Race is the most important fact of human existence. Every human
achievement, every human idea, every human act, is somehow related to race,
because every act or creation is the product of the racial personality of
the human producer of that act or creation.

Race is THE North American issue. It always has been, ever since one of
Columbus's sailors shot the first Indian with a crude matchlock musket back
in 1492. Every problem which America faces today, every crisis of the
economy or of the spirit, is in some form or another eventually traceable
back to the problem of race.

Commander George Lincoln Rockwell was once asked to define the difference
between a National Socialist and a conservative. The Commander replied, "A
National Socialist is someone who wants to save his race. A conservative is
someone who wants to save his money." National Socialists are not
concerned with saving anyone's money. We are concerned with saving Western
civilization by preserving and improving the White, Aryan people who
created it. The goal of National Socialism may be summed up in the immortal
Fourteen Words of David Lane: "We must secure the existence of our people
and a future for White children."

The central concept of the entire National Socialist philosophy is race.
National Socialism has been equated with Fascism; it is not, for while
Fascism sees the state as the ultimate entity and arbiter in all human
endeavor, National Socialism holds that the ultimate key to every aspect of
mankind and his life is race.

Every civilization, every culture, every historical achievement is the
product of the racial personality of those who created that civilization.
Destroy a race and not only living beings are destroyed, but an immense
hole is ripped in the entire fabric of this planet's existence. Destroy the
most intelligent and creative and dynamic race of all mankind, the Aryan,
and damage has been inflicted a damage on the human species which can never
be recovered or repaired.

The racial issue can be boiled down to one very simple question: who does
the world belong to? More immediately, who does the continent of North
America belong to? Does it belong to the Aryan peoples of Europe who
settled this land after braving a perilous ocea voyage to reach it, tilled
its soil and grew crops, built homes and communities here, created its
legal and social and political institutions, created everything we
recognize today as America? Or does it belong to the various black and
brown races of the Third World, who have contributed nothing except
sporadic physical labor? Whose sole claim to it is the mere fact that they
happen to be here, and who have caused immense damage to North America
through their anti-social behavior?

The idea that we are supposed to share this land in some kind of
grotesque, squalid multi-racial Babylon is simply stupid. The mud races
have done nothing to earn citizenship or rights of residence here which is
in any way compensatory for the immense damage they have caused. The black
man in particular has contributed very little to America except physical
labor. His contribution is on a level with that of the horse, valuable to
be sure in a limited way, but like the horse, the black man is now obsolete
and has been since the development of agricultural machinery and the
internal combustion engine. There is no moral or economic or social
justification for keeping the black man around any longer, and many
pressing reasons for his removal. The same goes for the masses of Third
World immigrants. They are contributing nothing at all that we really need,
except cheap labor for multinational corporations which keeps White wages low.

History demonstrates quite clearly that multi-racial empires do not
prosper, and in the long run do not survive. Every society which has ever
attempted the multi-racial, or even multi-ethnic experiment has failed
miserably, from ancient Rome down through the Hapsburg monarchy of
Austria-Hungary, to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia of today. America will
not survive the curse of multi-racialism any more than those other
societies did. There is no magical law of the universe exempting North
America from the basic principles of human biopolitics. One of those basic
principles is that racial purity strengthens a society; whereas diversity
weakens and eventually destroys it. Look at the few remaining stable and
prosperous countries that exist today: Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan,
Korea. All of them are racially homogenous, not "diverse".

No nation is born "diverse". Diversity is indeed the antithesis of
nationhood. Nations arise in large part from their very racial, religious,
and cultural unity and uniqueness. "Diversity" is an unnatural as well as
an unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline.
The multi-cultural, and especially the multi-racial state, carries in its
makeup the seeds of certain national destruction. All multi-cultural
nations must by definition be in a state of political, moral, economic and
social decay. Greed and corruption invariably characterize the government
of the mutli-racial state, coupled with oppressive measures directed
against its citizens. Lies and deceit are the stock in trade of
multi-cultural media, politicians and educational institutions. Democracy,
a flawed system to begin with, is perverted into an instrument of
disastrous cultural and biological leveling. From democracy steps forth the
cruelest of tyrants.

In modern times "diversity" is instituted from the top down as an elitist
ruling-class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against
another. The ensuing cultural melee serves the political designs, economic
goals and power needs of elitist rulers and their sponsors while destroying
everything worthwhile in the affected society.

In the twenty-first century, multi-culturalism is being used as a hammer
to forge an artificially created, unintelligent, compliant brown-skinned
people who will compose the obedient states of the New World Order. As a
weapon of post-modern political warfare, multiculturalism has few equals,
which explains its use currently against all of western Europe, the United
States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Deliberate fragmentation of
these nations into politically disharmonious units, and the resultant loss
of national identity and purpose, are requirements of the New World Order.

Who will compose that New World Order? An Anglo-Zionist ruling class,
extensively Jewish and discreetly homosexual, consisting of an economic
hierarchy of wealth that replaces the natural hierarchy of talent, courage,
and virtue. A force that views countries and the people who live in them
first as economic targets to be exploited, and second as military targets
to be destroyed and gutted of assets if they resist.

The mere fact that the black and brown races happen to be in North
America, through whatever accident of history or violation of immigration
law that came about, does not give them the right to a free ride on the
White man's back for their entire lives. Yet this is, essentially, the
demand of the multi-cultural idea, that people with dark skins be given
goods, services, benefits, and advantages which they have not only done
nothing to earn, but which they do not know how to use properly and will
only destroy and contaminate. The leveling in a multi-cultural, "diverse"
society is NEVER upward, always DOWNWARD as far as the White man is
concerned. Racial integration is like mixing horse manure and ice
cream---it does improve the manure somewhat, but it doesn't do much for the
ice cream.

We have been taught by our lords and masters to view "racism" as evil and
wrong. It is not. Racism is in fact the purest expression of patriotism. We
live today in a world where old ideas of geopolitics are being replaced by
biopolitics. Racism is right because racism is the will of nature. Racists
are doing the work of nature. They are aiding nature by helping to protect
the most important of Nature's creations: the different races that nature
has evolved over many millennia. Racism is nature's way of trying to
protect her own creations. Thus racism aids and encourages further
evolution---that is, it aids the development of the separate races which
exist. The truth about so-called anti-racism is that it is
unnatural,unhealthy and dangerous. Anti-racism actively encourages the
destruction of nature; it is anti-evolutionary. The society that is based
upon such stupid ideas is an unnatural, unhealthy society doomed sooner or
later to be destroyed, because such a society will destroy nature herself.
We human beings are nature made manifest, and we are subject to her laws
just as much as are other forms of life. If we forget this truth and
continue with our race-mixing, we shall perish.

In the real world of nature, what is important is RACE. We as individuals
are only a part of our race, a nexus, a connection between its past and its
future. The sole purpose of our lives is to defend and aid our race, to
increase its chances of survival and to help its evolution. In the real
world, the different races of our human species clearly exist, with these
races having different characters and different cultures. In the same way,
in the real world of Nature, different breeds of birds and dogs and other
living things exist, with different characters or natures.

