Will You Stand Up, White Man?

Will You Stand Up, White Man?

I sometimes find myself asking the same questions over and over again, without making any progress. The main question I'm referring to is, "When will the White race stand up and reclaim all that has been taken away from us?"

As history has proved time and time again, the white race is above all, in every way. We built the greatest civilizations to ever walk this earth, only to have them crushed by the failed social experiment turned disease, known as multiculturalism. The fat cat politicians in office don't care about White Canadians, or the White race in general. What does this mean for Whites living in Canada under this government? To me, it means that we European Canadians will be forced into a corner, battered and bruised, tormented and harassed, and all this by the very people that WE elected into parliament.

Our first mistake was letting the White population of Canada forget about it's rich European ancestry. We let these people, who we elected, promote African American based holidays, yet, do we have a White History month? An Adolf Hitler day maby? After all, wasn't Adolf Hitler a civil rights activist that brought his people out of poverty, and rebuilt the nation of Germany, both economically and spiritually, before it was ravished by the Red horde of Communist Russia? Didn't he have a "dream" too?

What I guess my point is, is that we must not let them destroy our culture and our pride. We must unite for a greater cause, the cause of expanding the White race and reclaiming what is rightfully ours. Will I ever see this new era in my lifetime? Probably not, but maby my children, or my children's children will, and after all, isn't that who we fight this fight for? It's time that the White European descendants in Canada arise to a new dawn, a world built by us, for us.

Today as White Patriots in Canada, we face a problem that is almost as bad as non-European immigration to our "urban jungles". This problem is the thing we call, "Freedom Of Speech".

Throughout the last several years, I have shaped and molded what I am sure is my life values and ideals. Over time, I gradually got more and more into politics, specifically Nationalism, by reading articals books by authors such as George Lincoln Rockwell and Ben Klassen, and also through listening to Nationalistic rock and roll bands like Skrewdriver, No Remorse and Brutal Attack. As time passed, I took their worlds of wisdom, and used them to make up what I call my "belief system". Since these noble people were able to get their messages out to the world, I have become a better person both mentally AND physically. I sometimes ask myself, where would I be without their messages of White solidarity? My guess is that I'd be some street kid punk who's washing car windows at the stop lights, or pan handling change on a downtown street corner.

In my once wonderful nation known as Canada, we are seeing these types of messages, views and opinions oppressed, and the people expressing them are usually locked up in jail without being charged OR, they are charged with a hate crime. These are the same opinions that I personally hold for the most part, and I feel I have the right to do express them, although I do it in a legal way. I'm so sick of people going to jail for expressing their views verbally. It makes no sense. Why would the government arrest people for talking you might be asking yourself? Well, the answer is simple to me, FEAR. They fear opposition, and resistance. They fear being exposed for what they truly are.

We must love our own people, and we must secure the existence of our race at any cost. The Earth is being polluted by multiculturalism and it's time that we, the common White Canadian started doing our part. You don't have to agree with everything we say, it's your choice to think what you wish, but please remember that our cause is one that will never end. We are here to stay, whether anyone likes it or not. We don't want trouble, we want freedom. Together we can rise up and take our land back. It's our duty to protect our ancient bloodline. Remember who you are and where you come from, because it shapes who you will become.

Today it seem to be the modern trend to assume if that anyone who is proud of their White heritage and racial identity is a big, bad, baby eating, goose stepping, 3rd reich uniformed, neo-Nazi, skinhead, hate monger. This is far from the truth. Not all racially aware white people want to kill off the other races. Not all racially aware people are terrorists. Not all racially aware people are violent. Its just that simple. The majority are just normal people, everyday people. We, the common white men and women, need to unite under one banner, as one people. The creed of Creativity can do this. I want everyone that reads this to remember these words:


We must stand up for what we know is right. Being white and proud is not a bad thing. It's a good thing. They teach us tolerance in our schools and in the work place, and advocate multiculturalism among the citizens, yet, when a white person wants to be proud of their own heritage, it's automatically a crime! A HATE CRIME AT THAT?! Since when did racial pride have anything to do with hate?

Natures Law is above Man's Law, and forced multiculturalism is un-natural. White Canadians of European ancestry built this once great nation, only to have it stolen away by Liberal disregard for cultural preservation. Don't let them take our freedom away, or at least what we have left of it. We must do whatever it takes to ensure our freedoms. It's time to make a change....

...."One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter".

Will you stand up? Or will you fall down?