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Cro-Magnon Cheddar Man: circa 7000BC,

Spirit Cave Mummy, Nevada, USA, 7000 BC

A lapus lazuli blue-eyed statue from Sumeria, 3000 BC

The White Queen Nefertiti, Egypt, 1325 BC.

The complete and comprehensive history of the White Race, spanning 350 centuries of tumultuous events.

This is their incredible story - of vast visions, empires, achievements, triumphs against staggering odds, reckless blunders, crushing defeats and stupendous struggles.

Tocharian Mummy, China, 1500 BC

Detail from amphora, Classical Greece, 500BC

Octavian Augustus, Roman Emperor, 45 BC

Alexander Nevsky, Russian hero, 1240 AD.

Most importantly of all, revealed in this work is the one true cause of the rise and fall of the world's greatest empires - that all civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else - a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution.

Queen Elizabeth I, England, 1600

Napoleon Bonaparte, France, 1796

Thomas Jefferson, American Revolutionary hero, 1789

Adolf Hitler, Chancellor, Germany 1940



Chapter 1. Important Issues - Definition of race; White racial types; Means of tracking race in history; Environment and genes; Homo Erectus and Neanderthal no relation to Homo Sapiens

Chapter 2. The Late Paleolithic Age - 35,000 BC - 10,000 BC; First modern White racial types establish hunter gatherer existence in Europe and Near East

Chapter 3. The Neolithic Age - 10,000 BC; First fixed White settlements in Europe; then in Near East

Chapter 4. Laying the Foundations - The Old European Civilizations - 5000 BC - 2500 BC; First European continental civilizations; Crete; Etruscans; Indus River Valley

Chapter 5. Born of the Black Sea - The Indo-European Invasions - 5600 BC - 1000 BC; The Black Sea Flood causes Nordic invasions of Europe (Celts, Germans, Balts and Slavs); and the Near East, Afghanistan and India (Aryans)

Chapter 6. To the Ends of the Earth - Lost White Migrations - Ancient White migrations to China (1500 BC), Japan (250 BC), the Canary Islands (1300 BC); South America (2000 BC) and North America (7000 BC)

Chapter 7. The Near East - Whites Overwhelmed - 3000 BC - 1000 BC; Indo-Aryan civilizations in Mesopotamia; Iraq; Iran; dissolution and disappearance into Semitic and Arabic neighbors

Chapter 8. Egypt - Nordic Desert Empire - 3000 BC - 800 BC; Nordic Egyptian kings and queens; Racial Imagery in Egyptian artifacts; Dissolution of White Egyptians into Semitic, Arabic and Black (Nubian) neighbors (Includes special sub-page: "White Egypt: Refuting the lies of the Black supremacists about the White origins of Ancient Egypt")

Chapter 9. Alpha and Omega - The Rise and Fall of Civilizations - The rise and fall of civilizations explained in terms of their racial homogeneity; with the Near East civilizations as examples;

Chapter 10. The Hellenes - Classical Greece - 1500 BC - 200 BC; Age of Indo-Aryan peoples in Greece; Dissolution into non-White slave and immigrant population

Chapter 11. Conqueror and Creator - Alexander the Great - 1000 BC - 200 BC; Indo-Aryan Macedonian civilization creates kingdom of Syria and Ptolemaic Egypt

Chapter 12. The Age of the Caesars - Pre-Christian Rome - 800 BC - 200 AD; Origins of Roman Empire and racial developments till the advent of Christianity; Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus and the Pax Romana

Chapter 13. Power and Purpose: The Glory of Rome - Cultural, military and architectural splendor of Classical Rome

Chapter 14. Opponents and Allies - Rome and the Celts - 200 BC - 100 AD; Roman conquest of Celtic lands of France, Spain and Britain

Chapter 15. The Useful Foe - Rome and the Germans - 100 BC- 100 AD; Roman Empire defeated by Germans under Hermann; Roman use of German mercenaries

Chapter 16. Racial Cauldron - Rome and the Near East - 200 BC - 200 AD; Roman conquest of mixed race Middle and Near East lands; Influx of mixed race peoples and slaves into Rome causes dissolution of original Roman population

Chapter 17. Christianity - By Stealth and Steel - The Jewish origins of Christianity; Spread of Christianity into Roman Empire and Europe

Chapter 18. The First Great Race War - Atilla the Hun - The invasion of Europe by Asiatic Mongols under Atilla the Hun