In the unreal world of the Jews, what is important is the happiness of the
individual. Thus we find laws to keep the individual happy and to stop
anyone insulting them or offending them or "inciting hatred" against them
on account of their race. In the very unreal world of the Zionists and the
liberals, it is claimed that human races do not exist---but quite how we
can be accused of inciting hatred against what does not exist, no one
bothers to explain.

In the real world, the natural world, race is more important than our
personal happiness or the happiness of any individual. If for the survival
and further evolution of race, some individuals must suffer hatred, be
offended, or die, then it must be. This is the truth of nature which racism
upholds. We must uphold this truth in the face of the unnatural stupidity
of others. We must champion the race before the individual. The well being
of the race is far more important than the happiness of individuals.

Our planet that we call Earth is, or rather was, a place where nature
tried to maintain a balance. In terms of our own species, the balance of
nature is the division of races with each race having its own territory
where it can live and flourish. We have profoundly upset the balance of
nature with the mixing of races. Racism is the only way to restore the
balance of nature and so continue with the separate development of races.

Anyone who is against racism, for whatever reason and from whatever
motive, is an ignorant and criminal person who endangers all life on this


The primary problem that National Socialism faces today is to change the
White man's thinking and help him recover his ancient courage. Aryan man
must reinvent and reinvigorate his own racial personality from within. It
is the only way we will be saved. We must save ourselves and conquer the
enemy within as our top priority. However, our race does have some very
dangerous external enemies, and these enemies operate from a position of
power without parallel in world history. To be blunt, there is a worldwide
conspiracy to kill us all, and it is winning.

At the beginning of the 21st century, there is an establishment agenda
that clearly calls for the enforced physical, social, cultural, and
biological admixture of White North Americans with the negroid, mongoloid,
and mulatto races. The ruling elite intend to achieve racial "harmony" by
deliberately altering the racial and ethnic demographics of North America,
and eliminating the Caucasian race through interracial marriage, or at
least interracial sex, to produce a new, hybridized, raceless, classless
brown "American". It is believed by those in power, although probably
incorrectly, that this new coffee-colored citizen will be pliable, of
limited intelligence, and will function as a perpetual source of cheap
labor for international finance capital.

How did all this come about? How does the left-liberal agenda operate in
practice? Just saying "it's the damned Jews" may be comforting, but is not
a sufficient or entirely accurate explanation. The problem is much more
complex than that.

Alternative political people all across the spectrum tend to bandy the
term "New World Order" around quite a bit, generally as a designation for
the government or the Jews or the Trilaterals or the multinational banks or
just "them." The NWO is all these things, but it is much more. The New
World Order not just a collection of institutions and people, it is an
idea, a genuine (if thoroughly evil) vision of mankind's future. It has
also been called the Global Consumer Plantation. Our present ruling elite
envisions, and is trying actively to create, a world social and economic
order ruled by themselves, commanding a worldwide population of homogenous,
coffee-colored industrial serfs bred from the forced admixture of all the
present races of the earth. Another way to describe the New World Order
would be that it is the final, logical development of capitalism.

For several centuries, first Europe and then the rest of the world have
been torn between two conflicting philosophies, both of them Jewish in
origin. Capitalism arose from the collapse of the feudal system and the
infiltration of Jewish bankers and moneylenders into the European economy
during the Renaissance. The more recent Marxism is, of course, named after
the rabbi's son Karl Marx, but its tenets are actually of older and of
somewhat obscure origin. Marxism as a philosophy might be called the
politics of envy, the human desire to take what someone else has, elevated
to an ideology. Commander Rockwell referred to Marxism as "the organized
revolt of the non-White masses of the world against the White man."

Both Marxism and capitalism share the same materialistic, essentially
Judaic view of mankind and the human condition. Both consider man to be an
ECONOMIC ANIMAL, and see human beings as interchangeable units of economic
production and consumption. People are merely components of the great
economic machine either of the marketplace or the "dictatorship of the
proletariat". People have only material requirements that must be met at a
certain minimal level in order to keep them functioning in the economy.
People have no spiritual needs or identity, no culture, no race, no
religion, no aspirations, no independent thought. They exist solely to be
installed like spare parts and worked until they are broken or worn out,
when the system then pulls them out, throws them away, and installs a
replacement part.

It is essential to understand this view of mankind by both capitalism and
Marxism, in which the individual is a soulless, raceless component in a
human anthill. This has led to the imposition of the thoroughly bogus idea
of racial equality in both capitalist and socialist countries. Both systems
are instinctively aware of the fact that their ideology is incorrect, that
men are not soulless economic units whose sole purpose in life is to work
and to consume and generate profits for the elite. But instead of accepting
nature's human creation and changing their ideology (thus giving up their
profits and ruling elite status), both Marxism and capitalism seek to
change mankind into the coffee-colored, mindless, cultureless mass of
docile workers their philosophies envision. This is why both Marxism and
capitalism are evil. By seeking to recreate mankind to fit their own ideas
of what men and women should be, they are challenging God. Like two
demented moral Frankensteins, Marxism and capitalism have both decided they
can do a better job than the Creator.

It is now apparent that Marxism per se has lost the contest, at
least for the time being. Future economic crises may lead to a revival of
traditional Communism. However, capitalism has by now absorbed a number of
welfareatist aspects of Marxism. What we have now as a result, at the
beginning of the twenty-first century, is a kind of meld between the two.
There are some signs that capitalism is reverting to its older,
nineteenth-century laissez-faire form and by the next century, if
unchecked, may have eliminated all of the aspects of Marxism it assimilated
during the time of competition. In any case, capitalism is now moving full
speed ahead to seize control of the entire planet and its resources, and to
create the pliable brown-skinned workforce it requires on the global
plantation for the generation of obscene profits, the like of which the
world has never seen before. This effort is, of course, spearheaded by the
United States, and behind the U.S. the world corporate power structure of
international finance.

We see evidence of this in the growing tendency towards military
intervention around the world, actually a form of piecemeal conquest. The
bombs rain down on any small country that tries to assert its own
sovereignty. The blue-helmeted UN troops come to "peace-keep" and somehow
they never seem to leave. We see this in the virtual abandonment of any
immigration control in North America and throughout Europe. White countries
are being flooded with Third World mud and already we can see published
references in the controlled media to "eliminating racism by eliminating
race," i.e. mass compulsory interbreeding. We see this in the forced
unification of Europe; in NAFTA and GATT; in the looting of Russia and the
Eastern European countries by corporate buccaneers. When the news is
studied from this viewpoint, all of a sudden things start making sense.

Is it all a great, huge conspiracy on the part of the Jews or other
sinister forces to destroy the White race of people? Yes, and no. It's a
good deal more complicated than that. The role of the Jews in all of this
should not be ignored and will be dealt with further on, but neither should
it be overstated. They are a significant part of the problem, but not the
whole problem. The problem essentially lies in the inner spiritual weakness
and confusion of White men throughout the world. Once the White man changes
his thinking and recovers his ancient courage, our ultimate victory is
certain. We are still superior to our enemies, should we ever decide to
exert the necessary effort of will to change the situation.

