You must be young because you clearly have not come into contact with a sufficient number of "grown ups" in order to be disabused of your prejudice (in the true meaning of that word, that is "uninformed aversion") towards white people other than Guardian reader types. Many young people go through a phase of imagining that older generations are mainly ignorant and stupid, and that only their lot have all the answers. If only the older generations would take their lessons from the young, and listen to logic and reason then the world could be set to rights! The people who post to these newsgroups have probably all been there and done that, I know I have. Anyway, I have posted below seventeen arguments against multiculturalism and immigration, and I welcome your comments. They are written in no particular order, but I am mainly impressed by numbers 5, 14, and 17. I am waiting with bated breath to see you expose my ignorance and stupidity on this issue. After all, anyone who opposes immigration and multiculturalism must be an ignorant Sun or Mail reader, right? I hope that you will not disappoint. By the way, bad spelling makes a poor impression. A list of arguments against multiculturalism and immigration. 1. The present ethnic composition of the UK, with more than 2,000,000 Muslims settled here, with more than 1,000,000 blacks here, was never intended or planned. Politicians and others in the media talk up the "multicultural society", but this cannot hide the fact that the politicians in the 40's and 50's never intended things to turn out like they have, and indeed no country, in the history of the world, has ever actively sought to achieve a multicultural society of the kind that has been inflicted on the white British people. After all, what possible sense can there be in voluntarily handing resources and power from an indigenous population to other ethnic groups? History has repeatedly shown that it is never a good idea to put different ethnic groups in close proximity. 2 There has been one thousand years of history of conflict between the Christian World and the Muslim World. We witness conflict between Christians and Muslims all over the globe. I have nothing at all against Muslim people, I have worked with them for many years, and in some respects I think I have more in common with them and more respect for them than with the liberal/lefty whites, but it was clearly an act of great stupidity to allow so many Muslims to settle here. It has created a potential for really serious future conflict where none previously existed. Because of the threat of Muslim fundamentalists, new laws are on the way that will limit our freedoms and put more guns in the hands of the police. This is not the kind of society most people want. It is a pity that it has come about, and mass immigration is partly responsible. 3 For different reasons, black people from the Caribbean and from Africa are not suited to living in white society. They are over-represented in many of those negative statistical tables that indicate a failure to adjust to white cultures, and this is true throughout the white world, not just the UK. There is compelling evidence that black people are, genetically, not as well endowed intellectually as white people, which is the obvious explanation of this failure to adapt. Our inner cities are now experiencing high levels of black crime, and many white families who can are moving out. (I did.)This phenomena is known as white flight and is well documented in the USA. 4 Why did we need mass immigration and multiculturalism? Was our society not functioning very well beforehand? This belief seems unwarranted. The white British people were responsible for the Industrial Revolution, one of the most important events in human history, on a par with the Neolithic revolution. The white British people have been at the forefront of almost every scientific, medical, and technological advance over the last few centuries. It would be too tedious to list all of their accomplishments throughout the last few centuries, but around the time of the second world war alone they invented the jet engine, the computer, discovered antibiotics, developed radar, and invented the microwave. The British built the most benign Empire ever, which did more than any other Empire in human history to spread technology (largely created by them) around the world. It does not strike me as at all obvious that the UK needed to import millions of people of ethnically diverse backgrounds. Quite the opposite. If it works, then why fix it? 5 White Europeans have no other homeland. If events take their present course, in 100 years time Africa will still be managed and controlled by Africans, China will be managed and controlled by Chinese people, Japan by Japanese people, India by Indian people, and so on, all around the world. Except that in the traditionally white countries the white indigenous population will have lost control of their destiny. It is simply not fair that white people should not have the security and freedom that comes with owning their own ancestral homeland. No-one wishes to deny this privilege to the Africans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, etcetera. Don't white people have the same right to their place in the Sun as every other people? 6 Much is made of the USA being a land of immigrants and that the UK should follow this example, but in earlier days one third of the newly arrived immigrants returned home because they were unable to make a go of it. Furthermore, most of them were from Europe. These days, unsuitable immigrants come and stay on because they can exploit the benefits system. They become a burden, not a benefit. Think of the costs of catering for immigrants. Think of all the interpreters in our police stations and welfare offices, the teachers who have special language skills, the leaflets written in half a dozen languages. In 2003 about one third of new Aids patients (800 out of 2400), were people from Africa seeking out free treatments. (One can hardly blame them, but what does the liberal/lefty suggest? Should we be shuttling Jumbo Jets over to Botswana so that a further 500 a day can receive treatment on the NHS?) Anyway, it is surely reasonable to question whether the alleged benefits are outweighed by such social costs as these. 7 Sometimes people mention that we invaded other countries, so now we are being invaded in turn. So immigration is justified as an act of revenge! How vexatious! How can this possibly be a reason for us welcoming immigration? (I have mainly heard this argument from ethnic minority people, which goes to show that they hold a lot of antagonism towards white British people, which is frequently concealed.) 8. It is certainly true that some immigrants are productive citizens. But, if they are unskilled, then this has the effect of driving down the wages of our own unskilled workers, and we should be looking after our foot soldiers and not just the officers! If they are skilled, then how does it benefit 3rd world countries if we deprive them of a proportion of their most useful workers? We could do much more for these countries than this if only we were allowed to have our own country back first. It makes one more reluctant to help the 3rd world when one sees them taking our country from us. And anyway, even if the British were uniquely bone idle and stupid, then this is still no reason why others should be allowed to take over, (Fiji). 