The Hitler-Strasser Debate

The Hitler-Strasser Debate
First broadcast on White Hot Radio, February 23, 2007

Jack Boot,
The Hitler-Strasser Debate Audio


In 1930 Adolf Hitler took part in an interview with the leftist Otto Strasser of the Strasser publishing house.

Though both men used the term "socialism" they used it in very different ways. When Strasser questioned Hitler's motives and honesty, Hitler became angry. He replied:

I am a Socialist, and a very different kind of Socialist from your rich friend Reventlow. I was once an ordinary working-man. I would not allow my chauffeur to eat worse than I eat myself. But your kind of Socialism is nothing but Marxism. The mass of the working classes want nothing but bread and games. They will never understand the meaning of an ideal, and we cannot hope to win them over to one. What we have to do is to select from a new master-class men who will not allow themselves to be guided, like you, by the morality of pity. Those who rule must know they have the right to rule because they belong to a superior race. They must maintain that right and ruthlessly consolidate it...

What you preach is liberalism, nothing but liberalism. There is only one possible kind of revolution, and it is not economic or political or social, but racial, and it will always be the same: the struggle of inferior classes and inferior races against the superior races who are in the saddle. On the day the superior race forgets this law, it is lost. All revolutions- and I have studied them carefully- have been racial...

--From Hitler and I by Otto Strasser, 1940. Reprinted in Documents on Nazism, Noakes and Pridham, 1974.

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