The most dangerous of our enemies are not Jews per se, but a small group
of people, mostly men but an increasing number of feminist women as well.
Some of these people are Jewish and some are not, but all of them share
certain common goals which are antithetical to the survival of our race as
well as to basic human decency. These people between them control a
collective worldwide reserve of wealth so vast that it is beyond measure
and beyond the power of the ordinary man to encompass in his mind. What has
happened to America is due to the activities of this kind of people and
their predecessors, activities that date certainly from the eighteenth
century and possibly earlier.

These activities, both economic and political, involve a wide range of
factors. What are these factors and how have they interacted in order to
create the atrocious mess we have in the world today? Is there a sinister
group of conspirators who periodically meet in secret to plot the
destruction of Aryan man? The answer has to be both yes, and no. Many would
say that the overlapping Bilderberg group, the Trilaterals, the CFR, the
ultra-rich and powerful crowd that gathers at Bohemian Woods and so forth,
would fill that bill. It is true that the formulation and the active
implementation of violently racially destructive policies against the White
peoples of the world are a large part of their agenda.

But they are not the entire agenda. To these incredibly rich and powerful
>people, the destruction of the White man is a means, not an end.

What groups like the Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, etc. are after is POWER.
World power. These men and women want to rule the world, and they have come
closer to it than any mere Genghis Khan ever came. They view the
destruction of the Aryan race and all other races as a vitally necessary
part of their plan, just as they view the destruction of all existing
religions as an equally vital part of their scenario. True, there is a good
deal of specifically anti-Aryan hatred which has been injected into this
witches' brew of madness and arrogant, grasping ambition by the extensive
Jewish element within these complex power structures. But this is secondary
to the principal goal of amassing control of all wealth and all state power
on this planet.

The destruction of race and religion is necessary to the implementation of
this cruel and monstrous agenda because these plutocratic capitalists share
a vital attribute with the Marxists: they view man as an economic animal,
as livestock, an organic unit of production and consumption devoid of any
separate personality, spiritual elements, or individual rights. Things like
race, religion, nationality and ethnicity are wasteful and inefficient,
from the viewpoint of the Anglo-Zionist plutocracy. They distract people
from their true function in life, which is making mega-profits for huge
multinational conglomerates through their labor and through buying
products. Therefore, such annoying distractions as race and religion and
ethnicity and national borders are to be abolished. It is a plan
breathtaking in its unspeakably arrogant disrespect for nature, God, and
the human spirit.

Our future has been mapped out for us. The world of the next century is to
be transformed into one great, tacky global shopping mall. It is to be
ruled by a small financial and technological elite, largely Jewish and
homosexual, and populated with masses of raceless, cultureless, pliable
brown wage slaves who are born and raised for the sole purpose of labor,
and who are slopped like hogs with cheap consumer goods until they become
too old to work. Then they will be euthanized so the elite aren't burdened
with the expense of their upkeep in old age.

How did such a monstrous conspiracy come about? What are its historical
roots? For the sake of brevity and simplicity, we will concentrate on how
the conspiracy developed here in this country, in this century. The
following summary is very much simplified.

Beginning in the era of Woodrow Wilson, American capitalism and what might
be called Eastern Establishment liberalism, which even then was heavily
Jewish-influenced, recognized certain common interests and formed an
alliance of convenience. That alliance, albeit fraught with friction and
factional warfare, continues to this day. This was not a case of the two
groups sitting down like Cosa Nostra crime families and dividing up the
turf. It was a long and cumulative process that took several decades.

At first this tenuous alliance between Ivy League do-gooders and mega-rich
robber barons was less the product of conscious policy than of mutual
self-interest leading to the development of certain consistent,
interlocking behavior patterns. For example, in the 1920s the capitalists
were scared witless of Bolshevik revolution in this country. They found an
alliance with Wilsonian liberals (and Cosa Nostra gangsters) to create
docile, controllable, mildly socialist but basically harmless labor unions
like the AFL and CIO to be the lesser of two evils. Along with this came
grudging increases in pay and betterment of working conditions in order to
stave off serious trouble on the factory floor. True, in the 1920s and
1930s and even since then, there have been glitches and occasional violent,
costly strikes and lockouts. The largely unspoken and unadmitted alliance
between intellectual liberalism and international finance capital was not
perfect. It never has been. But no serious threat to the Fords and Mellons
and Carnegies and Rockefellers has ever developed in this country, and that
was the objective of the partnership. Liberalism has reaped a reward of
almost unlimited funding, in exchange for confining itself to social
engineering and leaving the economic power structure essentially untouched
by reform.

Both elements of this monstrous dichotomy were, of course, heavily
infiltrated by Jews, and in addition the liberal half was riddled with
out-and-out Marxism implanted by the Comintern in Soviet Russia. Yes, this
seems contradictory. It WAS contradictory, and that fact did not escape
notice at the time. If the rattled Comintern hadn't started preaching
"Popular Front" type activity against the rising forces of National
Socialism and Fascism, the whole thing might have fallen apart. But in the
long run, the self-interest of the rich and powerful is capable of
overcoming any contradiction.

The classic example of the way all the various elements overlapped in
practice to form one single alloyed Establishment may be seen in the life
and career of Soviet spy and convicted perjurer Alger Hiss. The whole
unholy hybrid may be summed up in a single word: Rockefeller.

Both capitalism and liberalism made the decision to pursue their twin
agendas in tandem: capitalism sought unlimited profit while liberalism
sought to implement its social and racial agenda and transform the nature
of mankind itself, from human to insectoid. Liberalism was given the green
light by capitalism to do this, as well as massive funding through a
variety of "philanthropic foundations" and other fronts, on the
understanding that there would be no serious assault on the multinationals
or interference with profits. It should be understood that capitalism has
always possessed the power to crush liberalism at any time, and that
capitalism still to this day retains the power to crush liberalism at any

The rot began noticeably to set in back in 1933, with the election of
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the elevation of his wife Eleanor, an unspeakable
lesbian hag, to the position of First Lady. Since that time American
society and government have grown into one gigantic cesspool of moral
putrefaction, culminating in the revolting political and social perversions
of William Jefferson Clinton. White working Americans pay for it all, in
cash, in the wasted lives and empty futures our children face, and in the
mongrel babies our air-headed Kelly Bundy-type daughters are producing
because they have been so cruelly and viciously deceived into betraying
their race and their heritage. Neither of the two Roosevelts, ideological
partners in crime, were encumbered with a single scruple. Neither of them
had any loyalty to America as normal people understand the term, and
neither gave a tinker's damn who was hurt in the process of their
activities. Since the White majority had the greatest stake in the old
Republic, it was the White majority who suffered most when the Republic was
corroded and destroyed.

