The Racist Attack That Never Was

By Jouni K. Kemppainen and Tommi Nieminen


So what really happened at the shopping centre in July 2005? The court found that insults had been exchanged on both sides in the yard of the shopping centre. As a result, a scuffle broke out between the immigrants in the pizzeria and the Finns. One of the Finns lost consciousness and fell to the ground, when he was struck in the back of the head with a wooden object. Another was struck in the back with a chair.
Two Finnish men fought back. In the midst of the melee one of the Finns stepped into the pizzeria, threw the cue stick from a pool table at the employees and left. Nothing else happened in the pizzeria.
Naturally, it is possible that the court system made an unfair decision. That possibility will be examined by the Court of Appeals.
However, it seems clear that in the name of tolerance, the media made news about a gruesome attack in on a pizzeria - a crime that never happened.