US and our sycophantic Western allies to do something about Iran. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a darling of the talking head neo-conservatives, made his rounds on the TV and talk show circuit. Comparisons between Ahmadinejad and the ultimate Jewish bogey-man, Adolph Hitler, flew fast and furious as did dire warnings of another Holocaust in the making unless we took military action against Iran. As they tend to do the Jews over reacted and I like to think that this backfired in their face. So, kudos and compliments to the Iranians for putting the subject of Holocaust Revisionism on the world stage if only briefly. As I said it was a brilliant maneuver.

Be that as it may we come back to the subject of where do Iranians fit into our cause of White Nationalism? Yes, it's true that twenty five hundred years ago the Persians in the time of Xerxes and Darius were Indo-European or Aryan if you prefer that term but let's face it a lot has happened in the last two and a half millennia. Wave after wave of non-White migrations and invasions as well as the adoption of Islam has effectively eliminated any possibility of modern day Iranians being considered White by Stormfront standards. That is, non-Jewish people of wholly European descent. No exceptions. That's not to say that we don't welcome mutually beneficial cooperation, because we do. But we must also recognize that we are distinct people with a long and glorious separate histories and that we must travel different roads into the future. In a nutshell, are Iranians White? No. I'm John Law and that's how I see it. Thanks for listening this evening.