In 1933 the liberal/capitalist combine, the original ZOG, managed to seize
state power in a bloodless coup d'etat by electing Roosevelt as president.
The Conspiracy has been in power ever since, maintaining control through
the Roosevelt-established bureaucracy and the corrupt judicial and
legislative branches of government even when "conservative" Republican
presidents have been in office. In 1935 Roosevelt's only possible
presidential rival, the charismatic populist Senator "Kingfish" Huey Long
from Louisiana, was assassinated by a Jewish gunman employed by the
Conspiracy. After that it was plain sailing. There would never be another
serious electoral challenge to the establishment.

During Roosevelt's four terms in office the Conspiracy managed to
accomplish almost all of its objectives. They seized control of the
national economy and split it into more or less equal shares between the
state and the multinationals of the time. They instigated a war which
destroyed the two main international stumbling blocks to their ambitions,
National Socialist Germany and the Asian empire of Japan. The millions of
human beings who died in this war have never troubled their sleep at all.
They created the United Nations as the blueprint for the future world
government which would take over once all national sovereignty was
abolished. The Jews got their "cut" in the form of the land of Palestine,
which they wanted to fulfill their messianic racial delusions.

There were two flies in the ointment, one of them widely recognized by
historians and one almost unremembered. The first was when Joseph Stalin,
unhappy with his slice of the pie, refused to join the Conspiracy and
brought the Iron Curtain crashing down after the Second World War. The Cold
War caused a delay of almost fifty years in the creation of the New World
Order that should have been imposed after 1945, according to the original
timetable laid out in the 1930s by the first Roosevelt/Hiss generation of
Conspirators. The second, now almost forgotten check occurred earlier, in
1935, when Franklin Roosevelt's attempt permanently to stack the U.S.
Supreme Court with liberals by adding ten more justices to be appointed by
him was defeated, the last real victory the United States Congress ever won
for the American people before it became totally corrupt. If the Conspiracy
had managed to pull this off then the Constitution would have been
destroyed overnight and some form of overt "social democratic" régime would
have been created. (Social Democracy is the European term for the political
alliance between liberalism and capitalism.) As things were, the
Conspirators were forced slowly, almost imperceptibly to chip away at the
Constitution until the 1950s when they finally got their liberal majority
on the court.

It is important to remember that our enemy is not a monolith. What we are
dealing with is a very loose, very fluid movement with many whirls and
eddies and ideological digressions. Down through the years the Conspiracy
has gone through a number of metamorphoses. Ingredients like 1960s
radicalism, environmentalism, feminism, organized sodomy, an obsessive
Zionism in foreign policy which demands complete subservience to Israel,
the civil rights industry and the culture of victimhood, all of these and a
hundred other variations on the idiotic liberal theme have left their
impression. Capitalism's contributions to the ongoing Conspiracy have
included several minor wars, unlimited Third World immigration, the
"liberation" of millions of women into the workforce to increase the labor
pool in order to keep wages down, and other bits and pieces related to the
pursuit of unlimited profit.

The Conspiracy is still essentially an alliance between the liberal
intelligentsia and the most ruthless elements of plutocracy, each with
their respective Jewish cohorts, but it has grown and mutated into bizarre
shapes which would probably have even Franklin Roosevelt turning in his
grave, although no doubt his wife Eleanor would have approved. Before the
Roosevelts the social and racial aspects of the Conspiracy were
underground, largely unspoken, and not fully understood or accepted by the
people involved. Even the most rabid capitalist of the Woodrow Wilson era,
for example, would not have suggested such an absurdity as racial equality.

The Conspiracy is not today and never has been one single, unified
movement. It is a collection of special interests, belief systems, and
trends which have flowed in the same direction like a river but which is
comprised of water from a number of tributary streams. In a way this is
bad--a single organized tyranny can always be overthrown, eventually. A
whole social, historical movement is much harder to divert, halt, and
reverse. But it can be done. Don't ever think that it can't be done! These
people are not invincible and their victory is not inevitable.

The trouble and expense which the implementation of the great Agenda is
causing has begun to outweigh the profits. The whole gargantuan,
generation-spanning Grand Plan has stumbled over the one great fact of life
in the human experience: the reality of race.

You see, the races of mankind are NOT equal. Blacks are NOT as intelligent
or as industrious or as manageable as Whites. This is the reason why
service labor in this country is now largely imported from the Third World;
blacks simply won't do the work any more. The welfare system has become a
drain on the Establishment's wealth which is no longer acceptable, hence
the so-called "welfare reform" movement which, stripped of verbiage, is an
effort to get blacks back onto the plantation and make them work and
produce profits and taxes. It is an attempt that will fail, as has every
other attempt over the past four hundred years to make the black man
economically viable.

Today the melting pot has become a festering trash heap. We allowed those
infamous lines, written by the Jewess Emma Lazarus, about giving us the
world's wretched refuse to be written on the Statue of Liberty, and that is
what we have gotten, in spades.

Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Haitians, mestizo Cubans, Hispanics of every
stripe, Filipinos, Russian Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Cambodians,
Laotian Montagnards, Ethiopians, Somalis, Arabs of every Middle Eastern
backwater---all are pouring across our borders unchecked and spilling off
every airplane that lands and every ship that docks in this country. For
all practical purposes, there is no immigration control of any kind in the
United States. They are taking our jobs, our hospital beds, our welfare
dollars, our medical and social services, our schools, and our daughters.
They fill our prisons. They sell drugs to our children. They transmit AIDS
and other infectious diseases. They depress wages by supplying an endless
source of cheap labor. In many parts of this country they are forcing their
native languages on the rest of us rather than learning to speak English as
White immigrants did in times past.

The destruction of the family that has been created by forcing White women
into the workforce has started to produce unpleasant and unprofitable
results in the form of expensive social chaos, and a deterioration in the
intelligence and competence of the workforce which is inconsistent with
continuing profit. The petty wars of Reagan, Bush, and Clinton have keptthe
military-industrial complex going and maintained a certain prosperity, but
the financial drain caused by our racial and social problems is too great
to be ignored. The judicial and administrative machinery of the Conspiracy
against our racial existence is breaking down as the System becomes
incompetent and niggerized itself through affirmative action. We have
always tended to exaggerate the strength, the competence, and the
efficiency of our enemy, and never more so than today.

ZOG's wall is rotten. A few good kicks will send it crashing down.


The Jew is the eternal enemy of Aryan values and Aryan culture. He is a
destroyer and has always been one.

Who are the authors of the left-liberal agenda, and whose are the guiding
hands that implement the plan? Who is behind this program to destroy all
standards of decency and racial self-respect, to propel young White girls
who are ashamed of being White into the beds of non-Whites? Who exactly is
it who wants to breed a new race of mongrels? It is here we finally come to
the linchpin of all racial questions: the Jew. We can no more honestly
discuss race-mixing and cultural poisoning without speaking of the Jew than
one can discuss disease without mentioning germs.

Time and again, White European host populations have succeeded in
unfastening this destructive and parasitic host from their necks and
removing them from positions of power and dominance, for the good of the
Whites' very survival. Invariably, an increase in health and prosperity of
the host population resulted. In England, for example, after this removal
occurred there blossomed a cultural renaissance of unprecedented
accomplishment, in which Shakespeare wrote his plays. The necessary
precursor to these White revolts against Jewish dominance was the increase
in racial feeling among the host people -- an upsurge in racial pride which
fueled the movement to flush out the alien dominators from their positions
of power.

