Skinheads have been the backbone of the movement for decades. Most skinheads I know are the first to act, the most passionate and the first to get something done. Skinheads always make up the majority and the core of supporters at every rally, protest and public function I've ever been to.

I don't know any skinheads that do drugs. Skinheads I know are not drunks. The majority are upstanding, working class, blue collar or white collar, responsible people, with families and children. They are true national socialists and are true to their convictions. Most skinheads I know live by the 14 words, and, the 14 words and national socialism go hand in hand.

While some may think being a skinhead is a fashion statement, perhaps it was for you, or some. But for the majority of us we chose to represent ourselves and our ideology with the clean cut appearance of the modern day urban warrior. The street-fighter. We want people to know we are proud of our race.

Many of us have long since gotten well on our way in our professions, and often dress like a normal, everyday soccer dad. However, once a skinhead, always a skinhead. Being a skinhead is always in the heart and the lifestyle never leaves the head. Skinheads that I know, older ones like myself, have stayed true to their ideology and their way of life, never faltering.

The real struggle is not at the pubs, its not at the gigs or concerts and every skinhead I know, is well aware of that fact. The real struggle is in how you live, how you raise your children, it is at the rallies, the lobbies, the protests and the civil functions and voting booths. I am probably not telling any skinhead anything he doesn't already know.

My point is that some people have a diluted or short sighted view of what a skinhead is. Try and look a little deeper and get to know some true skinheads and you will, I'm sure, find out that I am right.

I became a skinhead in the early 1980's and later became an active member of the Chicago Area Skinheads 20 years ago, the first white power Skinhead crew in the United States. I believe in White Power, I believe in having pride in one's race. I am an advocate of White Nationalism and National Socialism.

National Socialism is the belief that a state should be the mechanism by which a race helps itself, in the same manner that a family helps itself. That's the true meaning of National Socialism. That's what we need in America today.

Skinheads, arm yourselves with every bit of knowledge and networking tool you can embrace. Get active and be a part of something. If you are a member of NA, NSM, WR, ANP and AN, all the better and more power to you. Tear down the walls. If we do not consolidate we will perish.

Live your life true to your convictions. While it is important to see outside the box and keep the big picture in retrospect, even the smaller facets of our existence in regard to living one's life like a true Aryan and white person mean profoundly, not succumbing to any form of racial deviancy. While you may not think it is that important that some claim "white power" and listen to rap music, I disagree, and I know I am not alone. Weed out mud-culture from your existence and your life, at every level, no matter how insignificant it may seem.

Do not associate with the lesser races. Do not buy their products, especially their music. Do not talk to them. You do not want to know them, they are not ok, and they are the enemy of the advancement of our race. White people currently make up 7%-15% of the world's population. We are a dying breed. I beg you, do not poison your existence with any form of mud culture. Do not pass onto your children the idea that, "some things about blacks or jews is ok". Their music, their food, their dress style, their dwellings, and everything about them has infiltrated our social, religious, economic, and political structures, and has poisoned our ability to advance as a people.

Do not get duped. Do not be an unwitting tool. Apathy will kill us all. Stay strong, stay true. Do not falter from the path of righteousness.

Remember, you represent us all...

Hail Victory, Hail Hitler, Hail Blood & Honor.

818/828 Hessler

This quote is from the B&H International magazine Route 88:

"We believe in Direct Action, Leaderless Resistance and National Revolution. We base that belief, not only on the company we keep, but we take this radical, often lonely and always dangerous stand because we have seen the failures of the old ways.

And the entities and ideas which failed at the peak of their strength can hardly be picked up and polished as a new alternative for the future, which will surely become far more alarming and oppressive times. '


Frequently Asked Questions about Skinheads
Source: Meta-Religions

Q. In one sentence, can you describe what a Skinhead is?

A. A Skinhead is a Soldier of the Fourth Reich.

Q. What would a Skinhead generally look like?

A. Well, they obviously will vary, but in general, most of them have tattoos, shaved or very short hair (#1 crop), are from the white working class, Dr. Marten's or Combat boots are the favorites, braces (suspenders), flight jacket, Fred Perry's, rolled up jeans, all add up to our uniform. A fringe hair cut on female skinheads, aka Skinbyrds, is called a Chelsea cut. A Byrd in England means a girl.

Q. I've noticed different colored laces in skinhead boot's before. Can you tell me why that is and why straight laced?

A. Straight laced red laces in your boots means the blood that's been shed for the white race and the blood your willing to shed for the white race. Common among Neo-Nazi's. Straight laced white laces in your boots means White Power. Common among non neo-Nazi skinheads. Black laces means "fresh cut". Blue laces for sXe skinheads.

