News article filed by BNP news team

The Sun newspaper pretends to be in touch with the people and despite its support for Labour in 1997 its political stance is generally (small “c”) conservative, championing victims of crime, campaigning against further removal of powers to Europe, it called the proposed EU Constitution a “hated” document and regularly runs front page stories baiting asylum seekers and Islamic fanatics in a way that would be described as racist if the BNP publications carried such material.

The same applies to two other tabloids; the Daily Express and the reactionary Daily Mail with its apparently no nonsense columnists such as the abusive Richard Littlejohn and the more cerebral Peter Hitchens.


It is therefore surprising, if not more than a little hypocritical that the three tabloids have all refused to carry an advertisement which simply requsts that a national referendum be held on the issue of who should control the UK’s national borders, Brussels or Westminster.

The banned ads were paid for by Speakout - a newly launched organisation that says it is time for a referendum to return seven vital powers from Brussels to Britain. They want the power for the UK:

• To make our own laws
• To set our own spending limits
• To manage the countryside
• To exclusively fish our own territorial coastal waters
• To trade with who we want and how we want
• To scrap the Brussels-inspired regions and end the break up of Britain
• To decide who we let into the country by getting control of our own borders back.

All reasonable requests to return decision making back to Westminster which has held those powers until the last 30 years. Given the robust anti-EU stance of Murdoch’s team on The Sun, the advert would likely be well supported by the newspaper's readers.

Readers are invited to view the advert for themselves and in response leave the copies of The Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail on the newsagents shelves.

The banned ad