Chapter 19. The Fall of Rome - The Triumph of the Slaves - The real cause of the fall of the Western Roman Empire explained through the disappearance of the original Roman people in Italy

Chapter 20. Byzantine - The Eastern Roman Empire - The Eastern Roman Empire as a largely mixed race population existing through constant replenishment of its population from Europe

Chapter 21. The Second Great Race War- The Crusades - The White Race war against the non-White Muslims in Palestine; Egypt, North Africa and Portugal under the guise of Christianity

Chapter 22. Lessons in Decline - Spain and Portugal - Origin of the Iberian countries; the Portuguese and Spanish Black slave trade: Black slaves absorbed into Portuguese society; Gypsies in Spain; History until contemporary times

Chapter 23. The Third Great Race War - The Moors Invade Europe - The non-White Moors invade Europe and are driven out by White armies; Jewish co-operation with the non-White Moors causes anti-Semitism

Chapter 24. The Nordic Reservoir - Scandinavia - Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Norway - history until contemporary times

Chapter 25. The Fury of the Men of the North - Vikings and Normans - History of expeditions and settlements: France; Britain, Ireland, Russia and North America

Chapter 26. Flamboyance and Ferment - France - History until contemporary times

Chapter 27. Destiny and Destruction - Napoleon - Racial implications of Napoleonic wars for France

Chapter 28. The Isle of Influence - Great Britain - History until contemporary times

Chapter 29. Civil War and Emigration - Ireland - Conflict with the English: the longest running White civil war in history; History until contemporary times

Chapter 30. Small yet Significant - The Low Countries: Netherlands; Belgium, Luxembourg - History until contemporary times

Chapter 31. The Fourth Great Race War - The Bulgars, Khazars and Magyars - Asiatic invasions of Eastern Europe defeated by White armies

Chapter 32. The Fifth Great Race War - Ghengis Khan - Asiatic invasions of Eastern Europe and Southern Russia

Chapter 33. Continual Conquest - The Baltic States - Prussia; Lithuania; Latvia; Estonia; Poland; the Christian Teutonic Knights exterminate the last White pagans

Chapter 34. The Test of Ethnicity - Switzerland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia - Conflict resolution in racially homogeneous and non racially homogeneous societies; History until contemporary times

Chapter 35. The Sixth Great Race War - The Ottoman Holocaust - Non-White invasion of South Eastern Europe; The fall of Constantinople; non-White Turks only driven out after nearly 1000 years; Racial after effects on White population in this region

Chapter 36. Turmoil in the Balkans - Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece - History until contemporary times; the true story of Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler); partially mixed race populations result from non-White Ottoman occupation and resultant instability

Chapter 37. Risorgimento - The Resurrection of Italy - Lombard Germanic invasion of northern Italy causes division of Italy into bi-racial nation; White in the north, mixed race Roman remnants in the south; History until contemporary times

Chapter 38. Gott Mitt Uns - The Rise of Germany - Holy Roman Empire; Civil Wars; Unification; Maintenance of racially homogeneous society; History until contemporary times

Chapter 39. The Doomed Empire - Austria and Hungary - Creation of ethnically and partially racially diverse empire and its resultant collapse; History of the separate countries of Austria and Hungary until contemporary times

Chapter 40. The Rise of the Tsars - Russia to 1917 - Nordic origins and race wars with Asiatics in pre-Communist Russia

Chapter 41. Christianity Dominant - The Dark Ages - The Age of Christianity causes halt in progress in learning; the Inquisition

Chapter 42. The Rebirth of Classical Culture - The Renaissance - The overthrow of the Christian Dark Age causes a return to pre-Christian White classical values; science and learning re-emerge after 900 years

Chapter 43. In The Name of God - The Christian Wars - White civil wars caused by Christianity; One third of the White Race killed as a result

Chapter 44. White Expansion - Voyages of Discovery - Whites discover the world

Chapter 45. The New World - Initial Settlements, Conflict in Japan and China - First White settlements; Chinese race war against White powers; Japanese racial isolation and then adaptation to White culture

Chapter 46. The Sun Never Sets - The British Empire - History until its dissolution

Chapter 47. The Well of Bibighar - Whites in India - Indian race wars against White British

Chapter 48. Conquistadors - Whites in South America - The White Conquest of South and Central America and the creation of modern South American population; fall of Incas and Aztecs explained through racial mixing