Q. And the different colored braces?

A. Same as the laces.

Q. Can you tell me a little bit more about the flight jackets and patches etc.. that skinheads wear?

A. The Alpha MA-1 Flight Jackets are the easiest to find, since they can be bought relatively at any military surplus store.

Most skinheads though have a Celtic Cross patch above your heart along with a Blood & Honor patch somewhere on the flight representing the concept that Ian Stuart brought forth for skins. Also I've seen a lot of skins having a Skinhead patch in old English lettering on your upper back, right below your neck representing the tattoo that usually lies right below of the same thing.

One more patch I'd like to mention is Skrewdriver's fist patch with the wording White Power right above it. A right handed fist representing right-wing, whereas the commie left wing have a left handed fist.

Q. And the different colored flight jackets?

A. Oh yeah, this isn't a rule of thumb, but usually happens this way. Black flight jackets for the male skinhead, red/burgundy flight jackets for the female skinhead, green/camo flight jackets for the survivalist/skinheads and the blue flight jackets are usually associated with straight-edge skinheads. sXe for short. I personally recommend two flight jackets, one with patches, one without any. Preferably a simple green one without patches for obvious reasons.

Q. Uniform you say? Any resemblance to the Brown Shirts?

A. In as much as the brown shirts wore a uniformed look and were Hitler's Elite Guard, we are the same. We are fighting a propaganda war, so let's dress smart and be open about it.

On an additional note, I personally recommend "Grinders" as opposed to Doc Martins since they're sturdier built. Nothing beats a good pair of blue jeans rolled up, marble colored steel capped Grinders, red braces and a black Fred Perry shirt. That's classic casual wear. We're living in militant times, not PAX days. But being militant does not mean being illegal.

Q. Are you guys Nazis then?

A. No we are not Nazis, we are National Socialists.

Q. Where did the concept of Skinheads originate from?

A. The Skinhead movement began in England in the late '60s. It had become a fashion there among some groups of young factory workers to shave their heads, because they had to keep their hair cut short anyway in order to avoid getting it caught in the machinery. As Racial, Social, and economic conditions in Britain deteriorated, these young, White Factory workers were among the hardest hit. Specifically, because of an open door immigration policy on behalf of Britain, all these non-whites from third world countries came pouring into the island. These white youths rebelled and "reacted" to the problems by going around beating up any and ALL non-whites, especially the immigrants who were taking their jobs.

Q. So a shaved head is a simply a fashion statement?

A. NO!!! The original skinheads had to shave their heads because of their jobs. But then they became known as "skinheads" and it became part of our subculture. Not only does it represent the very thought of "skinhead" but in a fight you already have an advantage of not getting your hair pulled out. The great white Romans used to shave their heads too right before battle, so the concept of a shaved head is nothing new. Although now it's synonymous with white youth, aka Skinheads!

Q. What's this about Skinheads & pakis we used hear so much about?

A. Pakistanis "pakis" were England's largest immigrants flooding in at the time, and the young white factory workers soon realized that these mud's were bringing unemployment, disease, lower wages... etc, so they reacted by riding around looking for a Paki to bash, thereby getting the term "Paki Bashing".

Q. What's this we hear about Jamaicans having shaved heads too?

A. England at the time was the whore to all non-white immigration, and thus being the case, all the scum of the world wanted to come to "Great Britain". Jamaican's used to put cow shit in their hair for their dreadlocks, so upon entering England, the government forced them to shave their heads to prevent the spread of diseases. It was only a matter of time before they once again had a full head of hair (if you can even call it that) and they too were early victims of white youth aggression.

You may note that there's a lot of 12 yr old kids web pages out there claiming to be "trads" and saying that the Jamaicans and the original skinheads were all together in one big happy gay brotherhood.

This very concept is being promoted by the jews as explained further on, but let me make one obvious point. Whereas the term "paki bashing" is well known for meaning the original skinheads rode around looking to beat up non-white immigrants, do you honestly think at the same time they would go back to a bar and then hang out with non-white immigrants from Jamaica? I mean come on folks, there is no difference here, one is a nigger from a third world island, one is a sand nigger from a third world dump in the east. Both, in the skinheads eyes, were invading their homeland with their high crime, causing unemployment, disease...etc...

It's so ludicrous and silly but never-the-less I've taken the opportunity to point out the hypocrisy involved in it. The only reason I do so is because invariably a lot of people may type in the key word "skinhead" in a search engine and find a web page promoting homosexuality & equality under the name of skinheads but this is absurd. One could get the impression from reading their web pages that skinheads are all hippies/commies/druggies with short hair. Logic & history states otherwise, and when logic fails, force prevails.