9 The power of ethnicity is very strong. We can see this in the situation in Zimbabwe today and in Fiji. Blacks and Asians recognise this and put their own communities first. Whites, on the other hand, are supposed to be colour blind, but then we have advantage taken of us. For example, other ethnic groups will go along with multiculturalism so long as it benefits them, but once they become powerful and multiculturalism no longer works in their ethnic interest then they will reject it. I do not condemn them for this attitude, it is perfectly natural, whites are the ones who are being encouraged to act against the grain of human nature. (It seems that trying to be colour blind is a feature of only the noble white character, - only whites think this way, or at least only whites are expected to think this way by the liberal establishment.) In the future political debate will no longer be motivated by competing ideas about how society should be organized, but will be more to do with ethnic groups in contention for power, (thus in the USA over 90% of black voters vote Democrat). This is not how democratic institutions are supposed to work. Thus democracy is being undermined. 10 Even the most dopey liberal knows that immigration cannot go on forever. But once ethnic groups get a degree of power they will vote for more immigration, in order to bring in more people of their own kind to further strengthen their social and political clout, so the problem will become worse and worse. There is a danger of a snowball effect, with no possibility of our stopping it even when the lefty/liberal establishment realise that enough is enough. 11 It is often said that other cultures can teach us something or enrich our experience. Cuisine is often cited. Here for once I am prepared to give ground to the multiculturalists. I am all for giving other ethnic groups credit where it is due. But what is there apart from cuisine? Worthwhile fashions, art, inventions and discoveries from other cultures are disseminated through books and magazines, through the media, through museums, not through immigrants. Poor immigrants often know very little about the high culture of the countries that they come from, - no more than the average Brit knows about Shakespeare. Anyway, I don't need to buy a Beethoven CD from a German. 12. One of the reasons why the West is prosperous is that the countries that make it up have managed to keep their birth rate down. Countries that have not managed to do this have simply exported their excess population to the countries in the West that have. What message does this send to the developing world? The message is that if you succeed in reducing your birthrate, and thus increase your people's standard of living, then expect that people from foreign lands will want to come and the pressure of world opinion will be such that you won't be able to stop them. 13 Every social change has its benefits and disbenefits, for example, the motor car has liberated us and created affluence, but fumes damage the environment. Obviously, even people reading this who disagree with much of it will nevertheless accept that there must be some challenging aspects to a multicultural society. But for the sake of good race relations,no-one in government or in opposition, indeed no public figure, is permitted to draw attention to any problems or to criticise immigration policy. This is unhealthy and unnatural in a democracy. I mean, if a politician thought that the government's economic policy was wrong then he would have no hesitation in saying so and his remarks would arouse little comment.But it is not like this with respect to race and immigration. No criticism is permitted. Thus our freedom of speech is being compromised. 14. When asked, the majority of British people state that they are opposed to immigration. The mass immigration that has taken place over the last fifty years or so has been against the will of the native people. 15. People prefer to live in close proximity to, work, and socialize with people who are like themselves in certain essential respects. It is very telling that President Clinton sent his own daughter to a private lily white school, and that Tony Blair sent his own son to a school on the other side of London which did not have anything like the racial mix of his local schools. Repeatedly we find that those who talk up the multicultural society live in an all white area of town. The liberal/lefties reading this should ask themselves how many in their network of friends are from ethnic minorities. In an effort to reduce ethnic tensions it has even be suggested that people from different ethnic groups should be compelled to live in the same neighbourhood. This is an affront to our freedom of association and also strikes at the heart of something that gives meaning and significance to our lives, - our own sense of community. 16. If cultural diversity is such a good thing, then why is it not happening more rapidly? In contrast, Broadband Internet connection is highly desirable, and in many rural areas they are organizing petitions to get it up and running locally. But I have never seen a petition demanding that a certain town or network of villages should receive its share of Somali or Afghani asylum seekers. Quite the opposite. What does this tell us about the peoples' view on the enrichment brought about by cultural diversity? 17 Many immigrants, particularly African and Muslim ones, are not exactly progressive when it comes to those social issues most beloved by liberals and lefties. For example, they hold somewhat antiquated beliefs about the place of women in society, are not all that keen on homosexualists, and they also have fairly robust views concerning crime and punishment. Once there are enough Muslim MPs we might see a return of the death penalty. I would welcome the return of hanging, but it looks as though the wheels might well fall off the great liberal/lefty social experiments of the last fifty or so years. I believe that at least some of these arguments are very convincing, and that they should be allowed to enter the public debate, but in the UK at the moment they are not allowed to do so. However, in Europe political parties are beginning to appear that reflect the indigenous people's concerns about race, immigration, and multiculturalism. There is a sea change going on, and this phenomenon is beginning to manifest itself here too. If the BNP does well in the coming elections then this will be because the white British people will have begun to wake up to that fact that future politics in the UK will be based on race and ethnicity, and they need to start fighting their corner. Race and ethnic group based politics will be the legacy of immigration and multiculturalism.