However, this same group of people is still seeking to destroy the racial
feeling of its host population once and for all, through the means of
encouraging racial mixing along with promoting the invasion of White
homelands by swarms of faster-reproducing non-Whites. Racial mixing and
numerical engulfment will result in the ethnic eradication of Whites, and
their subsequent replacement with a mongrelized mixed-race mass. Thus the
problem of Aryan racial pride, which historically has always been the bane
of Jews, will successfully be neutralized. This is the Jews' final
solution for the historical problem of Aryan racial feeling: dissolution of
Whites by miscegenation and outnumbering by non-Whites. In other words, the
problem of White pride is being "solved" once and for all by the genocide
of Whites themselves.

And it follows logically. Aryans, like any race and species of creature
that walks, instinctively possess a special feeling for their own kind and
a natural xenophobia for those of a different kind. This natural xenophobia
exists in all beings in order to accomplish the evolutionary will towards
life forms of increasingly greater speciation by segregation. You can no
more eradicate this natural affinity for one's own than you can eliminate a
creature's will to breathe. Since this instinct can not be completely
rooted out through propaganda, there is no way to eliminate it save through
eliminating the PEOPLE themselves. This is being done by the dual forces of
miscegenation and outbreeding by non-Whites in former White homelands. In
this way Whites are being phased out.

By flooding White former homelands with non-Whites and effecting White
miscegenation, the problem of White racial feeling will effectively solved
for all time by dissolution. Afterwards, presumably Jews feel they can
carry on their traditional position of dominance and control of the
society, but for the first time there will be no opposition, as the
mongrelized population cannot assert racial pride, because by definition it
can have none. Without a deep sense of racial pride, the mulatto population
will not be able to oppose or overthrow Jewish rule.

The Jews have used their media and money power to label the natural and
healthy racial instinct within all people as "racism" and have declared
that specifically White racism is the root of nearly all evil in the world.
This has resulted in White people feeling guilty for a natural urge within
them, much like certain Christian sects made their adherents feel guilty
for the urge of sex. Guilt is an excellent weapon for controlling Whites
collectively. Whites demonstrate a weakness for guilt not present in other
peoples. The Jews, along with peoples of other races, have sensed this
weakness and exploited it in many ways. They have succeeded in making many
Whites feel guilty for possessing societies of higher civilizational and
technological advancement than non-Whites, and higher standards of living.
They use White guilt to convince Whites "you owe us."

The most dramatic success the Jews have achieved in the effort to make
Whites feel guilty is the "Holocaust" tale. This tale of endless
embellishment and little evidence is their greatest weapon to dissuade
Whites from opposing their ongoing racial dissolution. Every White effort
to organize themselves in uncompromising opposition to is automatically
identified as a form of incipient Nazism and thereby discredited.
"Segregation is what the Nazis wanted," the Jews crows. "Racial purity is
a Nazi ideal," they chant. "If you want to have a White society, then the
next thing you'll want to do is shove Jews into ovens like the Nazis did,"
they yammer.

Through their Holocaust campaign, they have succeeding in convincing
Whites that it is wicked to want to preserve one's own kind, and to do
whatever is necessary to preserve it. However, Jews know full well that
racism is not only not wicked, but it is the only force that allows a
people to survive. They know that any people who do not possess a healthy
affinity for their own kind will be dissolved and eradicated. They know
that a homeland is the very basis for biological survival and any people
without an exclusive homeland, protected by Whites and for Whites, will not
be able to survive. They know that racism is not only healthy, but
essential for a people's survival. They only want US to believe that it is
evil, because that illusion furthers their effort to destroy the threat of
White racial feelings.

Jewish propaganda in America is a great wonder. It is an unremitting
propaganda, fired aggressively at the public day and night, by the vast
communications industry that is, for all practical purposes, 100% under
Jewish control. A mere single article printed somewhere is not propaganda;
propaganda is a mass production industry. It does not seek merely to
persuade people to believe certain things. It seeks to dominate and select
the range of thought within which the popular mind will be allowed to

In addition to the primary purpose being served by the Jewish effort
towards White dissolution, Jewish dominance, there is also exists another
motivation: a conscious or unconscious combination of distrust, envy, and
resentment towards Whites. Jews traditionally have always been looked upon
as suspect in White societies and esthetically undesirable. Also, although
many Jews today have obtained White genes such as blue eyes, there still
exists the prominent Jewish prototype of dark hair, swarthy features, koala
eyes, and a large hooked nose. This made the Jews stand out among his host
societies, especially in the Nordic countries of Northern Europe. Today,
thousands of Jews each year pay to camouflage their own feature to look
like Aryans by surgically modifying their noses to the European standard of

In early Europe, Jews obtained a universal reputation for shrewdness in
commerce, and as a result were always viewed as a sinister figure in Old
European society. Reports of Jewish incidents of defrauding citizens in
every country they inhabited earned them the general reputation of
shysters. Furthermore, they added next to nothing to the European masters
of art and music. In short, Jews have historically been distrusted,
shunned, and marginalized in European civilization from the very beginning.
It is likely that there exists an element of resentment and envy, if not
revenge, in the Jewish effort to dissolve the White race.

It is necessary to emphasize that this Jewish promotion of Aryan racial
dissolution is not so much the result of a planned conspiracy as it the
result of an organic, instinctive, process. Jews are naturally and
rightfully threatened by the racial feelings of their White host
populations. For the first time in history, however, White homelands are
being overwhelmed by non-Whites and racial mixing is being encouraged by a
highly effective and sophisticated media, and it appears Jews are
effectively, even if instinctively, dealing with the problem of White
racial feeling, which has always been their bane. Many Aryans who begin to
realize this phenomenon are fooled by specious counter arguments which
maintain that there is no planned conspiracy by Jews against Whites,
therefore the Jewish efforts toward White racial dissolution do not exist.

Also advantageous to these alien destroyers is the fallacious myth this
group has succeeded in popularizing, which maintains that RACE DOES NOT
EXIST. Along with distracting Whites from any awareness of their existence
as a people and any concern for their people's ongoing eradication, this
myth serves to disarm Whites from believing that there exist instincts
which can serve as the primary means for group of people to unconsciously
and synergistically work in tandem to dominate and subvert their society --
because of which there is not much need for organized conspiracy. The
analogy of the termite here is useful. A group of termites do not
"conspire" to destroy a building -- they do it naturally. Their unity
originates WITHIN them, far more than without.

In the Talmud we find these words of Rabbi Baba Mezia: "Jews are human
beings; the other peoples of the world are but beasts". This deranged
Judaic vision of world conquest is symbolized in the esoteric Hebrew
mysticism of the Kabbalah, and by the Talmudic allegory of the World
Serpent, a gigantic snake depicted as girdling the globe with the head and
the tail meeting in Jerusalem. The Canadian Jewish intellectual, Max
Dimont, called the acquisition of worldwide power by the Jews through the
genetic admixture and destruction of every race (except the Jewish race),
every nationality, and every religion (except for Judaism) "...a true
Brotherhood of Man. Where would the capital of such a world order be? Why,
Jerusalem, of course."