Q. So then what happened next?

A. Well, the Skinhead subculture naturally moved to America and the first reported Skins in the U.S. were C.A.S.H. An acronym for Chicago Aryan (Area - Ed.) Skinheads a.k.a. Romantic Violence. The usage of names from your town along with Aryan Skin Head is common. You have CASH, BASH, SMASH (South Miami Aryan Skin Heads), LASH , etc... And the rest is history...

Q. Were the original skinheads out-right Neo-Nazis?

A. No, they weren't out-right Neo-Nazis, but they were White Pride, had pride in their Country, and were also proud to be England's White Working Class. Now, with everything else in life, you have evolution, and over a period of time, youth finally began to realize that the government and their flag do NOT represent white working class but the Rich Jewish Upper Class. So the flag waving days are long gone and with that, most skinheads have adopted a new flag of their choice, be it the Blood Banner of the Nazi Party or the Celtic Cross as the World-Wide Skinhead symbol of White Heritage. It was a simple evolution from white working class, "paki bashing" skinheads to National Front skinheads to what we have today.

Q. Are skinheads Patriotic and fly the American Flag?

A. Like I said in the last question, those days are long gone. Although skinheads are 100% patriotic, it's not to our jewish government that we pledge allegiance to anymore. In the early 80's, most American Skinheads still waved the flag and pledged allegiance to it, not really knowing all of the jews representing our government and foreign policy but the trend has been pulled away from that whereas very few American Skinheads still wave the American flag anymore. Many do fly the original stars & stripes that has the 13 stars, so we are extremely patriotic to the great conquest of our forefathers and we are extremely anti-communist, like any proud American should rightfully be. But we burn the jewish American rag, PROUD & PATRIOTIC! Anyone dares call us un-American I say look at the jews "Israel First" policy even though the filthy parasites were born in America. Auslander Rauss!

Q. Can you explain about S.H.A.R.P. & R.A.S.H. then?

A. The age old Jewish M.O. is "Divide & Conquer". The jews fully realizing that the most dangerous thing to happen is the Skinhead movement simply because of their dedication to ACTION! So they cleverly came up with something to wreck this potential. In 1989 the ADL in San Francisco went to the skinhead capital of the world, Portland Oregon, and sought out low-lives & punks. They paid these two punks to shave their mohawks and to dress and look like skinheads, but to be "anti-racist". It wasn't real hard to find punks whom were pissed off at skinheads, since a lot of punks got beaten up for being freaks. So Skin Heads Against Racial Prejudice (two "good" sharps) was formed. That's called an oxymoron. Basically the concept is to have the skinheads fighting each other, therefore being to busy to contemplate ACTION against the real Master of Hate, the filthy KIKES. RASH is just more want to-be skinheads. And you also now have G.A.S.H. Gay Aryan SkinHeads, a bunch of faggots, so they say. I don't personally believe its true, I think it's just a paid jewish group to disrupt the concept of "skinheads". To make it seem like a joke. That's my opinion. No known faggots would ever show up to a WP rally or even associate with anyone willing to die for the "white family". These faggots have nothing to do with WP, as much as these other fakes have anything to do with WP. The only good faggot is a dead faggot. Period. Either way, none of these want to-be skinhead groups amount to anything.

Q. That's a mighty wild claim. How can you prove the ADL thing?

A. The San Francisco ADL were caught buying Skinhead Arrest Records from the SF Police Chief, so if you can get a copy of any news article, and trace it to the arrest record, that's your proof.


I've been researching it a little bit at a time, since I've been real busy, but here's a couple of articles I've found so far. There are many more, and if you have time, look it up and email me with a URL so I can post it. Thanks.

"In the early 1990s, for example, the Portland Police Bureau was found to have shared information on suspected neo-Nazis and white supremacists with a range of "human rights" organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Portland police memos were discovered in the files of Tom Gerard, a retired San Francisco cop who had apparently been a longtime intelligence asset for the ADL..."

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The Anti-Defamation League reached a tentative settlement in a lawsuit...

