The Amren link above includes an account of the hoax the night before the texas legislature voted:

Some out there may be interested in knowing the origin of the Texas “hate crime” law. I believe it was right after George Bush was elected president and Rick Perry was elevated to the governor’s office that it happened, sometime during the [2001] session of the Texas legislature. The law was being debated and Perry and the Republicans were promising to vote it down. But, suddenly, a black church in Dallas suffered a “hate crime”—a swastika was painted on the outside of the church along with “nigger”. The “church” was one attended by the then Dallas mayor, the first black one, several county officials, and black representatives. The very next day, the blacks marched through the legislative session in Austin, the Republicans yelped, passed the law, and Perry signed it.

Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Perhaps because it was. Turns out a couple of weeks later, a couple in a car had spotted two black youths in white shirts painting “nigger” and a swastika on the church and immediately reported it to police. The Dallas Police Department, led by a black, and reporting to the black mayor, just didn’t do anything and, in fact, didn’t bother to mention the report to news reporters until three weeks later, well after the “hate law” passage in Austin.

Oh, and the black youths? No arrests were ever made. But an investigation determined that the church’s youth choir, which wore white shirts was having practice the night the “attack” occurred. A subsequent investigation proved that the white paint used in the “crime” was the same acrylic paint (which apparently is easily removable) being used inside the church for rennovations at the very same time as the event occurred.

No action. No arrests. No comment by Perry and the Republicans. A lot of silly White people, however, did show up at the black church to clean the white paint off the windows. A couple of Holocaust survivors even showed up and compared the event to, of course, the Nazis’ smashing of synagogues during the Kristallnacht.

And that, folks, is how a hate crime law is passed.

Posted by Deporter at 3:22 PM on September 24