The Zionist leader Maurice Samuel wrote in 1924: "We Jews, the
destroyers, will remain destroyers forever, because we need a world of our

Wherever there is organized degeneracy and corruption; wherever the
Christian religion is insulted, ridiculed, and vilified; wherever the White
woman is cheapened into a sex object and her role as wife and mother is
mocked and degraded; wherever our daughters and sisters are depicted in the
arms of non-Whites; wherever sex is commercialized and twisted into the
loathsome perversions of homosexuality, sado-masochism, feminism,
transvestism, pædophilia; wherever the White male and the Western
civilization he created are abused, reviled, and subverted, there you will
find the Jew. ALWAYS THE JEW!

Who created Communism, one of the crucial foundation blocks of today's New
World Order? The Jews Mordecai Levy, a.k.a. Karl Marx, as well as his
colleagues Friederich Engels, Karl Liebnecht, Victor Berger, Max Eastman,
Daniel De Leon, Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) with his armies of Jewish
commissars. Marxism has been an offshoot of Judaism from day one.

Who financed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia? Jewish capitalist
bankers such as Paul and Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, and the Rothschild

Who created feminism, the sexual perversion which teaches that women
should "liberate" themselves by rejecting marriage, home, and children and
by lesbian sexual relationships? Jewesses like Gloria Steinem, Betty
Friedan, Shulamith Firestone, Andrea Dworkin, Naomi Wolf, and Bella Abzug.

What organizations actively promote the murder of millions of unborn White
infants through abortion? The American Jewish Congress, the B'nai Brith
Women, the National Council of Jewish Women, the United Synagogues of
America, the Women's League of Conservative Judaism, the Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, the National Federation of Temple Sisters, the
American Jewish Committee, and the North American Federation of Temple
Youth have all come out in favor of the "pro-choice" agenda. Judaism is the
only major American religious denomination that gives unqualified support
to abortion, except for Orthodox Jewish rabbis who are adamantly opposed to
abortion---for Jews.

Who created the vile "counterculture" of the 1960s which now dominates our
universities, our government, and our air waves? "New Left" Jews like
Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd, Bernadine Dohrn, Herbert and Bettina
Aptheker, Allen Ginsburg, and Susan Sontag (who once described the White
race as "the cancer of history").

In the U. S. Congress, who are the chief instigators of government
violation of the Second Amendment right of all Americans to keep and to
bear arms? Jewesses Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, Jewish Congressmen
Charles Schumer and Barney Frank, former Senator Howard Metzenbaum and
present Senator Arlen Specter.

What is the basis for the Jews' universal and long standing historical
reputation for dishonesty and untrustworthiness? Every year, during the
most solemn holy day on the Jewish calendar, the Kol Nidre (All Vows) oath
is sung in Jewish synagogues. In fact, it is the liturgical high point of
the annual Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement festival. With the following Kol
Nidre oath, Jews ready themselves for another year among the Gentiles: "All
vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of names, which we have
vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this Day of Atonement
until the next Day of Atonement, whose arrival we hope for in happiness, we
repent aforehand of them all. They shall be deemed absolved, forgiven,
annulled, void, and made to no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have
any power; the vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not
be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths."

Whose influence thrust Great Britain into war with China to make the Far
East safe for the opium trade? The Jewish Sassoon family of bankers and
drug dealers.

Who were the traders in human flesh who brought the blacks to America? In
the Carnegie Institute publication entitled "Documents Illustrative of the
Slave Trade in America", we find the following partial listing of Jewish
owners of slave ships: Abraham Pereira Mendez, Aaron Lopez, Moses and
Samuel Levy, Jacob Franks, Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson, Justus Bosch, John
Abrams, Henry Cruger, Jacob Phoenix, Mordecai and David Gomez, Nathan
Marston, Abram Lyell, William DeWoolf and James DeWoolf, Jan De Sweets,
John and Jacob Roosevelt.

Indeed, the slave trade was almost entirely a Jewish enterprise as
far as the actual financing went. Black captives were sold into slavery by
their own chiefs or rival tribes on the West Coast of Africa, Yankee
skippers and crews captained the slave ships on the dangerous Middle
Passage and battled tropical storms, deadly diseases, hostile tribesmen on
the coast and the ever-present danger of slave revolts on board---while
Jews sat safe in Boston, Providence, Nassau, and Charleston and reaped the

Yet despite the role of the Jews in bringing the blacks to this country in
chains, who financed and directed the so-called "Civil Rights Revolution"
when it served their purposes later on? Jews like Jack Greenberg of the
NAACP legal department, Marvin Rich of CORE, Herbert Aptheker of the
Communist Party U.S.A., Jewish symphonic conductor Leonard Bernstein who
held fund-raising cocktail parties for the Black Panthers, and Rabbi Israel
Mill of the Rabbinical Council of America's Civil Rights Task Force. Of
the three so-called civil rights activists killed by Southern partisans in
the famous "Mississippi Burning" incident in 1964, one was a black and two
were Jews.

Look at Hollywood. Jews totally dominate the film industry. Although most
of the films are vulgar, violent trash, the Jews fall allover themselves in
giving each other awards for producing such. Jewish propaganda films flow
out of Hollywood (Schindler's List types) and across TV screens. Look
around! The USA of today mirrors the Germany of 1929.

Who writes the scripts of television shows which ridicule traditional
moral values, such as "Murphy Brown", and nauseous race-mixing drivel such
as the thankfully short-lived "True Colors"? Wait until the end of any
Hollywood movie or television sitcom and watch the credits roll. Notice all
the Goldbergs, Levines, Thisein and Thateins, Silvermans, Kagans, and
other obviously Jewish names.

Since Jews stick together as a race, they pull and shove each other up the
ranks of corporations and pull strings ensuring members of their race are
given first shot at student openings in the major universities.

The Jews in Weimar Germany used their propaganda levers to ridicule German
ideals. They even slandered the memory of the fallen German soldiers of
that terrible war, World War One. They encouraged race mixing in Germany as
a means to confuse the sharp love of ancestry that dwells in German
breasts. During the horror days of the great inflation, Jews by and large
were wealthy people. They took expensive vacations while ordinary Germans
starved. Today, Jews control 70% of the wealth in the U.S.A. Today, the
U.S.A. is totally dominated by Jews. Virtually every newspaper or magazine
is owned by Jews. Their self-serving propaganda constantly fills the TV
screen. The Federal government is totally under Jewish control. US military
forces are the pawn of Israel. The banks, the markets are theirs. They
systematically denigrate our Founding Fathers and our heritage. Adolf
Hitler arose and removed their yoke.

We must stop this malicious destruction of our culture and our nation. We
must refuse to allow ourselves to be deceived, indoctrinated, and
intimidated by an alien people. And make no mistake about it-the Jews are
an alien people in our midst. The Jewish U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis
D. Brandeis made this point clearly when he stated, "...Let us recognize
that we Jews are a distinct nation of which every Jew, whatever his
country, his station, or shade of belief, is necessarily a member."