Ruling Allows Activists To Sue Over Disclosure

Corruption of America's Police by the ADL by Dr. William Pierce


Since I'm currently still working on this ara section, I'm not sure as to where the most appropriate place will be, so for the time being, I figured it will be after the adl/sharp scandal. Since there's plenty of evidence to prove the ADL also funds the ara punks. For the time being, here's some really good links I've found while "surfing":



Q. Why do you hate the jews so much, or just "hate" in general?

A. Love & hate go hand in hand. If you love your family, then it's a natural instinct to hate that which would want to threaten your family. So then the parasitical race of jews are a direct threat to the White Race, whom we love dearly, therefore we hate them for their actions directed AGAINST us. If they want to stay in Israel and leach off the Palestinians, then that's their problem. But instead they want to live in America and be Parasites of Society and control the mass media and deliberately lie about anyone who is proud to be white. It's ok to be black & proud, or jewish & proud of it, but if you're white & proud, you're a bigot, NAZI, Fascist, Racist, hatemonger, Skinhead... you get the point I'm making.

Q. But what about the poor innocent jews that died in the holocaust? All 6 million of them?

A. There is no proof what-so-ever that any of them were systematically "gassed". It's a money making lie. The propaganda of the victor becomes the history of the vanquished!

I strongly recommend reading a book by David Duke entitled "My Awakening" which explains a lot of the propaganda techniques the jews use to milk the white masses.. Highly recommended!

Holocaust Myth 101

Q. What do you plan on doing with all the "mud" races in America that have made America their home?

A. We plan on using the very same formula the jews used in establishing their homeland in the middle east. They forced the Palestinians right off their homeland in order to create their parasitical state (Israel), yet no one even cries for the innocent Palestinian women & children who have had to suffer from this ordeal. Therefore, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Q. Didn't God create us all equal? And doesn't it clearly say in the Old Testament that the Jews are "God's Chosen People"?

A. First off, I don't believe in a God, therefore whatever "supposedly" he says is irrelevant, and second, we believe that the jews wrote the New Testament to confuse the Goyim (term used to call a white person, meaning "Cattle"). The jews sure as hell don't believe in the New Testament or any suicidal teachings it so dearly holds in it. The jews don't believe we are all equal, they believe THEY ARE THE CHOSEN ONES. How equal is that? Nor do they believe in "Turn the other cheek" "Resist Not evil" but instead believe in "An Eye for an Eye". Quite clearly the exact opposite, I'd say.

Q. So that's why you bring religion into it, as in Racial Holy War?

A. Yes, because since the beginning of time, it's been an ongoing "holy" war waged by the jews against Nature's most magnificent Creature, the Noble White Race. Therefore, we wish to fight fire with fire, and we make no bones about it. RAHOWA is our battle cry!

I'd also like to point out that many different organizations use the battle cry "RAHOWA" to represent the impending race war.

Q. Isn't RAHOWA a band too?

A. Yes, RAHOWA is also a band, metal style. Although most skins listen to our very own distinct sound called Oi!, and once again, as in all forms of life, you have evolution. Therefore we have skinheads playing all kinds of musical variety. Oi! is still the all time classic though.

Q. What does Oi! mean and can you name the most influential Oi! band ever?

A. Oi! means "hey" and came from a greeting term among the working class of England in the late '60s and soon became our style of music, since it represents the white working class. One of the most legendary bands is Skrewdriver founded by Ian Stuart, the grandfather of all skinheads. By a tragic twist of fate, he died in '93, but his music lives on now & forever and can be pretty much be found anywhere they sell WP CD's & tapes. Ian also gave us the concept of Blood & Honor which are skinheads in different countries which promote the skinhead subculture. They pretty much all have a skin 'zine you can order. There are hundreds of Oi! bands to choose from that are available today. 4-skins, Condemn 84, Brutal Attack are also classics.

Ian Stuart - R.I.P.

Q. So Oi! is a distinct skinhead style of music. Any other styles strictly "skinhead" ?

A. There's also RAC. Stands for Rock Against Communism. So you have Oi & RAC. The Band English Rose is typical RAC. So is Youth Defense League.

There's also a new brew of music coming out in the 90's and it's called Hatecore with violent bands like Blue Eyed Devils and Aggravated Assault leading the assault.

Q. How is the punk scene and the skinhead scene related?

A. There is absolutely no relation to the "punk" scene, and in fact most skinheads hate "punks" and their whole lifestyle, which basically resembles that of a hippie with Elmer's glue in his hair. The true definition of "punk" means one in prison who enjoys homosexual sexual acts. That term fits those misfits with spike collars around their necks pretty good in my humble opinion. Most ARA are punks. I'm not saying necessarily all punks are losers, but they sure seem to fill the ranks of jewish bank rolled organizations like the ARA. We are young white warriors who dress and act militant, we don't get freaky tattoos, we don't do drugs, we don't sniff Elmer's glue, we don't get freaky piercing's that could hinder your ability to fight. I strongly encourage people to read books, eat healthy and work out. Look smart, be smart.

