Building a Whiter and Brighter World

Author: Ben Klassen
Format: Paperback

Creativity Book Publisher
Pub. Date: 1986

Building a Whiter and Brighter World

00. Forward

01. Creativity, Creed and Program

Racial Loyalty Issue 13
02. Let Us Make Hay While the Sun Still Shines
03. The School for Gifted Boys is Becoming a Reality

Racial Loyalty Issue 14
04. Dispersion and Polarization
05. A Two Way Benefit

Racial Loyalty Issue 15
06. Who's Trying to Save What and Whom - Precisely
07. Creativity Unique

Racial Loyalty Issue 16
08. Point of No Return
09. Vas You Dere, Charlie?

Racial Loyalty Issue 17
10. Knocking the Key Weapon from Out of the Enemy's Hands
11. How to Overcome the Real Haters
12. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
13. Our Autistic World

Racial Loyalty Issue 18
14. Selection of Racial Terms Deliberate
15. Odinism: Rising Phoenix or Dead Horse?

Racial Loyalty Issue 19
16. The Era of Political Parties is Over

Racial Loyalty Issue 20
17. The Time Has Come for the White Race to Establish its Own Pole Star

Racial Loyalty Issue 21
18. Custer's Last Stand
19. School for Gifted Boys - A Progress Report
20. Critique of a Critique

Racial Loyalty Issue 22
21. Expanding and Proliferating the Misery
22. Today's Martyrs and Heroes of the White Race

Racial Loyalty Issue 23
23. The Death of Nature's Finest or the Rebirth of a New Era?
24. Protocol for World Conquest, 1956
25. Financial Collapse Imminent?
26. Aloha to You too, Kamaaina!

Racial Loyalty Issue 24
27. Our Race is our Religion
28. Comparative Religions - Part I- Mohammedanism
29. Mohammedanism vs. Creativity - A Comparison
30. More About Mohammedanism
31. Physician, Heal Thyself

Racial Loyalty Issue 25
32. Arouse the Slumbering Giant
33. Comparative Religions - Part II - Judaism
34. Judaism vs. Creativity - A Comparison
35. Amadeus, You Wuz Robbed!

Racial Loyalty Issue 26
36. Saving our Precious Planet from Becoming a Chemical Garbage Dump
37. Comparative Religions - Part III - Christianity
38. Christianity vs. Creativity - A Comparison
39. Israel, a Parasitic Nation

Racial Loyalty issue 27
40. The Festering Ulcer on the Soft Underbelly of the United States
41. The Camel in the Tent
42. Comparative Religions - Part IV - Roman Catholicism
43. Roman Catholicism vs. Creativity - A Comparison
44. Saving our Planet - Part II - Nuclear Pollution

Racial Loyalty Issue 28
45. The Black Tide and the Mud Flood are upon us