Not only are they in our midst, they are occupants of all the seats of
power in this nation. They own the news media and the entertainment
industry. They control the Federal Reserve Bank and thereby enjoy a
stranglehold on the economic health or our people. By means of high
finance, they have gained control of corporate America. Using bribery,
blackmail, and deceit, they have seized control of the U.S. government
along with all the power of coercive force which goes along with it; the
result has been the open butchery of White separatists like the Weaver
family and non-approved religious dissidents such as the Branch Davidians
in Waco, Texas.

There is not only hope, there is the absolute certainty that the world
will be liberated from Jewish rule. There is little hope that such a
liberation will be a tidy or orderly process. We will not, for example,
elect some conservative candidate who will waft us gently back to the days
of McKinley, Foraker, and Uncle Joe Cannon. The world's liberation from
Jewish rule will be accomplished amid thunder and violence. The whole
process was already tried to its bitter end in Germany in the years between
1914 and 1945. Jewish power, exercised arrogantly over large Gentile
populations, brings its inevitable reactions of violence.

Here we come to one of the great basic errors of our age, a fundamentally
Jewish error. This is the belief that the masses can be managed and guided
and thus the shape of history can be determined by the Anglo-Zionist
aristocracy who seek to dominate the world. History has never been made in
such a fashion. Perhaps history is a 98% instinctive process; Oswald
Spengler has described its forms and norms brilliantly. The liberal theory
of history is bound to come to grief because it is based this fundamental
error: the overestimation of the ability of the Conspirators to control
events. The modern Jew is not a brilliant maker of the future, he is merely
a pyromaniac in a powder factory. He wanders ignorantly among the dangers
of human instincts, human lusts, and human reality.

For Aryan man there is only one alternative. We were shown the way by the
Third Reich and by the German nation, who for twelve glorious years refused
to act like rats in a maze knocking themselves out for a bit of cheese. In
1933 the Germans broke the plantation, and it took the entire world to
force them back on again.

But times are different now, and the New World Order is in fact far weaker
and more disorganized, more corrupt and more confused and less able to
suppress rebellion than it was in 1939. National Socialism survives even in
Germany, despite the most vicious persecution. Like Marxism, unrestrained
capitalism DOESN'T WORK, although it does function more effectively, but
for a time only. Eventually capitalism's contradictions catch up with it.
The New World Order is already starting to fumble.

Our victory is not only possible. It is certain.


What is National Socialism?

National Socialism is a world view (weltanschaung) for White
people, based on the ideas and concepts of the German racial nationalist
philosopher and statesman Adolf Hitler (1889-1945). National Socialism was
adapted to the political and racial conditions of the United States by the
late U. S. Navy Commander George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967).

Owing to the tragic and unnecessary suffering which took place
during the Second World War, and because certain powerful elements in our
society to this day maintain an interest in obscuring and concealing the
truth, half a century after the war's end massive misconceptions still
exist in America today about what National Socialism was and is. The
National Socialist body of belief is founded on three principles:

1. NATURAL ORDER. We believe that the universe is governed by
natural laws. In order for man to be happy and successful, he must first
learn what these laws are and then follow them. We believe that man is a
part of the natural world and that he is in no way separate from or
distinct from it. Because of this, we believe that society should be
structured in accordance with the laws of nature, and not in opposition to
them as is the case today.

2. RACIAL IDEALISM. Racial idealism is based on the love of one's
own people. It means placing the interests and the welfare of the racial
community to which you belong ahead of your own personal interests and
desires. As racial idealists we have no wish to harm, exploit, or persecute
any other racial groups, despite a persistent media propaganda campaign of
abuse and deliberate falsification to the contrary. We are only interested
in protecting our own people against extinction, a fate all too likely is
nothing is done about present conditions in America.

We believe that all men are NOT created equal. Just as every
individual has his own strengths and weaknesses, so each race has certain
qualities that make it different from other races. We believe that the
White (or Aryan) race has the right to maintain its own biological,
cultural, and political independence and integrity, and that we have the
right to control our own destiny. We also believe that the White race has
the right to defend itself against all physical, economic, and spiritual
assaults, no matter where they come from.

than just defend our race; we want to see it improve. This can be done by
encouraging a high birth rate among those sections of the White population
which are the healthiest, strongest, and most intelligent. At the same
time, our science should work to eliminate hereditary weaknesses and
defects among our people. Our goal is that each new generation of White
children will be better than the one before it.

National Socialism does not advocate or teach any kind of racial hatred.
It simply states the reality of nature: that different races have different
abilities and different needs. These different abilities -- given by nature
and result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution --cannot be
changed by social programmes, by political dogma or by enforcing
dictatorial policies of racial integration which effectively undermine and
destroy Aryan identity and Western culture.

The reality of National Socialism, as distinct from the lies about
National Socialism ceaselessly propagated by its enemies, is that it is
concerned primarily with the welfare and future of Aryans, and does not
desire other races to be or become 'second-class' citizens or slaves in a
future National Socialist nation. Rather, it desires the complete
geographical separation of Aryans from all non-Aryans as the only means of
creating a civilized, harmonious way of life for Aryans. Neither does or
would National Socialism encourage the genocide of other races - that is a
lie (like the lie of the Holocaust) ceaselessly spread by our enemies in
order to discredit National Socialism and in order to brainwash Aryans into
accepting anti-Aryan, and anti-evolutionary, policies of racial
integration. Instead, in its relationship with other races, a National
Socialist society - once established and secure - would encourage those
other races to become aware of their own racial identity and uniqueness, so
enabling them to create their own ethnic states dedicated to the well
being and advancement of those other races.

The present-day opponents of National Socialism are not other races,
but those people, political parties, interest groups or governments that
seek to undermine Aryan identity and Aryan culture by pursuing social and
political policies detrimental to Aryans. The enemies of National
Socialism are those who oppose the creation of an Aryan homeland, and those
who oppose the racial principles and ideals of National Socialism.

Since National Socialism is an expression of the nobility of the Aryan,
it represents all that is best, and thus civilized, about the Aryan.
National Socialism is a conscious affirmation of those values that are
central to civilized conduct -- honor, loyalty and duty. National Socialism
is also an expression of what it is to be human. It expresses the essence
of our humanity, of how we came to be thinking beings [the evolution of
races] and what is necessary for this evolutionary development to be
preserved and extended. These things are race, and racial character as
evident in the individuals of a particular race.

Fundamentally, National Socialism seeks to create an Aryan homeland and
within that homeland the right social, political and spiritual conditions
to enable civilized individuals to flourish. National Socialism seeks to
encourage civilized conduct as it seeks to create a civilized way of life
for Aryans. Accordingly, National Socialists champion and represent that
noble idealism which is essential to civilization.

The primary concern of National Socialism is the Aryan, with creating a
better future for Aryans. National Socialists are motivated by a genuine
concern for their own people, their own heritage and culture. They wish to
make their noble idealism real. They wish to inspire other Aryans with this
noble idealism. This is a positive, healthy and civilized.