And in regards to Anarchy and Anarchist, I find that some mean well, the only problem is social misfits like the ARA use the Anarchy symbol. If the Anarchist, the true Anarchist, could purge themselves of the commies and left-wing scum like the ARA, then a military allegiance with them would be a possibility.

Q. What's the largest skinhead crew?

A. Without a doubt, the Hammerskin Nation. By and for skinheads only.

Q. Every time I go to a skinhead concert, I hear Sieg Heil , 14 words, 88 and ZOG. What do those words and numbers mean?

A. Sieg Heil means Hail Victory in German. The 14 words are "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children" and 88 means: The eighth letter of the alphabet is H, so H H , Heil Hitler. ZOG means Zionist Occupational Government in regards to the federal whores who enjoy burning innocent women & children alive. Straight to the point.

Q. What would be your favorite beer?

A. ALL Skinheads know their beer, and many have varieties, but we can all agree on Guinness beer being the all time best! Let me just stress one point though, while we may like our beer & women, we know our limit and we must remain in control of ourselves if we are to win this war. Things must be kept in perspective. As in all things, over indulgence is disastrous and dangerous to yourself.

Q. So, if I was to want to read more about Skinheads, the whole subculture, etc.. where else could I go?

A. There are so many different publications that, for simplicity sake, I'll just give you a couple URL's to go to and you can print it out at your leisure. One more note, read alt.skinheads for any new skinhead pages or anything "underground".

Don't forget to access "The Top Ten Skinhead List" for more skinhead pages.

Q. Is it true that some skinheads dabble in drugs?

A. No real skinhead will do any kind of drugs. Period. Whereas some skinheads do smoke cigarettes and drink (obviously), drugs are for hippies, niggers & ara punks.

Q. Can you explain what we so often see as a crucified skinhead?

A. The crucifixion symbol has been used eternally but for skinheads it represents how we've never had a fair chance from no one and we've been crucified by the general public from day one. From the very beginning, the media, the music companies, clubs, everyone has generally crucified the very thought of skinheads. The working class has always been crucified. So we like to show off that anger by getting a tattoo of a crucified skin.

Q. Since you made several references about tattoo's, could you elaborate on skinhead tattoos?

A. Everyone has different tattoos and I can't say what one wants, but I can give you a general idea of some tattoo's and where they are located at, which are common among skinheads. Behind both upper arms, a two worded slogan, such as White (on one arm) and Power (on the other, obviously). Old English lettering on the lower back or on your stomach arched. I've seen "Skinhead" on the neck area a lot in my years and also a crucified skin. Some more wording on your forehead hairline too. "skin" on the right hand knuckles and "head" on the left hand knuckles, or "love" "hate" along with a symbol on the web between your left thumb and left index. And of course if you want to find out what the spider web on your elbow means, you'll have to write to James Burmeister.

Q. What is a "Peckerwood"?

A. A term used to describe a white person in prison who stands up for himself, i.e.. Aryan Brotherhood.

Q. Just what is the Aryan Brotherhood exactly?

A. Originated in 1967 in the San Quentin State Prison, California, it is a prison gang which has active cells in different prisons all over America. Unaffiliated splinter groups sometimes use the name of their state along with the name "Aryan Brotherhood" (e.g., Aryan Brotherhood of Texas). Their main tattoo is the Shamrock clover leaf with 2 old-English style letters, AB .

Q. In every Revolution, you always have your first martyred hero for your struggle. Can you name me your first Martyr?

A. Ian Stuart R.I.P.

Q. So what final comment would you like to give to all other skinheads out there or any new "Fresh cut"?

A. Think & act coherent in you actions at all time and don't do anything that will put you in prison for the rest of your life. Make it worth your while. Find an organization to join and join it NOW! Rally around your leader and give him the utmost support he so rightfully deserves & needs. Everyone also needs to quit trying to be their own "Fuhrer" and realize that we can't all just lead our own little army, but must unite into one big battering ram to SMASH the jewish powerhouse once and for all. The only way to do that is through unity. White Power!

"Let us hang together, or we will all hang separately."

Benjamin Franklin

Das bolschewistische Ungeheuer, dem sie die europäischen Nationen ausliefern wollen, wird sie und ihre Völker dereinst selbst zerfetzen. Der Jude aber wird nicht die europäischen Völker ausrotten, sondern er wird das Opfer seines eigenen Anschlages sein.

The Bolshevist monster, to which they want to deliver the European nations, will someday tear them and their people to pieces. The Jew will not however exterminate the European peoples, rather he will be the victim of his own plot.
Der Führer über die Juden (1943)

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