Chapter 49. Revolution! The Birth of the United States of America - The American Revolution and its racial implications

Chapter 50. The Seventh Great Race War - The Amerinds - ("Red Indians") - The race wars between the Whites and Red Indians in America; until contemporary times; Original American constitution refuses to recognize Amerinds as US citizens

Chapter 51. The Eighth Great Race War - Mexico - Santa Ana and the Mexican-US War; The Alamo; The USA invades Mexico

Chapter 52. Three Fifths of a Person: The History of Slaves - History of slaves as a means of importing Blacks into White countries; Original American constitution counts Blacks as three fifths of a person and denies them citizenship and voting rights; Black race war against Whites in Haiti

Chapter 53. "Our White Men Cutting One Another's Throats" - The American Civil War and the Reconstruction - Course of the American Civil War; Racial implications and the Ku Klux Klan

Chapter 54. Immigration and Eugenics - America from 1870 to 1945 - Black riots; Jewish immigration ; Racially based US immigration laws follow American world lead in Eugenics

Chapter 55. British North America - Canada - Canadian Amerinds displaced by White immigration; History until contemporary times

Chapter 56. The White Man's Burden - White settlements in Southern Africa - South Africa and Rhodesia; microcosm of the rise and fall of states according to their demographic make-up

Chapter 57. New Zeal - Australia and New Zealand - Maoris and Aborigines displaced by White immigration; History until contemporary times

Chapter 58. Shaping the World - The White Technological Revolution - All significant inventions which shape the world originate with the White Race; comprehensive list of inventors, inventions, dates, places

Chapter 59. The First Great Brothers' War - World War 1 - Course of war; Racial implications

Chapter 60. The October Revolution - Communism in Russia - Course of revolution which brought Communism to the World

Chapter 61. The Suppressed Link - Jews and Communism - The Jewish role in the creation of Communism; Soviet anti-Zionism

Chapter 62. The Second Great Brothers' War - World War 2 - Course of war; Racial implications

Chapter 63. The Shadow of the Ghetto - Europe's Jews - The Saga of the European Jews - History of Jews until contemporary times; Expulsion in Middle Ages; Nazi anti-Semitism; Anti-Jewishness and anti-Zionism

Chapter 64. The Racial State - The Third Reich - Racial Laws; Social ordering; Economics; Health laws; the Jews

Chapter 65. The White Master Goes Home - The Collapse of Colonialism - The end of the White colonies in the Third World

Chapter 66. Social Upheaval - America's Civil Rights Movement; Communism Collapses in the Soviet Union - Black Power in the USA; The Soviet Union and the Cold War until the dissolution of the Communist Empire

Chapter 67. The Changing Face - The Extent of Non-White Immigration - Third World immigration into Europe; North America and Australia in the last ten years of the 20th Century; World racial populations and projections

Chapter 68. Civilization in Peril - The Coming Fall of the West - The dissolution of contemporary Western civilization through breakdown in racial homogeneity; racial discordance (race and crime); Current rates of non-White immigration will mean not one majority White country left on earth by 2090.

Appendix 1: The Decline of the USA: A photographic essay graphically showing the destruction of major US cities as a result of the changed racial demographics of those once great centers.

Appendix 2: Racial Mixing: Studies of the extent and effect of racial mixing in selected European population groups.

Appendix 3: The Holocaust Analyzed: The Holocaust has been used since the end of the Second World War to suppress debate on race - here the veracity of the key tenets of the Holocaust are discussed.

Appendix 4: White Egypt: A gallery of images showing the racial make-up of Ancient Egypt.

Appendix 5: A Review of the skeletal evidence of Ancient Greece.

Appendix 6: Evidence for the Negroid presence in Greece.

Appendix 7: References to Race in Classical Grecian writing.

Appendix 8: Third World Immigration: Importing Poverty - The UK Case Study.

Appendix 9: Third World Immigration into the USA

Appendix 10: From Slave to Emperor - Famous Historians on the Racial Change leading to the fall of the Classical Roman Civilization.

Appendix 11: Classical Roman Writers on Race Mixing in Rome.

Appendix 12: Genetic Evidence for the Aryan Invasion of India.

Appendix 13: Discovery Channel's "Nefertiti Reconstruction" exposed

Appendix 14: The Mixed Racial Origins of the Moors.

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