National Socialism desires the Aryan to fulfill that unique destiny
that National Socialism believes has been given to the Aryan by nature.
This destiny, essentially the creation of a Galactic Empire, involves the
Aryan and only the Aryan. It does not require the subservience of other
races, or their destruction. It requires the creation, by Aryans, of an
Aryan homeland

National Socialism desires the Aryan to fulfill that unique destiny
that National Socialism believes has been given to the Aryan by nature.
This destiny, essentially the creation of a Galactic Empire, involves the
Aryan and only the Aryan. It does not require the subservience of other
races, or their destruction. It requires the creation, by Aryans, of an
Aryan homeland and then the creation of a truly Aryan way of living and
thus the emergence of a new civilization greater than any existing
hitherto. The immediate aim of National Socialism is to make real, for the
majority of Aryans, the goodness, the nobility, the hopes and aspirations
that we Aryans hold in our hearts. Whatever our enemies may say, whatever
their propaganda may express, this is the simple truth about National
Socialism which they, for their own evil ends, are trying so hard, so
brutally and so hatefully to suppress.

When we look around us and see the degree to which society has
deteriorated, anyone could be forgiven for believing that the situation is
beyond recovery, that America is simply too far gone to survive, and there
is no hope at all that anything will ever change. Our world is not only
controlled by soul deadening Jewish materialism, but it's full of madness.
Drugs, AIDS, rampant sexual perversion, homeless trash on every street
corner, rampant race-mixing on television and at every turn, unspeakably
brutal crimes committed mostly by non-Whites against White victims, but
also on occasion committed by soulless White people who have given in to
the dark side. There is pervasive corruption and dishonesty in every aspect
of government, economic chaos and increasing White poverty, affirmative
action, pointless stupid military invasions of Third World countries. All
these things and more are the byproducts of a century of liberal democracy.

It's overwhelming. No wonder the vast majority of White Americans have
simply given up and they're just hunkering down trying to stay out of it
all and survive. But that is what you as a National Socialist MUST NOT DO.
It is your racial duty not only to fight against the Judaic evil that
pervades the world, but to do so with faith and hope in your heart that
victory will some day be ours.

As a National Socialist you should also be studying world history,
extensively, and when you look at the past you will observe one historical
truth above all others: nothing lasts forever. Always hold on to that
thought. Babylon, Carthage, Rome, the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires,
Tsarist Russia, the British Empire -- some of these governments and
societies lasted for thousands of years, and all of them thought they would
last forever. They were wrong. ZOG thinks it will last forever, and ZOG is
wrong too.

The struggle in which we are engaged can be categorized in many
ways, but one of the best and most accurate descriptions is that we are
part of a conflict between two value systems: materialism, which is
essentially Jewish in nature, and idealism, which springs from the Aryan
racial personality. Materialism places its primary emphasis on THINGS
rather than on people. It is a world view that considers man to be
essentially an economic unit of production and consumption rather than a
thinking, spiritual being. Thus we can see that both of the two world views
which have held Western society in thrall during this century, Marxism and
capitalism, are both variations of Jewish materialism. Hardly surprising,
when one considers that Jews created them both as organized philosophies.

Judaic Marxism and Judaic capitalism have very much in common
despite their ostensible opposition to one another. Both systems practice
centralized state control of every aspect of human thought or activity,
although capitalism sometimes does this in a milder and gentler form. Both
Jewish materialistic systems view human labor as a commodity to be bought,
sold, and regulated like any other industrial resource. Finally, both
Marxist and capitalist régimes rigidly forbid any deviation of thought or
purpose from their citizens, and severely punish anyone who attempts to
find any way out, politically or religiously. The Soviet Union had the
GULAGs, while in this country ZOG murdered the Weaver family and the
children of Waco. The difference is only a matter of style.

National Socialist idealism, on the other hand, believes in quality of
life as opposed to quantity of people and consumer goods. National
Socialism understands that, as the saying goes, man cannot live by bread
alone, that he is more than a producing and consuming animal. Human
existence must have some kind of religious or spiritual aspect if it is to
have meaning, and it is essential that a healthy society provide
development of everything that is good in the human character -- courage,
creativity, a sense of civic duty, self-sacrifice, love of family and of
Folk, a reverence for the past and for the entire mystery of life.

These are not material values, and we see every day in America what
happens when these moral and ethical attributes are denied and suppressed.
White Americans today have lost all sense of direction, what remains of
their traditional culture and values are crumbling under the onslaught of
degeneracy and materialistic money-grubbing, and they have become
spiritually weak and soft as butter. It is time for a moral and ethical
system based on racial values and racial idealism to step forward and
assume responsibility for cleaning up this mess, but before we can change
society we must first change ourselves inside, through the National
Socialist ideal of Adolf Hitler.

To be a National Socialist, a Nazi, a White revolutionary in modern-day
America is the most difficult task one could possibly undertake. No other
lifestyle is as vilified and attacked by the powers that be. The
government, the media, every cultural and political institution, Hollywood,
and even our own friends and family members are lined up against us. Almost
overwhelming pressure is exerted against us to conform, to go with the
flow, to submit to the inevitable. Every day an avalanche of deceit and
lies is hurled down upon us. We are insulted and spat upon by the very
people for whom we are risking our lives and freedom to save. The people we
wish to liberate from political tyranny and racial slavery hate us, and
actually join forces to march against us side by side with the same
reptiles who wish to enslave us forever.

A true National Socialist does not enter into the Movement in search of
some petty personal gain. He enters the battle for the sole purpose of
combating the enemies of his Folk. Commander Rockwell said that the purpose
of life was to struggle for what you believe in and to enjoy the struggle
as much as you can. That is the very essence of the National Socialist's
existence, to struggle against those who seek to destroy his Race and to
have fun doing it.

A National Socialist must adopt an aristocratic conception of life. He
must understand the simple fact that Aryan man achieves his full potential
only when he abandons his concern for material comfort and lives the robust
life of the condottiere, a life animated by acts of heroism and adventure.
He must completely turn his back on all the degeneracy and selfish
debaucheries of the modern Jew-dominated world. He must be a man against
time. Everything the Jew stands for he must hold in utter contempt.

To be a true National Socialist it is essential to immerse oneself
completely in the National Socialist ideology. Just as a serious and
dedicated Marxist devotes hours of his time to the study of the work of
Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky, a sincere National Socialist must be thoroughly
familiar with the works of the great writers and theoreticians of our
Tradition. He must read Hitler, Rosenberg, Codreanu, Rockwell and Goebbels.
A constant, ongoing study of National Socialist theory will reinforce his
National Socialist faith and nourish his mind and spirit with nutrition of
the soul.

Isolating oneself from family members, old friends, and so-called normal
society is an extremely difficult task. But it is absolutely necessary.
When one puts on the Swastika armband and declares oneself to be a National
Socialist, one must be prepared to make the sacrifices that are required. A
true National Socialist not only works day and night for the cause of
racial revolution in society, but he must also be prepared to create a
revolution within himself. He must transform himself into a New Man, a
political soldier of Adolf Hitler.